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Stasis has the ability to stop atoms from moving entirely, the ice it creates is .7 degrees colder than absolute zero. However, the effect is short lived, as atoms that were not affected nearby generate just enough heat to cause the ice created to shatter. In a perfect vacuum, the atoms affected by stasis would never move again.

The number of Fallen in the system has fallen by nearly 80% following the Guardians reawakening. Such a drastic fall is mostly on Earth and Luna, with Venus being a close third. Strangely, rather than wanting to kill Guardians, many Fallen on Earth have been sighted attempting to lower their weapons rather than fight.

Zavala had been considering going to Europa for some time. Following discussion with Ana, the Exo production facilities there could come in great use.

The No Time to Explain rifle found on Europa is not from our timeline. It comes from a timeline where the Guardian was not successful in defeating the Vex in the Black Garden. This is known as the "Dark Timeline", the timeline the Exo Stranger originates from.

During early discovery of Stasis, the Vanguard feared it could lead Guardians down a darker path. Their fears were finally put to rest when both Shin Malphur and The Drifter produced a ball of ice in their palm and winked.

Ghosts find it hard to get a good connection to their Guardian when Stasis is equipped. It took a Ghost six hours to revive their Guardian when they had Stasis as their main subclass, so prior to their death (if the see it coming), guardians quickly switch to another subclass.

Titan, Io and Mercury are about to be quarantined due to an outbreak of Covid-23, an illness that spreads rapidly through Guardians and can put them out of action for weeks at a time. Not even a revive can cure it, and all Guardians are advised to wear their masks in the Tower and Farm. Of course, they all follow this rule, as no Guardian is a massive moron.

The Vex adapt to whatever threat they encounter, but have been unable to really adapt to Guardian tactics. They have adapted to the Fallen on Europa however, and have adapted very well.


Savathun has heard of Stasis before, but has never seen it. The Queen of Lies is very interested in what would happen if a kill was frozen at the moment between life and death.

The Deep Stone Crypt is not a place. Its an idea of a place. Three locations were chosen for it, and buildings were erected at those locations, but none truly accomplished their goal. The goal is too horrific to describe here, and when Cayde discovered the true goal of the buildings, the Deep Stone Crypt on Ganymede was utterly destroyed. He never got around to Enceladus.

The Dreaming City Awoken have tried everything to stop the three week cycle they are trapped in, including mass suicide. They have now decided that this is their fate, and simply act as though nothing terrible is happening to them.

Guardians have long acted as defenders, only offensively acting in strike teams against priority targets. Since the assault on the Moon however, Zavala has begun creating divisions and large scale weaponry for full scale warfare. Drake tanks are now in full production, and ships designed for air and space combat are being developed by Dead Orbit.

A Ghost has been spending a great deal of time around Hawthorne. When questioned, it simply states its waiting for her. She tries her best not to look at it, but sometimes can't help herself.

Fallen with Stasis under their command are in a constant state of feeling too hot. As such, many have considered leaving for as far as Pluto to make their home, as any that went too close to the inner system found themselves collapsing from the heat. Guardians feel no such limitations.

A Guardian happened to mention to Banshee that Europa was their next stop, and Banshee began to sob and scream that no-one should ever go there, its not safe, before his eyes went blank and he forgot what he was talking about. Needless to say, the Guardian and the Vanguard became concerned, but never brought it up with Banshee again to spare him from any trauma, however brief. No Guardian will ever discuss Europa with Banshee again, and when he brings up their cold weather clothes all Guardians simply state they are heading to Antarctica.

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