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Destiny, while it has issues as a game, is undeniably a masterpiece as a whole.

destiny2 9 - Destiny, while it has issues as a game, is undeniably a masterpiece as a whole.

When I first purchased Destiny in 2014, I played for a short while. Not understanding the hype behind the gameplay as a whole and disliking the forced parameter of controller use, I played through the main storylines as swiftly as possible and promptly got lost, not understanding the concept behind looter shooters at the time. Admittedly in hindsight it's strange to see that I didn't get the point, being a veteran World of Warcraft and RIFT player.

However, I digress. After I ceased playing, I only watched as some of my friends did newer raids. I was a very timid and meek person back in those days, unsure of my own skill (something I still struggle with even today in Destiny 2, Year 3,) always comparing myself to those around me and not knowing how I measure up. It wasn't the mechanics or coordination or skill that captivated me though. Sure, I wanted to be good, but I cared about something else more: the rest of the game itself.

I dropped off the radar for a while, didn't keep up with the game. I effectively never touched Destiny 1 from that point onward, only later in the time leading up to Destiny 2's launch did I begin playing again, but that's a story I'll save for another day.

Then, I got the chance to play the beta. Protheon, a strike boss that will live in my mind for the remainder of my life, famous for getting absolutely fucking walloped before even exiting first phase. I looked up at that towering Vex and had one thought: "I am buying this game ."

As I reran the strike with my friends, playing over and over and over, trying out different weapons and trying to bug-hunt so I could send feedback to Bungie, I became appreciative of the work they had done. The strike had so much care put into it, so much effort. Sound design, gun responsivity and the general artwork of each character model and their armors floored me. That was until I saw the supers, the improvements of which completely sent me into the heliopause. Golden Gun flared with an open disregard for safety, evaporating each enemy the weapon so much as grazed. Dawnblade flickering embers from left and right, slicing maelstrom of fury and sun, Hammer of Sol exploding into molten fury and solar vortexes. Nova Bomb entrapping and devouring everything it saw, casting it into a disintegrating maw. Shadowshot's tether lashing out, tendrils of death from an unknown place. I could go on and on and on about how drawn in I was by the stunning visuals.


A year later, I saw Forsaken. This part deserves its own paragraph. Why? In their finality, I have never witnessed anything more gorgeous than Year 2 Supers in a video game. They remain some of the greatest examples of complete synchronicity in terms of SFX/VFX coupling. A fully-realized harmonization of all things necessary to make a Super live up to its namesake—Ultimate mastery of the Light made incarnate. Every last thread of the unique tapestry that is the Destiny 2 particle effects was woven into an exquisite depiction of our Traveler's retribution.

Michael Salvatori leaves nothing to be desired in the music department. I find myself listening to the Destiny soundtrack simply to help myself do simple things as routine, as the BGM was so potent that it became a mainstay of my daily life since I played so much. I often listened to it in college to help me focus on work and maintain a sense of normalcy even while cramming. Since then, I have only praised one other game's soundtrack as being so spectacular (that game being Supergiant's "Bastion")

What I'm getting at is how often this wonderful, beautiful work of art is commonly passed by as a "bad game" simply because it has a fair share of endgame problems that need to be addressed. People who wakeboard that shallow assessment will never know what Destiny has in store for them. There is so much soul in this game, its art assets, enemy design, sound design, world design, lore, musical score, weapons and the feedback from each individual archetype.

I see a lot of negativity on the subreddit, and that's to be expected. Oftentimes, people are only vocal when discontent. I just wanted to help lighten the load a little.

So, from a humble single player that loves your work, thank you, Bungie. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say: I love this game. dmg, if you see this, I'd appreciate if you passed it along to any of the staff who seem in need of cheering up.

Transmat firing!

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