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Eververse Items Weeks 16-22

destiny2 6 - Eververse Items Weeks 16-22

Here is the Eververse inventory for weeks 16 to 22 of Season 11. All items are subject to change and I'll update this thread and TodayInDestiny if anything changes. All items marked with (S) and bolded are Silver Only.


09/22/2020 – Week 16

  • Consult the Archives(S), Obsidian Wings(S), Gladiator's Bladerush(S), Standard Bearer(S), Distracted(S)
  • Concentrated Mattergem, Glimmershard, Scavenger's Boon, Grasping Thoughts, Chrysopelea-S, Cabal Entrance, Grayscale Undergrowth
  • Keep It Clean, Waking Nightmare, Trusty Shell, Lunaria Lumina, Hand Cannon Vogue, Ahead of Its Time, Mote Projection

09/29/2020 – Week 17

  • Feline Fancy(S), Gyro Shell(S), Big Blind, Give Dap(S), Up in Smoke
  • Concentrated Mattergem, Glimmershard, Scavenger's Boon, Sad Trombone, Adonis Shell, Harpy's Cry, Sunrise Warrior
  • All Mine, Victory Shout, The Pallbearer, Cosmos Shell, Exotic Armor Ornament, Heaven's Vigil, Moonbound Projection
  • Hrafnagud, Arcturus Engine, Path to Convergence

10/06/2020 – Week 18

  • One-Inch Punch(S), Hexing Shell, Associates Mask, Peaceful Rest, Rueful Wail
  • Concentrated Mattergem, Glimmershard, Scavenger's Boon, Okular Fortitude Shell, Tombstone, Murder of Crows, Dark Fluorescence
  • Heroic Guitarist, Brumeswept Night, Prideglass, Xenon Direct, Canaan's Harvest Shell, Arachnophile, Remembrance Projection

10/13/2020 – Week 19

  • Lunar Roar, Halted Oblivion, Spider Mask, Reanimated Entrance, Summoning Ritual
  • Concentrated Mattergem, Glimmershard, Scavenger's Boon, Hexing Shell, Rueful Wail, Howling Projection, Bloodmane
  • Peaceful Rest, Chiropteran Shell, Summoning Dance, By Candlelight, The Desmodus, Quondam Shell, Spinneret Projection

10/20/2020 – Week 20

  • Ghastly Durance, Brumeswept Night, Jack-o'-Shell(S), Parting(S), Fanged Projection
  • Concentrated Mattergem, Glimmershard, Scavenger's Boon, Halted Oblivion, Peaceful Rest, Reanimated Entrance, Nougat Delight
  • Lunar Roar, Aerial Shroud, Associates Mask, Infected Seeker, Winchester's Ruin, Seal of Troika Shell, Howling Projection

10/27/2020 – Week 21

  • Boo(S), Nine Lives Shell(S), The Desmodus, By Candlelight, Howling Projection
  • Concentrated Mattergem, Glimmershard, Scavenger's Boon, Spell of Abolition, Stonecraft's Amalgam Shell, Fanged Projection, Skele-Ghaul
  • Ghastly Durance, Summoning Ritual, Spider Mask, Gensym Relic Shell, The Necrobeast, Three to Eight, Hive-o'-lantern Projection

11/03/2020 – Week 22

  • Sabrage Salute(S), Bad Dog, Jotuneer(S), Big Red Button(S), Tiger Effects
  • Concentrated Mattergem, Glimmershard, Scavenger's Boon, Callisto Lancer, Kitbash Shell, Daito Capsule Entrance, Biolume
  • ANOTHER!, Leggy Dance, Perennial Velocity, Hissing Silence Shell, Jewel of Saturn, Symbiosis, Depository Projection

Twitch Prime Exotic Bundle Drop 9

  • The Colony
  • Sneak Attack
  • The Motherlode
  • Grim Foxx

Twitch Prime Exotic Bundle Drop 10

  • Cryptomnesia
  • Flare Gun
  • Peerless Precision Shell
  • Ada-1's Lone Wolf

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