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Evergreen strike specific loot is the perfect way to lessen some the the pain caused by sunsetting

destiny2 9 - Evergreen strike specific loot is the perfect way to lessen some the the pain caused by sunsetting

Wall of text incoming tl;dr at the bottom

A common complaint/suggestion seen here on
DtG - Evergreen strike specific loot is the perfect way to lessen some the the pain caused by sunsetting

r/DtG is the lack and hopeful return of strike-specific loot. But given the current situation with sunsetting, said strike loot will be useless a year after implementation. Considering we only get one or two strikes per expansion, this feels a little underwhelming.

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Building off of this post, the idea is to add average-decent weapons to strikes that would be solid "workhorse" weapons (nothing too dominating like Recluse) and, most importantly, would be evergreen. For example what if Horror's Least dropped with a static roll of Fluted Barrel/Ext. Mag/Zen Moment/Dragonfly. This wouldn't be considered an "OP godroll" weapon by any means, but it's definitly servicable for general use.

Some benefits to a system like this:

  • We finally get strike specific loot back

  • Gives a solid set of weapons for new players to chase

Even with the enhancements made to the new player experience in Beyond Light (which were pretty good btw), it can be rough as a new player being thrown into a MMO-style game with tons of RNG in the way of building an effective loadout. Having a weapon with a guaranteed perkset would be a nice safety net to curb some bad RNG and be a nice stepping stone in the new player progression.

  • Gives veterans a set of fallback weapons when old weapons are sunset

I don't need to talk more about sunsetting and how bad it feels, it's already been beaten to death. Some of the pain could be lifted, however, if I could just go back into my vault and know that I'll have a weapon that I could still rely on. For example; what if, when Beyond Light rolled around, and I was super upset that my Feeding Frenzy/Rampage Outlast is no longer usable in relevent PvE content, I could go into my vault and grab my Horror's Least (see the example above) and continue playng with a rapid-fire pulse until I grinded for a replacement.BugiePlsGib540rpmPulsekthx

  • We finally get strike specific loot back

To Bungie's credit, I honestly think we were close to something like this in the past with ritual weapons.Butmostofthoseweresunset These weapons would be guaranteed after a grind and would be solid starting points in a loadout, but meant to be outgrown and wouldn't be so strong that they would be mainstays in high-end content (Raids, Dungeons, Trials, etc.). We also know that Bungie has the ablity to make gear evergreen with the re-release of Drang and Mini-Tool. In conclusion, Bungie pls

TL;DR Add strike specific loot with a static perkset. Similar to ritual weapons that would be reliable, but not too strong like Recluse or Mountaintop. Decent to use for newbies who don't have much, or vets who lost their sunset godrolls until you can grind for something better.

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