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I've watched a lot of videos that claim to show the EASY way to dominate bosses and drown in filthy lucre. All you need to do is use this exact class and this set of unobtainable CWL mods and that weapon you can only get from the raid.

As a counter point, some highly skilled players post videos of themselves with basic equipment, e.g. running Harbinger 80 points under-level, or with nothing but blue gear. While watching Esoterickk destroy raid bosses solo with a toothpick is fun and educational, it doesn't directly translate to something I can do.

The fundamental problem is that my 50th birthday is in the rear-view mirror, and I was never that great in the first place. I've been playing FPS games for 40 years (Battlezone counts!), and at no point have I been highlight-reel material.

I'm not bad at the game. Sometimes I could be mistaken for being good at it. Other times I just feel like I'm… mildly inept.

To make matters worse, I don't even have a lot of the fancy gear. I played heavily for a few months when Destiny 2 first came out, then I stopped for about 3 years, then I started again in late December. Because of sunsetting, nerfing, and Armor 2.0, all of my gear was junk. I still only have about half of the CWL and WM mods. I find that raids have an unfavorable stress-to-fun ratio, so I don't do those.

I refuse to believe I'm unique in my mild ineptitude, so I figured I'd try my hand at making some videos that demonstrate how to do some of the medium-difficulty content without needing a specific build, fancy gear, fancy skills, or a fireteam. Notably:

  • – How to solo each of the lost sectors at Legend difficulty.
  • – How to solo the Xenophage exotic quest.
  • – How to solo the Hawkmoon Harbinger mission.

While the popular streamers can strip off the fancy gear, they can't downgrade their talent and skills. With my aging reflexes and indifferent talent, you can be assured that following in my footsteps is entire plausible.

All videos were narrated in real time. I haven't tried to talk and play at the same time before, and the results were about what I expected… sometimes words no go good huh where was I? But for the most part the narration is coherent and possibly even useful.

Q: Is D2MI right for me?

A: If you can blaze through lost sectors at Master difficulty, congratulations, you don't need this. If you struggle to run lost sectors at normal difficulty, you probably need to improve your skills first. If you think the hardest part of Harbinger is the jumping, you are squarely in my target demographic.

Q: Should I like, subscribe, ring that bell, wax that turtle, etc.?

A: Nah. This was fun, but I think I'm done for a while.

The videos are collected in a youtube playlist:
playlist?list=PLhaSBFvHy8zZqrErNdQ2EQuIXC p8tM8j - Destiny 2 for the Mildly Inept

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