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Destiny: The Remastered Collection | Fan concept, grab some food, it’s a long post

destiny2 5 - Destiny: The Remastered Collection | Fan concept, grab some food, it's a long post

Hey Guardians,

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SuprKeith - Destiny: The Remastered Collection | Fan concept, grab some food, it's a long post

SuprKeith. I've always been a Destiny fan, but lately I've had problems with Bungie's handling of aging content. So, I made a fan concept of a Remastered Collection as a suggestion to resolve issues related to vaulting and sunsetting.

If you have any ideas of your own, or you would like to contribute to reissues of Destiny 1 and sunset gear, you can add to this post. I've done the quests up to the end of Against the Hive (Moon quest for the Speaker). I'm going to wait until if this post gets any attention to continue past that, and to get some feedback on who the Venus and Mars vendors should be.

Don't take this concept as an absolute one package. If you think that parts of it are good, but you disagree with other parts, that's fine. Bungie can use anything and come up with their own systems.


For most of Destiny's lifetime, I've been a casual player. I only started buying the expansions in Destiny 2, and only recently I've been playing Destiny 1's expansion content in order to work on this project. The Shield Brothers strike is my favorite strike, I really enjoyed it. And generally, I enjoyed D1 content a lot more than D2's. You can't sprint at sparrow speeds in D1, so the half-hour strikes were a nice change of pace (the lack of matchmaking made it that way). The Crucible was also a much better experience.

When the pandemic hit, I decided to invest more time into Destiny 2. Then I found out that the Season of the Undying and Season of Dawn content was gone. They only lasted a few months. I learned that in order to get the best experience out of Destiny, you had to keep up with TWABs and play every week. Otherwise, you'd end up with incomplete lore books, and miss out on essential end-of-season missions and cutscenes. As someone who doesn't play by the meta, I spent nearly the entire seasons of Worthy, Arrivals and Hunt getting to level 100 on the Season Passes, and barely kept up with the content (I missed a few lorebook entries in Arrivals, but I think legacy lore books are automatically filled now). I'm only doing the story content in Season of the Chosen, I'm not bothering with any endgame content unless I get the power levels for it.

I was frustrated with the amount of work it takes just to keep up with bits of story that expire so quickly. Hunt and Chosen content won't disappear at the end of their seasons now, which is a relief, but they will still expire when The Witch Queen releases. That's still a problem for anyone who can't commit to a weekly grind for 7+ weeks every season for the whole year, and punishes any such person who paid for the Season Pass.

I knew that there was a fundamental problem with the way Bungie has been handling seasonal content, and vaulting made it so much worse, because you can't go back and complete unfinished content. Originally, I was going to work on a concept of D1, D2 Years 1-3 and D2 Years 4-7, similar to the Halo: MCC, and carry over unlocked gear for transmog, etc, but it would only lead to separated playlists and a more fractured community.

I had to create a concept that unites the content under a single game, and minimizes the amount of playlists that exist at the same time. So, over the past few months I've been refining the concept of a Destiny: The Remastered Collection. Hope you like it.

Design Philosophy

  • Natural story progression. New Light players are still bombarded with unnecessary information, and lack a proper introduction to Destiny's systems. And by systems, I don't just mean gameplay. The story is backwards for New Light players. Since Season of the Chosen content expires, Bungie is marketing the seasonal content foremost for all players because of FOMO. This is problematic, because New Light players end up seeing Crow in the Tower, to being stuck in the Reef, to murdering Cayde-6. FOMO is creating a messed up play order that didn't exist in Destiny's earlier years. When I played through Destiny 1's content the past few months, I avoided the Level 40 booster, so I was able to naturally progress through the story content. The Taken King didn't start until I complete The Black Garden, and Rise of Iron didn't begin until after I'd completed The Taken King. The leveling system allowed the expansion content to be spaced out, so I wouldn't be dumped with content on day one. So one of the core tenets of my Remastered Collection concept was natural story progression, preferably by spacing out content by quest progression, light levels, and weekly resets (for example, your first four weeks in Interference for Arrivals are always the new levels, so your week three wouldn't be the same as someone else's week three). A system that rewards playing at your own pace.
    • Returning players also can't start where they left off, because the gutting of a lot of Destiny 2's content makes it impossible for players to bridge the gaps in story. Even as early as Shadowkeep, anyone who played Shadowkeep and is returning now, there's four seasons worth of story content that was missed out on.
  • Sunset the weapon's issues but not the weapon itself. I have a strong distaste for sunsetting. Some things may dominate the meta, but that doesn't mean to discourage the gear's use to the point that it's unusable in anything beyond the first few activities in a season. Not being able to use the gear you enjoy is a slap in the face for all the work that you put in for the gear. But there's also the problem of acquiring gear that you may have wanted to use later, but are now sunset. And now that they are sunset, there are players who have emptied their vaults thinking they'd never get to use their gear ever again. One of the core tenets of this Remastered Collection concept is the ability to carry over all gear to the current meta, including those in your inventory and vault in Destiny 1. This concept includes a system for gear that sunsets perks without overriding the weapon, while also improving Collections and randomized gear so your vault space is not jammed.
  • Access to all content. Even though some destinations are taken by the Darkness right now, shouldn't mean that the content is vaulted entirely. This concept remasters the Vanguard menu to easily access any activity, even if they're no longer available in the Destinations or Map screens.
  • Ten years of content. The closer we get to Lightfall, the more players should scrutinize Bungie for vaulted and discontinued content. Lightfall (and one more expansion after that?) should show that Destiny is a game with ten years' worth of content. Bungie has no excuse otherwise. The vaulted content still exists, and I believe that Bungie could reorganize it into a Remastered Collection as early as Lightfall, with some of the things in this project for The Witch Queen.


All visuals in one post:

7Rk3NAT - Destiny: The Remastered Collection | Fan concept, grab some food, it's a long post

Destinations screen (before starting The Taken King)

Destinations screen (while playing Season of the Chosen)


Group Finder
The Group Finder (Join / Create) was designed to be very easy to use.

  • "This Activity" will autofilter/autofill the criteria for the activity you are looking for (based on recommended settings), including filling the description box. For example, if you are looking for a Sherpa for a raid, you can select the Guided version of the raid, then hit Group Finder above the Launch button, hit This Activity, and then hit Create Listing. It will restrict the joining conditions to only one or two players, the sherpa(s), who would then use the Group Finder/etc to fill the rest of the group. The Group Finder took only three clicks, great for controller users, and you now have a Sherpa.
  • Filters are based on activity type and season. Activity types are Open World, Story, Vanguard (includes arenas and forges), Crucible, Gambit, Dungeon, Raid, All Activities.
  • The autofilter/autofill will use All Activities when in the Tower or Orbit and no activity is selected. If the player is standing around inside an activity, and no activity is selected, the autofilter/autofill is the activity your fireteam is currently in.
  • Your listing disappears 30 seconds after the fireteam limit is reached, but resets if a member leaves within those 30 seconds.

Vanguard Menu
Vanguard menu has new options. The picture pretty much explains itself.
2Wpm3US - Destiny: The Remastered Collection | Fan concept, grab some food, it's a long postThis
is what would happen if you click on the one-stop shop for story missions and strikes, and this is what would happen if you click on the one-stop shop for fireteam activities.

Notice in the picture that there is a playlist for Dark subclasses. There are four reasons why:

  1. Players who haven't reached Beyond Light+ shouldn't have to face against these subclasses. It's a long road ahead for New Light players.
  2. Stasis has crowd control that shouldn't belong in PvP modes with Light subclasses that have no crowd control imo.
  3. The Vanguard would likely ban the use of Dark abilities in the Crucible, so Guardians could form a secret Dark Crucible.
  4. The Vanguard ban could lead to a competitive PvP activity designed specifically for Dark subclasses. Maybe in the Gambit playlist?

The Daily Standard is where you would find Elimination, Clash, etc. Elimination doesn't need to always exist next to Survival. They're very similar game modes. The rotation allows the playlist to stay fresh.

The Weekly Special mode is where Bungie can get creative. This is where you could find Sparrow Racing (maybe as a month-long activity once a year), Scorched, or other modes like maybe:

  • Maze Salvage (Salvage, but in the maze with TR3-VR. Spawns on opposite entrances of the map with barriers to protect spawn points. You can't camp the enemy spawn because of TR3-VR.)
    • Rescue: Guardians must respawn manually, but can be revived by teammates.
    • Super Stunted: Super abilities are disabled.
  • Sword Clash
    • Swords Only: You cannot enter this activity without a Sword equipped, and you can only change your equipment if the weapons being swapped are both Swords.
    • Slow Charge: Sword Charge Rate is only half as fast.
    • Ammo Drought: Guardians spawn with no Primary or Special ammo, and they do not drop from kills.
    • Power Ammo Abundance: Guardians start with maximum Power ammo, and Power ammo drops on every kill.
    • Extra Shields: Guardians have double overshields that replenish the same as if they were regular shields.
    • Absolutely Stunted: Grenade, Melee and Super abilities are disabled.
  • Cannons & Splatters (Clash) (Cosmodrome: Mothyards, EDZ: Sunken Isles, Venus: The Shattered Coast, Meridian Bay: Scablands, Mercury: Fields of Glass, Nessus: Glade of Echoes, Io: Cradle, Reef: Prison of Elders (Tunnels), Dreaming City: Divalian Mists, Moon: Sorrow's Harbor, Unknown Space: Wasteland, Europa: Beyond)
    • Cannon Team: Only one team can pick up Scorch, Shock and Null Cannons. Cannons have unlimited ammo and increase movement speed.
    • Vehicle Team: Only one team can drive vehicles. Vehicles emit a deadly elemental wave in front of the vehicle when using the thruster, and vehicle thrusting speed is increased.
    • Ammo Drought: Guardians spawn with no Primary or Special ammo, and they do not drop from kills.
    • Absolutely Stunted: Grenade, Melee and Super abilities are disabled.
    • (Melee kills still count towards points.)

Artifacts get a rework in the Remastered Collection. Mods unlocked from the Artifact are Artifact Mods, which are equippable through the Artifact itself. This picture shows the mod slots and what types of mods. This picture shows a reorganized version of the Bell of Conquests and what columns count as which kind of Artifact mod.

You can equip artifacts similar to Destiny 1, but they don't count towards your Light level. Here are the artifacts you get from certain points in the story:

  • Unerring Compass (Complete the quest "Fruit of the Garden." Champion mods could be for Destiny 1 Year 1 weapons.)
  • (Acquired from the Dreadnaught vendor or Petra Venj after starting The taken King campaign)
  • (Acquired from Saladin, Tyra or Shiro after arriving to the Iron Temple)
  • (Complete Red War campaign)
  • Prismatic Heart (Acquired from Petra Venj after arriving to the Dreaming City)

An artifact mod is only considered unlocked while you have the artifact equipped, so you can't equip artifact mods from other artifacts on the one you have equipped.

Legendary armor has only three mod slots, due to reworked Artifacts. The playstyle mods are only one playstyle per armor set, for better variety. Some armor, like Exodus Down armor set for example, would have one general mod slot and two armor mod slots, instead of a playstyle mod slot. Raid armor sets still have the extra slot for raid mods. Exotic armor has four mod slots, as normal, and uncommon armor gets one armor type mod slot, but not a general mod slot.

All armor can be pulled from Collections, but you get a curated version of the stats. The curated version is always lower than what can roll on random drops.

Under Infusions, holding Triangle, Y, or R on a keyboard over an identical armor piece that has random stats can consume that armor piece and reroll the stats for the armor piece being upgraded. You can do this regardless if the armor piece is higher than the consumed piece or not, but still requires an Upgrade Module either way. If the consumed piece has a higher level, then the upgraded piece will grow its level and reroll its stats.

You can the Apex Harmonic armor set that I reissued as an example here.

Weapon visual explanation part 1 / part 2 /
part 3.

I went ahead and reissued some Destiny 1 weapons. They're what would likely become high-impact auto rifles. You can view the excel sheet
view?usp=sharing - Destiny: The Remastered Collection | Fan concept, grab some food, it's a long post

here. PDF version
view?usp=sharing - Destiny: The Remastered Collection | Fan concept, grab some food, it's a long post
here. It includes the formula I used for the base stat totals and the perk pools. I don't know what Bungie's formula is, so I made my own.

I'm not very concerned with the balance of weapons. That's Bungie's job. If you're looking for an improved system of the weapons as far as acquiring them and their usefulness is concerned, I recommend watching
><noscript><img src= - Destiny: The Remastered Collection | Fan concept, grab some food, it's a long post

. But for the sake of the Remastered Collection, consider that rare-tier weapons can at least use weapon mods and be masterworked (it works better for some mission rewards for the remastered Against the Hive moon quest).

You can pull the curated version of any weapon from Collections. You can lock any perks you want to keep, and like armor, you can reroll the perks using Infusions (see above or the visual explanations). You choose your masterwork stat, which has a rising cost to switch depending on the masterwork tier.

This version of weapons allows Bungie to sunset specific perks, so the rest of the weapon can be used without the need to impose a power limit. And then maybe rework the perk in a later update when Bungie has the time to do so.

This one is tacked on as a sort-of

on vendors. It's great to add these seasonal rewards to incentivize patrolling, but there are a few problems With Kujay's version:
  1. These rewards would likely take the entire season to grind out, which would incentivize the easiest location to grind out bounties (Cosmodrome probably), leaving the more difficult areas (Moon, Europa) dead.
  2. Hardcore players could grind out the rewards early in the season, leaving the zones dead mid-season onwards.
  3. There are so many destinations involved, even currently, that there are too many ascendant shards to be obtained.

Since there are even more destinations being patrolled in the Remastered Collection, I had to refine Kujay's system to make sure that there are always people patrolling destinations, and that you patrol different areas each week. The answer was actually quite easy. You can incorporate patrols into the weekly Seasonal Challenges. Cosmodrome and Nessus were already implemented into the challenges in Season of the Chosen, but imo Bungie didn't implement them very well. Only XP and Bright Dust for completing the tasks.

Here's my version of the patrol weekly challenge:

  • Your progress is counted separately from each destination. When one destination reaches 100%, the others go down to 0%. When all reach 100%, they all reset to 0% (in case you don't have seven destinations). This way, you complete one destination each week.
  • Weeks 1-7: Complete patrols and public events from any one destination. Heroic patrols and heroic public events counts towards higher progress.
    • Week 1: Enhancement Shards, XP, Bright Dust
    • Week 2: Upgrade Modules, XP, Bright Dust
    • Week 3: Enhancement Prisms, XP, Bright Dust
    • Week 4: Destination Materials (x50 each of what is obtainable, can't get Baryon Boughs if you don't have Dreaming City unlocked), XP, Bright Dust
    • Week 5: Enhancement Prims, XP, Bright Dust
    • Week 6: Exotic Engram, XP, Bright Dust
    • Week 7: Ascendant Shard, XP, Bright Dust
  • Weeks 2, 4, 6: Complete lost sectors anywhere in the system. (The game lists which ones you've already completed towards these objectives, but reset after completing them all)
    • Week 2: Enhancement Shards, XP, Bright Dust
    • Week 4: Enhancement Shards, XP, Bright Dust
    • Week 6: Enhancement Shards, XP, Bright Dust

Rank-up Rewards
Since there are multiple years worth of progression, your rank-up engrams for Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit and the Gunsmith contain everything that is obtainable thus far. But, instead of choosing the engram, you can choose from a list of seasonal packages on a second page. For example, I can choose Gunsmith Engram (everything), Gunsmith Package (Destiny), Gunsmith Package (The Taken King), etc. Also, when you rank up any of these vendors, for ease of use, you don't have to obtain the engram between every rank up. Every rank up grants you a credit that you can exchange on the second page for either the engram or any of the packages (not a token, the vendor just simply counts how many times you can obtain a rank up package). This allows you to rank up multiple times, and farm the rewards.

Master Rahool
Since there are multiple years worth of progression, and there being a Prismatic Recaster system in place, I would recommend that Bungie use Master Rahool for all of the Prismatic Recaster stuff in a Remastered Collection. You could access every expansion/season through him, and funnel with certain equipment, and perk and stat preferences. And Master Rahool can do this for any encrypted or prime engram. Maybe even reintroduce the Cryptarch rank system for progression. Besides, decrypting engrams should always be the Cryptarch's job, not the Guardian's. Master Rahool's job is being outsourced to a machine.

Engram Drops
Here are the types of engrams that can drop:

ProgressionBasic dropUpper-tier dropCryptarchSuper-rare drop
Until a certain light level is reached, or all Common gear has been obtained (excluding Red War gear, not obtainable yet), whichever happens last.Common EngramUncommon EngramEncoded Engram (quest item), Encrypted Engram (rare-tier)Prime Engram
Until The Black Garden campaign is complete, a certain light level is reached, or all non-Red War Uncommon gear is obtained, whichever happens last.Uncommon EngramRare EngramPrime EngramExotic Engram
Until Red War begins.Rare EngramLegendary EngramPrime EngramExotic Engram
When Red War begins, regardless of previous circumstances, and a certain light level, or all Common gear is obtained, whichever happens last.Common EngramUncommon EngramEncrypted Engram (rare-tier)Prime Engram
Until a certain light level is reached or all Uncommon gear is obtained, whichever happens last.Uncommon EngramRare EngramPrime EngramExotic Engram
For the rest of your journey.Rare EngramLegendary EngramPrime EngramExotic Engram


Detailed Story Content
I had to be very meticulous about the New Light experience, so I have nearly every line of dialogue written and every quest step created for the following quests:

  • A Rises
  • Dangers in the Cosmodrome
  • Exotic Quest: A Blast from the Past
  • Exotic Quest: A Spark of Hope
  • Shape of Light
  • Enter the Crucible
  • Against the Hive

You can find them all in text files here. Below are the rough key points for everything up to Season of the Chosen. If you would like to imagine the experience of the Remastered Collection, I recommend you read through the quests starting from A Rises, and then come back to here when you get to the end of Against the Hive. But the rough points are listed below for these quests as a TL;DR.

New Light
The New Light experience was changed to be a much better experience for new players. In the Beyond Light version, the game hands you an entire subclass without any time to get familiar with the abilities. And then once you head to the Tower, there's a bunch of running around to do meeting NPCs without any actionable experiences with them.

In the Remastered Collection, the subclasses use the Stasis system of Abilities, Aspects and Fragments, but unlike the grindy quests provided by the Exo Stranger, the player's XP gains count towards Motes of Light that can be used to purchase abilities, aspects and fragments from Ikora Rey. But that's after the Cosmodrome quest. Before then, the player unlocks their first abilities gradually throughout the introductory Cosmodrome missions.

The player reaches the Tower immediately after the first mission. Upon arriving to the Tower (the old Tower), the player only sees the Vanguard that matters to them. Then the player receives an engram to be decrypted by Master Rahool. Then the player sees Banshee-44 for a common kinetic weapon of their choice. I was iffy on putting Lord Shaxx in the NPC meet-and-greet, because the player can't enter the Crucible until Navota is defeated (due to the lack of a Super), but I agree with Ghost that no tour of the Tower is complete without Shaxx. The player then sees Amanda Holliday about their ship, and then goes to meet the Speaker. The cutscene plays.

Dangers in the Cosmodrome
It's at this point when the player goes to find a warp drive where they meet Shiro-4, and you battle Riksis together. You meet him in a cutscene and decide to help investigate the Fallen. The player is put into The Dark Within mission, where they kill Gotra (not Navota). The quest continues with Shiro-4, until in the mission A Piece of the Golden Age (the new version that replaces Vendetta), and the Arc charges the player collects supercharges their Light, and then annihilate a Fallen Baron, followed by using Arc rifts to continuously charge your Super to defeat Navota.

Some other key points:

  • The game notifies the player how to use certain things at different times, when most appropriate throughout the Cosmodrome missions.
  • Shiro's bounties are not the same as Shaw's, and better reflect a New Light experience.
  • I tried my best to emulate Shiro's attitude, but Shiro treats the Guardian a lot better than Shaw.
  • There are a lot of missions in Destiny, particularly in the earlier years, where Bungie just inserts a boss at the end of a mission. I wanted Navota to be included in that kind of boss experience, so there's no mention of Navota until the time comes to fight her. And when you do, you're on your own (you get to use your Super continuously though).

After Navota
When the player defeats Navota, some other quests begin that properly introduce the player to the Vanguard leaders, as well as the Crucible. There's more voice acting going on in the interaction dialogue to allow the player to become more attached to these characters.

  • The Dangers in the Cosmodrome quest continues with Zavala, who commands you to complete The Devils' Lair strike. I wanted to make sure that this was the first strike the player does. If you're a veteran player, you might have enjoyed the return of The Devils' Lair, but if you look at it from an analytical point of view, it's meaningless content. There's no story quest attached to the strike, so New Light players can't get attached to it emotionally. It's existence is purely for veteran nostalgia. If you want that, just play Destiny 1.
  • Ikora has the player grinding enough XP for one Mote of Light, and then purchase an ability from her. You can grind Motes of Light whenever you have a new subclass unlocked, or when the Forsaken abilities/aspects/fragments are unlocked (retconned as part of the Red War campaign).
  • Cayde-6 has you searching for one of his stashes, to acquire Riskrunner.
  • Shaxx has you experiencing the Crucible playlists. But instead of the grindy one that exists in Beyond Light, it's a one-step grind of completing:
    • 2 Control matches
    • 1 Rumble match
    • 1 Daily Standard Mode match
    • 1 Weekly Special Mode match
    • 1 Bounty
      You complete these matches in any order you like.

Against the Hive (Moon)
The Moon vendor (before Eris Morn) is Benjamin 99-40, a frame that works for the Speaker. There's no concept art, but he could have white fabric for clothing. Benjamin 99-40 exists as a means to communicate with the Speaker on his missions without having to travel back and forth to the Tower. Benjamin 99-40 has general patrol bounties and destination rewards, whereas Eris Morn would have Crota/Taken King bounties and Shadowkeep bounties. Benjamin 99-40's vendor space is this spot right here, with the flag spot removed. He would stand in front of the computer. Eris Morn pops in when starting The Dark Below, and the Lectern of Enchantment pops in and the rabbit room opens when starting Shadowkeep.

The second subclass unlocks during a story mission in this questline.

Fruit of the Garden (Venus and Mars)
I'm not sure who the vendor would be on Venus, but a good spot for them would be in Campus 9, since there's a space in a building and a spot on a roof that makes a decent landing pad. I was thinking Tyra Karn, but she moves around depending on the season you're playing, so the bounties would have to be passed out by another frame. By that logic, Mars would likely have a frame for a vendor and I find that not very creative. The Venus questline should involve a Cryptarch though, because one of the quest steps require the player to see a Cryptarch, and better to do so in Campus 9. There's some lore about a Cryptarch named Yareli who worked on Venus, but not much else is known.

Mars has lore about a fireteam captain named Holborn (Titan) who's searching for signs of Rasputin. This can tie in to the in-game story, and he would make a fitting contact for bounties in Meridian Bay.

The player would be required to complete a mission from the Vanguard leader to unlock the third subclass before entering the Black Garden.

The Dark Below and House of Wolves
After completing Fruit of the Garden, The Dark Below and House of Wolves become available. However, before starting one of them the game will warn the player that it is recommended that all the story quests and the Vault of Glass raid be completed before starting these campaigns. The player has to hold a button to confirm to continue anyway. This warning would not happen if these things are already completed.

Eris Morn sets up a vendor space on the Moon and provides bounties. The Crota's End raid is converted into a dungeon.

The Vestian Outpost opens up. All Prison of Elders modes have matchmaking, and unlocking them are separated by weekly resets.

The Taken King
The Taken King requires The Dark Below to be completed. Crota's End is optional, but the warning will appear before the player starts the campaign.

The Taken War quests are separated by weekly resets. Unknown vendor for the Dreadnaught. Taken incursions happen in Taken War instances. Taken stop invading when starting Rise of Iron, but the player can enter Taken War versions of patrol destinations from the Vanguard menu, or joining other fireteams.

Rise of Iron
Rise of Iron requires The Taken King to be completed. The King's Fall raid is optional, but there will be a warning recommending that the player complete the raid and other story quests before starting Rise of Iron.

The Speaker would have a Triumphs-based questline that consolidates the expansion stories up to this point to a single quest completion, with some challenging content.

A transitional questline would be introduced that leads to the capture of Uldren Sov and leading into the arrival of the Red Legion in the solar system (concluding with a mission on Mars where the banners switch and the gate to the Black Garden is destroyed, followed by a rush to the City).

Red War
Red War requires all of the previous story campaigns to be completed. Optional content would be listed in a warning before starting if they have not yet been completed.

The player's subclasses become unavailable, and unlock again during Red War missions. The abilities gained are the Forsaken abilities. All of the player's Light abilities, aspects and fragments can be unlocked during this campaign.

There is an endgame quest to eliminate a Red Legion boss in Meridian Bay.

Curse of Osiris and Warmind
Curse of Osiris and Warmind become available after completing the Red War campaign. They can be completed as normal.

Forsaken becomes available after completing the Red War campaign. The player will receive a warning if Curse of Osiris and Warmind campaigns and the raids have not yet been completed.

The player enters pre-curse Dreaming City and remains there until either the Last Wish raid is completed, or the player begins a new campaign or starts the Gambit introduction quest. Continuing without completing the raid will start a slideshow cutscene of a fireteam completing the raid and the curse happening.

The player's first several weeks of oracle offerings will always be a Mara visit, in order to provide story content of the pyramid ships.

There would be some new story missions on the Dreadnaught.

Seasons of the Forge, Outlaw and Opulence
The content from these seasons are playable once the player activates the curse in the Dreaming City.

There are new forges in Ishtar Sink, Venus and Meridian Bay, Mars. New gear issued for these locations, as well. The player can unlock one new forge every weekly reset through quests.

New Gambit maps for Destiny 1 locations. Gambit Prime becomes a three-round version of Beyond Light Gambit. The armor sets have a mod slot for Gambit Prime, and the old Gambit Prime perks become Gambit Prime mods. Gambit Prime rotates with Iron Banner.

Shadowkeep requires all Mara visits to be completed, and warns the player if Invitations of the Nine have not yet been completed. Lunar Battlegrounds is converted into a patrol zone, and can be reached from Anchor of Light and Sorrow's Harbor.

Shadowkeep's version of the Moon has different instances than pre-Nightmare Moon. You can enter pre-Nightmare Moon from the Vanguard menu or joining other players.

Seasons of the Undying, Dawn, Worthy and Arrivals
Like the Taken War, Vex Invasions happen in season-specific instances. You can access the season-specific patrol from the Vanguard menu or joining other fireteams once progressing beyond it. The player stops entering these instances normally once Vex Offensive: Final Assault is completed. Lunar Battlegrounds has a new Vex Invasion portal. The player's progress through Undying is based on weekly resets and quest progression.

Sundial arenas are unlocked from weekly resets and quest progression. There sundials disappear from their destinations once progressing beyond Season of Dawn, but the one in the Tower remains. There is a Sundial on Venus with new gear.

Season of the Worthy requires Season of Dawn story content to be completed. The player's first Seraph Bunker is now the one in the Cosmodrome. There are Seraph Bunkers and Seraph Tower activities in the Cosmodrome and on Venus. Progression through Season of the Worthy is based on weekly resets and quest progression. There will be an activity in the Tower at the end, which will be a 30 minute version of the live event. The game will warn the player about the time commitment. After Season of the Worthy, the instances for Seraph Towers are only accessible from the Vanguard menu or from joining other fireteams.

Season of Arrivals requires all story content up to this point to be completed, and will warn the player about not completing Invitations of the Nine again.

The player's progression through Season of Arrivals is based on quest progression and weekly resets. There is a Contact event in Meridian Bay, Mars unlocked when the pyramids arrive on Mars. The Mars vendor would be included in the evacuation questline. More secrets to discover in Meridian Bay as well, such as Savathun's Eyes. Pre-contact and Contact versions of these destinations are available from the Vanguard menu or joining other fireteams. The destinations disappear after completing the Traveler restoration 30-minute activity in the Tower, but all of their activities are available in the Vanguard menu or from joining other fireteams.

Beyond Light
Beyond Light starts after completing the Traveler restoration activity and waiting for a daily reset.

Like the mission in the Cosmodrome, there would be a story mission on Venus.

Seasons of the Hunt and Chosen
Season of the Hunt is unchanged, but becomes available after starting Beyond Light. I forget if this questline progresses naturally through Cryptolith Lure upgrades or not.

Season of the Chosen requires the Season of the Hunt and Beyond Light stories to be completed. There would be new Battlegrounds arena missions on Venus and the Dreadnaught, during the two weeks when there aren't any new Battlegrounds missions, exotic quests or strikes. The player's progression is based on quests and weekly resets.

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