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Destiny 2 DLC is on sale on Steam/Xbox/PSN! What should I buy? A quick guide.

destiny2 9 - Destiny 2 DLC is on sale on Steam/Xbox/PSN! What should I buy? A quick guide.

Been seeing this question a lot lately, so here’s a quick guide to currently available Destiny content to help you make an informed decision.

How many Destiny 2 expansions/DLCs are there, and what are they?

In order of release, we have:

  • Destiny 2 (Red War Campaign)
  • Curse of Osiris
  • Warmind
  • Forsaken
  • Shadowkeep
  • Beyond Light

The first three have been vaulted and are no longer in the game. The base version of Destiny 2 is free, so that leaves Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and Beyond Light available for purchase.

Help me out here. What’s the difference between the 3 available expansions?

Destiny is all about continually moving forward, and as such the most recent expansion will always have the most relevant content for increasing your character’s level and building out your arsenal. Forsaken and Shadowkeep have campaigns that won’t help much with leveling as most of the weapons and armor you earn can not reach the current maximum power level. Beyond Light will give you relevant gear as you play through the campaign and includes multiple activities that will help you reach the maximum power level (1310 as of this writing), and it also includes the new Stasis subclass to unlock.

Ok, it sounds like there’s no reason to own the old expansions. Why should I consider them?

Forsaken and Shadowkeep still have relevant content, including strikes, dungeons, raids, and exotic weapons and armor. If you want to play end game content at all, you will miss out on having all the available exotics to use, and the weekly Nightfall strike won’t be playable if it is a week that the strike is from one of these two DLCs. If you’re into Destiny lore and storytelling, you also may miss not having played through the campaigns.


Ok, so what should I buy?

My personal recommendation is to buy Beyond Light first, and if it hooks you and you find yourself playing all the time and getting serious about end game content, then buy Forsaken and Shadowkeep once you’ve been hooked. You’ll miss out on a few references here and there to story from those campaigns, but that’s going to happen anyways since there are references to events from D1 and from D2 stories that aren’t in the game anymore. If you’re pretty confident you’re ready to go “all in” on D2, then go ahead and get all 3.

What about other editions of the game? And what about seasons?

There’s two bundled versions currently available: the Legendary edition and the Beyond Light Deluxe edition. The Legendary edition includes all 3 of the mentioned expansions, plus access to the current season pass. Beyond Light Deluxe includes Beyond Light, plus all 4 of this year’s season passes. In addition to major expansions, Destiny runs on a seasonal model to keep new content coming between major releases. Seasons run on a roughly 3 month schedule. Owning the season pass gives you access to exclusive cosmetic items, exotic weapons, seasonal activities, and quests. Note that we are already in the second season of the year (Season 13), so if you buy the Deluxe edition, you’ll miss out on some of last season’s exclusive cosmetic items, but you can still do the activity and exotic quest tied to that season. Season passes run for $10, so you’ll have to look at the sale price of these two editions and run the numbers to determine which one makes sense for you.

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