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Did a short Resilience test in PvE

destiny2 5 - Did a short Resilience test in PvE

Resilience has been the laughing stock of the six stats for PvE, but if we do the numbers, will it turn out to be a useful stat after all?

No, it won't.

TL;DR: Resilience barely does anything between Tier 0 and 10, and it literally doesn't do anything between various Tiers in between that. Recovery is better at making sure you can tank hits for longer before going down in practical situations.


Part of the reason why I did this test is because I was under some confirmation bias thinking higher resilience actually helped me survive dangerous situations more. In addition, to my knowledge Resilience used to offer 1% Shield increase per tier in Shadowkeep, but next time I checked the numbers changed to be slightly higher than that. Perhaps I was mistaken before, but needless to say I just got curious.

In game description benefit of Resilience:

Tier 00% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 11% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 22% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 33% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 44% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 55% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 66% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 78% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 810% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 912% Shield Capacity Increase
Tier 1013% Shield Capacity Increase

My initial intention was to test it against a single enemy only. A melee enemy, so I could easily count the amount of hits I could take. I went to Shaft-13 in the EDZ, killed all the enemies except for the single Wretch that spawns and let him kill me over and over at every Resilience level.

Here are the results of that:

TierHits Until DeathNotes
Tier 0116 hits to break shield
Tier 111
Tier 211
Tier 311
Tier 411
Tier 511
Tier 611
Tier 711
Tier 811
Tier 911No blinking health
Tier 10127 hits to break shield

Keep in mind that, in absence of health regenrating effects, health always recovers first, then a delay occurs, followed by shield recovery. This means that Tier 9 is in fact more beneficial against this enemy than the tiers below it, because your recovery will be quite a bit faster. Of course, Recovery achieves this even quicker anyway, but it should be mentioned.

With this enemy it was very difficult to even see any visual change to the health bar among the tiers. So I opted to test it again against a different enemy: the Hobgoblin in the Nessus Lost Sector. Here are the results of that:


TierHits Until DeathNotes
Tier 074 hits to break shield
Tier 17
Tier 27
Tier 37
Tier 48
Tier 58
Tier 68
Tier 78
Tier 88
Tier 98No blinking health
Tier 1085 hits to break shield

Resilience seems a little bit more useful here since you can survive an extra shot much earlier in the Tier ranges (4). Additionally, the hobgoblin had much more easy to discern differences in my health bar between various tiers, especially the later ones.

Needless to say, this is still not very tempting to invest in for PvE. So I decided to test one final mob: the dreg. Back to Shaft-13.

I could not actually get the Dreg to kill me at any tier level. They miss a lot, letting Recovery kick in (even at 0 Recovery) and if they did not miss a lot they start throwing their grenade at some point causing too much of a delay also. So I opted to just check the hits I took before they broke my shield.

It was so tedious to check, I just committed to checking two values: 0 Resilience and 10.

0 Resilience took 21 shots to break my shield. 10 Resilience took 23.

In conclusion, I am no longer under the impression Resilience helps me survive much more than usual. It is worth noting, although most people already know this, Recovery adds more health in a fraction of a second if you just don't get shot for a small amount of time, than Resilience adds with 10 extra tiers.

With my initial test against the dreg, if he missed me one too many times and Recovery kicked in; even at 0 Recovery I was able to take 29 shots instead of 21. That's 8 shots more, 6 more shots than the difference between 0 and 10 Resilience.

Higher Recovery rates grant faster initial health regen and faster health recovery both. So high Recovery basically outperforms high Resilience in being able to withstand damage, with the sole exception of being shot continuously with not a second of breathing room. And even then, it appears it only lets you survive 1 extra shot from non-trash mob enemies.

Question raised by this test is that I wonder if Resilience somehow stacks multiplicatively with resistance mods and would make it more worthwhile then. But at this point I am only wondering if that would make it better than near-useless. I am convinced in its current state it won't outperform Recovery no matter what.

EDIT: Out of curiosity I very quickly and in limited capacity tested Striking Light; Season of Dawn armor mod. The second part of the perk states it grants damage resistence against combatants while sprinting. I sprinted against the wall. only at Tier 3 Resilience and only against the Hobgoblin.

It broke my shield at 5 hits and killed me at 10. That is significantly better than Tier 10 Resilience on Tier 3. Could be worth it depending on your build.

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