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Destiny’s weapon hierarchy is… Kinda odd

destiny2 6 - Destiny's weapon hierarchy is... Kinda odd

This is probably gonna sound like a load of nonsense because I'm tired, and none of this is necessarily critisism or bitching, but more just a slightly confused observation.

So destiny's desperately trying to embrace it's identity as an MMO/lite-mmo, but I find it incredibly strange how they treat the weapon hierarchy within the world, specifically, with how loot scales from best to worst.

Obvi the gear works on two systems, a tier system, from common to legendary, and a perk/archetype system (im bundling these together I'll explain later). However, unlike normal RPGs, the mass majority of gear in D2 are legendary, to the point where the lower tiers below it like blue and green don't even cover all the weapon archetypes. In d2, we play almost exclusively with legendary gear, and new light players are able to love into the legendary endgame extremely quickly. This makes the tier hierarchy irrelevant, as it's setup to only apply to those who are just starting out with barely 5 hours in.

Now the real hierarchy we know comes from community ranking of weapons. We, the community, essentially rank the weapon archetype and perk hierarchy for ourselves, since most of the time there aren't any noticeable overpowered outliers (looking at you 600 rpms). For us, everything is based on what we see as most and least useful, rather than best to worst. This isn't necessarily bad at all don't get me wrong, but it leads to this problem.

Because all the emphasis is on archetype and perks, the guns themselves, and where they come from, doesn't really matter. The thing that determines a guns power is purely on what potential rolls it could get, but because we the community decide how we value perks, there isn't an actual 'the best' to look towards. This puts things like raid weapons and trials weapons in a really odd place, as they should be the most powerful and covetous weapons, as they are the hardest to acquire, but most of the time no one actually uses them because… They're unremarkable. There's nothing special about raid weapons, despite the fact that in traditional RPGs, our loadouts would be covered in raid weapons since they'd be the best of the best.


We actually had this idea in D2Y1 of all things, where, because of static rolls, there were objectively more damaging weapons than others even beyond archetype, and the calus weapons were perfectly rolled to be "the best* (midnight coup for example, had the two best possible perks, outlaw and rampage)

But because of our current system, any run of the mill 720 is just as valuable as a Reckless Oracle, or maybe even better if you've got lucky perks. The system we have invalidates high level gear, since it doesn't even matter it comes from the hardest activity.

Now I actually didn't play D1 (heresy I know), but I know their raid weapons had unique abilities that applied to whole races and raid encounters, and I think this would be a welcome change to bring back to give raid weapons just that little more value. They're the hardest weapons to get. They should be the best at what they do.

Man this is long, and fully nonsense, and I'm not sure why im even posting it. I just thought it was weird just how much emphasis their is on perks over actual weapon hierarchy. And yes, weapon hierarchy has to exist. It's literally a core part of progression in looters. I think players need to suck up that others who do harder content have better weapons. And it would bring a bit of prestige back to raid weapons that last wish and garden weapons have kind of lost beyond their amazing weapon models. They're so beautiful, why is this drifters' trashcan gnawing hunger better than them.

Pls feel free to argue and downvote in the comments below. Sorry I made you read.

EDIT: Just to clarify, 1. is this bad? Not necessarily, but my whole point is that it's different, and in a way a bit antithetical to the whole looter aspect of the world by not acknowledging that loot scales in usefulness 2. Do I have a solution? Bro I don't make videogames I just think that philosophy wise it's a little odd that's all

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