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Destiny Suffers from Information Underload

destiny2 10 - Destiny Suffers from Information Underload

Destiny has too many buffs and debuffs for the UI to handle anymore. It only shows the 2-3 most recently applied ones and hides the rest. Half of these applied buffs are just a name with no timer or anything. It needs to change along with item/perk descriptions.

Perks need to give more information for a player to feel like they know how to play and get better.

i.e.: Ambitious Assassin gives UP TO double the base magazine of a weapon dependent on your most recent multi-kill streak a few seconds before reloading. Great for high capacity weapons for ad clear, not so great for low-capacity weapons made for boss killing. How can the average player knows this in-game?

No player would know this if they played the game only. They'd have to hop on a browser, google that specific question, and then save it to memory as Bungie has no resource for this to call on later.

And how about changes to Perks/Items? Nezarec's Sin was the most recent, but not the first, of this problem. Originally this Exotic gave 2 Seconds of ability regen to Warlock's on any Void Kill with 5 seconds added per subsequent kill to a cap of about 15 seconds. When Beyond Light released, it was nerfed to 2 seconds per subsequent kill. The community THOUGHT it was a bug until a follow-up TWAB confirmed it was intended. The sting isn't in the change, the sting is in NOT BEING TOLD OF THE CHANGE.


We get it, mistakes happen. But in that same expansion release you also forgot to tell the team that the Exotic "Necrotic Grip" does NOT give melee energy back, despite it being marketed in promotional material doing that AND having a description in its item perk for the first few weeks of release. It released with all but the effect itself actually in the game. And can you believe this happened for another pair of Exotic Gloves called Oathkeeper back in Forsaken? Fool me once…

What to do about it: Bring the buff/debuff UI to a state that accurately reflects which ones are applied and for how long. Update item descriptions to either be CONSISTENT with their descriptors OR put actual numbers in them. And for the love of frikken god, sit your Marketing Team/Patch Notes team down with the people in charge of Exotics ONE ADDITIONAL TIME RIGHT BEFORE RELEASE so people are on the same page. Please and thank you.

Spent an hour formatting a beautiful request to change our UI with how it handles buffs and debuffs complete with linked examples and tables and blah blah blah, Windows crashed and so now we get my coffee-fueled short version. You have a community already gearing up to demand for inventory space changes and load outs, so this is something that falls right in that and will be a problem if it's not touched on sooner rather than later.

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