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EoT is doing STILL doing LESS DAMAGE than it should

destiny2 4 - EoT is doing STILL doing LESS DAMAGE than it should

I want to start this off by adressing what was changed with the most recent patch (yes it increased EoT damage but there is another glaring issue with it)

(all numbers are without the buff, and account for the damage of only one of the six projectiles EoT fires)

Pre patch (recent patch) Eot was doing to Carl (Ehroar test dummy):


Image proof (kinda rough to see):

After the patch its damage to Carl is:


Image proof:

This equals to a buff of 43% to eot, that is great, and elevates the weapon a lot compares to its previous version in Season of the chosen… the issue is, the weapon is STILL doing less damage that what it should be doing

allow me to explain

When season of the chosen released the floor of the game was raised by 50 Light, this means that Lost sectors like the one Carl is at will suffer from a inflation in numbers *NOTE: This does not mean weapons do more damage or were buffed, it simply means it shows bigger numbers, to account for the new health bars on enemies*

The question now becomes, if we want to compare previous registered weapon damage in BL to the neew standard what should we do

ehroar gave us this answer very early in the season when he tested an ikelos smg pre and post patch



This basically results in us needing to multiply the damage of any previous number from BL by 1,448 to know exactly how EoT damage Should be (with none of the initial Season of the Chosen related buffs to all rockets)

Now Lets go back to Season of the Hunt to see how EoT compares…

Lets me just say that… after seing these numbers… the issue with EoT becomes clear IMO

These are the non buff numbers of EoT during BL:


Image proof:

Now aplying the 1,448 multiplier

Eot SHOULD RN Be doing:


The current damage of EoT is numerically worse, than the damage it did In BL, in other words, EoT is doing around 33,6% less damage than it shuld be doing ATM, Not only that But that is ignoring any buff EoT was supposed to be getting in the beggining of the season.

Something is Defo broken With the EoT buff

The only conclusion I Can give is

  1. EoT is still fucked with regards to mini-boss (Carl) damage, dealing 33,6% less dmg than what it should be doing had it NOT RECIEVED any of the initial Season 13 Buff
  2. Whatever Buff Bungie was planning to give AoT, it simply did not ship with S13, in other words, EoT was not buffed against bosses, BUT there is a small 1,6% nerf might have sliped under the devs noses, according to one of ehroars video post s13…

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