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Destiny is a looter shooter first.

destiny2 3 - Destiny is a looter shooter first.

I don't make posts often, but the absolute lack of representation for how I feel about the game (especially in regards to sunsetting) has made me feel like I just need to put my two cents out there.

The way I see it, destiny is a looter shooter. Loot is the primary aspect of the game. I do not like that so many people are bashing sunsetting as the literal devil when I think it will do good things for the game. I rarely cared about any weapon that has been released since shadowkeep, not that there wasn't any good weapons, there were some good ones. It was the fact that the guns I already had (some of which for over a year) were just as good if not better. Or maybe the new guns were just not a big enough jump in power to justify grinding for them. There are some exceptions, like tranquility and breachlight, but both of which are very similar to older guns, just with better perk combos.

Sunsetting has made me care about getting new guns again, and it hasn't even been implemented yet. I have a reason to grind out true prophecy instead of using my god rolled bad news or loud lullaby for 3 more years. I can feel accomplished in getting a perfect roll on a cold denial instead of thinking "This is just as good as my Eystein-D, what was the point?" I understand that a lot of players aren't happy about losing some of their favorite guns and I get it. I don't like losing guns I like either. I'm really gonna miss exit strategy, blasphemer, hush etc. But if it leads to a revitalized loot experience then so be it. I want to have more moments where I get that god roll and can be excited instead of being indifferent because what I already have is just better or at least on par.


I've heard a lot of "Bungie should just release better guns and we'll grind for them" and that's honestly not a healthy mindset for Bungie to have. That mindset lead to Bungie making recluse, a gun that was so good it was literally the only gun so many people used. It also lead to the creation of the reckoning, which was released at a time where players were so powerful that the only way to kill them was by launching them off the map, or by having knight that one shot even in a well. So unless we want to go back to that I think sunsetting is the best move here. Either way doesn't adding objectively better guns to the game lead to sunsetting anyway? With the old guns being objectively worse than the old ones for end game content?

There are so many games where you can get a gun you really like and use it forever, like 95 percent of shooters are built that way. I hate to say it but we shouldn't throw out Destiny's identity to appeal to people who don't seem to like the concept of a looter shooter in the first place. Destiny probably should be constant treadmill of loot where you only ever feel like you're at the top gear wise fora short while and have to constantly be getting new and better stuff to be competitive in the end game.

I know everyone has differing opinions on this, but destiny gives me something no other game can, and I don't want it to be less like destiny when there are plenty of games that aren't destiny.

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