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Destiny 2 has a lost charm compared to it’s predeccesor.

destiny2 3 - Destiny 2 has a lost charm compared to it's predeccesor.

These are my thoughts, not a Bungie hate rant. Those guys don't deserve it.

I've been playing this game for a while. I played the demo during the end of TTK's lifespan, then bought the game in time for RoI. I was hooked. The graphics, music, gameplay were all so enticing I stopped playing every other game and dedicated my time to Destiny. AoT was the peak of Destiny, for me. I got so many Adept Raid weapons, Fatebringer, Atheon's Epilogue, Vision of Confluence and more.

The D2 teaser is announced, and I'm hyped. Dicks were flying out, 15,000 gallons of whisky were being drank in celebration across the planet. I wait for the first trailer. I'm even more hyped. This was mistake number 1. I fell for Bungie's mastermind marketing scheme. I preordered the game out of pure hype.

Live gameplay of the first mission was being streamed, and I was stunned. It looked so good! My 60 dollars was in Bungie's wallet at this point and nothing could stop me. I got access to the beta, but this double primary stuff got me thinking.

The day of reckoning comes. Destiny 2 is out for the public.

After steamrolling through the campaign, I was left with a sense of accomplishment. I enjoyed it. Then as I progressed to endgame content, my enjoyment became less and less. The Leviathan. In my opinion, the worst raid to date. I beat CalusBotTM #10246 and I hated it. This raid wasn't like the others. Then I heard about the XP decrease to incentivise you to buy shit from that fucking smurf in the tower.

Surely it couldn't get worse. It did. CoO rolls around and as soon as I see this I quit. My faith in Bungie was lost and I wasn't about to give them money again. Shadowkeep comes knocking, and out of curiosity, I look up Destiny, for some nice memories. I research into SK and after the amazing trailers and the job Bungie did with Forsaken, I buy SK on release. The campaign felt like a Destiny campaign again, like I timetravelled back to D1. The raid was gorgeous but, Vex Offensive, it was stale. Nevertheless I grab the Undying title. Mistake number two. I submit to FOMO.


I took a break for a bit of SoD, but it was pretty enjoyable. Sundial was fun. SoTW is announced and Trials' return is announced. I donated to the Fractalline effort and was pumped. SoTW comes around and I am astonished. At the poor quality of the season. I quit after the fiasco that was Trials and how brutally they beat up one of my favourite gamemodes. I lurk around this subreddit for any hope of a better change. The charm of Destiny dissipated as soon as Destiny 2 released. I came back today to grab my Felwinter's, the first time I logged on in a month and a half. It lost its greatness. This sunsetting model for armor now has me deciding on whether to quit full stop, but I wanna see this game great again. Bungie. Please take the necessary steps and stop jerking off WoW and its glory. This is Destiny. A different beast. Your game is the top of the looter-shooter market unless your former IP, Halo, comes out of the water with an amazing Halo: Infinite. Make seasonal content interesting, or completely scrap seasonal content (hot take I know), not the Dawning etc, but this seasonal model. This content serves as bloat and a way to bring back D1 shit. Invest more time into making the fall expansions TTK, RoI and Forsaken quality. The Darkness, the big bad of the franchise, is coming, so if this is all you have to show, then my hopes are gonna be fairly low. It's clear the seasonal model from D2 can't be maintained if content is at this quality.

TL;DR – The game has lost it's touch, and the seasonal system won't work at this rate.

Feel free to downvote/upvote, I wanna see your opinion on this.

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