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Dungeons & Destiny, a free re-imagining of 5th Edition to fit the Destiny setting, has reached version 1.0

destiny2 7 - Dungeons & Destiny, a free re-imagining of 5th Edition to fit the Destiny setting, has reached version 1.0

DestinyTheGame - Dungeons & Destiny, a free re-imagining of 5th Edition to fit the Destiny setting, has reached version 1.0

r/DestinyTheGame! I'm Kitty, also known as GoodGameKitty, and I am the creator of the Dungeons & Destiny project. Dungeons & Destiny, or D&Destiny, is a tabletop role-playing game based on 5th edition that's been in development for over two years now. Yesterday we launched the 1.0 version of the Player's Guidebook, which is the first of three core rulebooks that are used to play Dungeons & Destiny. The other two are the Architect's Guide and the Bestiary of the Wilds. Both of these books are still working toward their own 1.0 version, but they're both over halfway there.

You can access all of the D&Destiny content, including the v1.0 of the Player's Guidebook, for FREE, here on our website

This is something that me & my dev team have been working insanely hard to accomplish these past couple of years. There have been all sorts of ups and downs, but we're finally here, we're finally at v1.0, and we are so excited to share it with ya'll!

What You Get with D&Destiny

D&Destiny isn't just a re-flavoring of 5th Edition, it's almost a complete overhaul of the entire system. We have:

  • 9 new classes that are based on the Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 Light subclasses (Gunslinger, Bladedancer, Nightstalker, Striker, Defender, Sunbreaker, Voidwalker, Sunsinger, and Stormcaller), and each class in D&Destiny has 3 unique class archetypes. We do plan to add Stasis in a future version, but that won't be happening until we get both the Architect's Guide and Bestiary of the Wilds up to v1.0 too.
  • Racial stats for the three races of humanity (Awoken, Exo, human) and racial stats for five alien races (Cabal, eliksni, krill, psion, Vex), in case you wanted to play as an unconventional Lightbearer. Each race has 2-3 variations for you to select from.
  • 14 firearms, combat bows, and a whole weapon upgrade system that allows you to pick your own perks for your weapons, even your melee weapons.
  • A whole new equipment section that covers commonly found goods in the Destiny universe such as jumpships, tablet computers, and patrol beacons, as well as their mechanics.
  • A bunch of new mechanics to cover things like Light abilities, Ghost resurrection, Light zones and Darkness zones, and conditions unique to the Destiny universe (Tethered, Burning, Weakened, etc).

And this is just what's in the Player's Guidebook! In our Architect's Guide you can find things like a breakdown of the lore of the Destiny universe, literally hundreds of exotic items, and a whole section dedicated to explaining how to make your own race. Our Bestiary of the Wilds (which is long overdue for a major update; we're working on it, promise!) has tons of new monsters all based on Destiny, from the common dreg to never-before-seen creatures such as the Taken harpy or the Fallen jumper.


We're Not Done Yet

Just because the Player's Guidebook is at v1.0 doesn't mean work has stopped on D&Destiny. Like I said before, we hope to add the new Stasis classes in the future, and we're already well on our way to getting the Architect's Guide and the Bestiary of the Wilds up to their own v1.0s.

And we've got tons of art to add! The current version of the game is hosted via Google Docs, so it doesn't look too pretty, but here's an album of the cover arts + class arts, just to give you an idea of what we're shooting for.

How to Play D&Destiny

You can play D&Destiny the same way you'd play any other game based on 5th Edition. It works just fine whether you play paper and pencil, or if you use services like roll20 to run your games. You can even use 5e character sheets for your D&Destiny character with no trouble at all, though we do have our own character sheets that are in development.

We have a Discord server (linked via our website) that we use to run multiple sessions per week. We have myself and my fellow dev team member, Fimmagin, running sessions, as well as 11 additional volunteer Architects who help us run games. Normally you have to be a patron to join our Discord server sessions, but for the month of December we're inviting EVERYONE, patron or not, to come play in sessions with us. We'll help you make your character, get you familiarized with the rules, and soon enough you'll be trouncing through the Prison of Elders, beating up baddies and scoring mad loot.

But if you're looking to run your own game of D&Destiny, or to join games outside the Discord server, then we invite you to come post your LFG at r/DungeonsAndDestiny. This subreddit is more than just an LFG spot, though, you can talk about everything D&Destiny there: homebrew content, character art, feedback for the dev team, etc.

Closing Words

First of all, I want to give a big shout-out to my dev team members for their tireless work in making v1.0 happen. I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been following the project and supporting it, your support means so much to me & the team.

If anyone is wondering, yes Bungie is aware of the project and yes we have been given rules/guidelines to follow that we are 100% committed to, so we can keep working on this. We love Destiny so freaking much, and it's honestly a huge honor to get to make this project. If any devs are reading this, I want to give you a big giant freakin' THANK YOU!!! for making Destiny to begin with. I'd make that text a million times bigger if I could.

Thank you so much, and I hope everyone enjoys playing Dungeons & Destiny <3

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