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Today Bungie released
49206 - Eververse Report Card

TWAB 06/04/2020 and in it the talk a little bit about Eververse, but mentioned one thing that I wanted to talk about:

We will once again communicate Season 11 Silver-only items at the beginning of the Season.



Here are the TWAB articles from before Worthy 03/05/2020 and after Worthy 03/12/2020. For argument sake, here is also the TWAB from 03/17/2020 which will be important in a bit.

You could argue that these are some of the most high traffic posts that the average player is most likely to view, and these are also super easy to search for on If you wanted your players to know something, you'd put it here. All three of them do NOT mention Eververse Silver-only items.


The DestinyTheGame Twitter account HERE is also another place for players to get information about Destiny. The account has over 2.4 million followers. If you scroll down and look between March 10th and March 17th you'll find that there are ZERO comments or replies that mention Eververse Silver-only items.


So now I head over to the Bungie twitter account HERE and I finally find the following tweet:

New Eververse items being offered for Silver-only this season:

Finishers: Energy Overload, Gladiator's Bladerush, Crackling Flourish, I Am The Boss Now, Thunderclap, This… Is… TRIALS!, Stormbreaker

Weapons Ornaments: Death Comes Calling, Prized Ivory,

Emotes: Blinding Imagery, Masterful Flow

Ghost Projection: Hood of the Exile

EDITOR NOTE: Take note of the missing Ghost, Ship and Sparrow categories.

If we check the reweets we can also see that @DestinyTheGame didn't retweet this post.

This Tweet was made on 03/17/2020, a full week after the Season started.


Instagram has an Eververse Hep page
Troubleshoot?oid=13639 - Eververse Report Card

HERE that makes no mention of the current Seasons Silver-only items.

On I also checked the Season of Worthy page HERE and again, no mention of any Silver-Only itmes.

Final Score: F

There are a ton of places for Bungie to post this information and all of them are quite except for 1. The only tweet that mentions Silver-Only items isn't even on the games main Twitter account AND is difficult to find. That tweet was also posted 7 days into the Season, allowing for users to spend money on non Silver-Only items.


Now that we finally have a list of Silver-Only items, lets compare them to a list of what was actually only sold for Silver. Note: Bungie only posts about new items so there were more Silver-Only items than the ones listed, but for argument sake lets keep this to Worthy items only.

  • I am the boss now
  • Energy Overload
  • Gladiator's Bladerush
  • Crackling Flourish
  • Stormbreaker
  • This… Is… Trials!
  • Knucklebug
  • Blinding Imagery
  • Masterful Flow
  • Residual Trace
  • Saint's Vocation
  • Prized Ivory
  • Almost Might Shell
  • Up High, Down Low
  • Hood of the Exile Projection
  • Death Comes Calling
  • Regal Deterrent
  • Blissful Ignorance

I have bolded all the items that were Silver-Only but do NOT appear in the tweet informing the players of all Silver-Only items. We can be fair and take off Blissful Ignorance since Bungie wanted to keep that a secret, but Regal Deterrent stays on because it has a Worthy icon (see below).

Regal Deterrent

The reason I count Regal Deterrent as a Worthy item instead of a Guardian Games item is that Bungie also does the same. Because if it was a Guardian Games item they would have had to make the ornament available for
Bright Dust. HOWEVER they used Heir Apparent to
EW wQ9BWsAEeKo0?format=png - Eververse Report Card
advertise Guardian Games and the Source string for Heir Apparent says you earn it
EW wR kXQAY86NT?format=png - Eververse Report Card
during Guardian Games.

Final Score: 12/18

TL;DR: It's almost impossible to find the ONE Silver-Only post Bungie made and if you do find it it's only 66% accurate.

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