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Every D1 Exotic yet to return in D2

destiny2 10 - Every D1 Exotic yet to return in D2

So awhile back (probably about a year ago) I made a personal list of Exotic weapons and armor from D1 that had yet to be updated to D2. With the recent announcement of old-new Exotics in Beyond Light, I figured I’d go back and revise/finish it based on what we’ve seen now.

Generally, if an Exotic needs a major rework to fit into the D2 sandbox, already has it's design space taken by other weapons, and/or wasn’t all that popular in D1, I consider it unlikely to return. Pretty much every D1 Exotic has been buffed compared to it's original counterpart, and even then some don’t get used much (see Bad Juju, or MIDA post-Y1). I’ve seen suggestions like turning NLB into a heavy sniper, or Plan C into a new Loaded Question, but if a gun needs to stray that far from its original identity, IMO it just warrants making a wholly new weapon. I’m far from an expert game designer though, and this is all personal opinion/general observations, so feel free to tell me I’m wrong in the comments.

Also: There may be some unmarked (but still widely-known and official) spoilers by process of elimination, so if you don’t want to know literally anything about future Exotics, best turn back now.

Hand Cannons:

  • First Curse- Most of its identity is covered by other Exotics. Eriana’s Vow is long-range and has ADS buffs (albeit with special ammo), and Ace of Spades has pseudo-Kill Clip. First Curse was always a bit of a cult Exotic and outclassed by a well-rolled legendary, and there are already plenty of Exotic HCs in game (with at least one more on the way). And between Thorn, LW, Lumina, and Malfeasance, we’ve kinda covered enough of the lore behind it.

Auto Rifles:

  • Necrochasm- Honestly hoped this would be brought up in Shadowkeep, but it hasn’t. Thus far, Outbreak Prime is the only Raid Exotic from D1 to come back.

  • Fabian Strategy- Basically an auto with Subsistence and Danger Close, and class-specific Exotic weapons haven’t come back (besides Ace of Spades, which was buffed and made a general Exotic).

  • Khvostov- The original version was introduced with New Light, so it's not beyond possibility that the Exotic version comes back too. That said, Khvostov was always a ‘cool but useless’ Exotic, so it’d have to be majorly reworked to fit into D2’s higher-power sandbox. Alternative take: Traveller’s Chosen is being made into an Exotic this season, so either the ‘starting weapon as Exotic’ space can be taken by it, or the Khvostov could be the equivalent for New Light players who never got Traveler’s Chosen.

  • Zhalo Supercell- Replaced by Riskrunner.

Pulse Rifles:

  • Red Death- Replaced by Crimson. I do like the idea of ‘spiritual successor’ Exotics over straight ports (Gjallarhorn grenade launcher anyone?)

Scout Rifles:

  • Touch of Malice- Possible with the lore/story direction, but would be a bitch to balance around Well of Radiance/Healing Rift without being either busted or useless. And there’s Tommy’s Matchbook, which has a similar ‘buff weapon but it hurts you back’ perk.

  • Tlaloc- Possible, but it would probably be made a general-class weapon. Most of it's value came from Warlocks sitting on Radiance for self-res, so I think Nighthawk Hunters would love this.

  • Boolean Gemini- I think I've literally never seen a request for this gun to be brought back. It could be rebuilt around the ‘alt fire’ mechanics we’ve seen on Cerberus and Symmetry, but I think it’d likely just be a worse Symmetry.


  • Dreg’s Promise- Surprised it didn’t return with QBB and LoW, though I guess if Bungie didn’t do it then, then they probably never will. But then, Beyond Light is focused on Eramis and the Fallen, so it's another thematic chance to come back, but we’re already getting 2 D1 Exotics, and it wouldn’t be the first time Bungie’s missed a chance for an old Exotic to match a DLC. coughNecrochasmcough

  • Trespasser- Loved this gun in RoI and wouldn’t be opposed to a redux, but with burst sidearms being an archetype and Devil’s Ruin having its own super burst perk, I don’t think Trespasser will come back.

Sniper Rifles:

  • Icebreaker- This was my first non-quest Exotic in D1 that I bought after soloing the Heroic strike for my last batch of Strange Coins to buy it from Xur the first time he sold it in October of 2014. I still keep the original copy in my D1 Vault. Good times…. But I know it’s far too sandbox-breaking to ever reappear.

  • Patience and Time- I don't recall seeing much of this past vanilla D1. Could be a neat addition, could be another underwhelming Exotic that never gets used over Izanagi’s.

  • Hereafter- We don’t have a ‘Perfectionist’ sniper like Hereafter or Stillpiercer, but Bungie has been avoiding ammo-printing weapons (though a full mag of precision kills is a strict enough requirement to not be broken). Queensbreaker has a blinding perk. Maybe, maybe not.

  • No Land Beyond- I think Bungie confirmed NLB won’t be making a return, but I also think they said that in Y1. With the current weapon system, it'd basically be a low-zoom kinetic sniper with a low fire rate. I don’t play D2 Trials, but I could see it being the new Revoker, like how it plagued Trials at the end of D1.

  • Zen Meteor- Most Xbox players probably never got to really play with this. I think it’d be pretty cool as another Heavy sniper, but focused more on ad control/major sniping, compared to the DPS machines of DARCI/Whisper. But then we got Polaris Lance for ‘chain hits/kills into explosions.’

Fusion Rifles:

  • Pocket Infinity- Was never even brought to Y2 levels in D1. Merciless is basically meant as the new/’fixed’ version (and it's currently broken)

  • Plan C- Though it's basically a regular perk for fusions now, it could be brought up as an un-nerfed alternative. Though nerfing something and then selling the original version as Exotic seems kinda shitty.

  • Vex Mythoclast- Most likely going to be reintroduced with the new Vault of Glass.


  • Invective- Like with Icebreaker, I think regenerating ammo is something Bungie would like to avoid.

  • Universal Remote- Like NLB, the new weapon system would basically make this a well-rolled Dust Rock Blues. But then again, there are legendary slug shotguns and LFRs, yet Chaperone and QBB came back, so it's possible, though it'd need a pretty big rework to make it unique.

Machine Guns:

  • Nemesis Star- Was always kinda boring compared to SGA and the Thunderlords. Would have to be Gjallarhorn-level OP to dethrone Xenophage.

  • Super Good Advice- Was always a pretty fun novelty gun, but see previous Xenophage statement.

  • Abaddon/Nova Mortis- The new Thunderlord focuses much more on it's Firefly ability and chaining together explosions. I think it’d be pretty cool to see Abaddon and Nova Mortis getting similar reworks, maybe differently tuned for Void and Solar damage (Suppression? Burn?) so they aren’t just reskins to fill up the Exotic sandbox. But then, Xenophage…



  • Young Wolf’s Howl- All 3 original Exotic swords basically came back as Legendary frames, leaving Young Wolf’s Howl. With how powerful Swords are now, it’d be cool to have what is basically Oppressive Darkness in Sword form. But that could also be a compelling reason to leave it behind.

Rocket Launchers

  • Gjallarhorn- confirmed to not come back. All there is to say, really. They’d never let it be strong enough to live up to its legacy.

  • Dragon’s Breath- Its buffed ‘hold and release’ fire mode also belongs to Deathbringer. That said, Dragon’s Breath’s identity, before and after it got reworked, was AoE burn damage. Nothing else in the game really covers that (except Witherhoard, which wasn't released when I first wrote this), so Dragon’s Breath could find a space in D2.

Armor: Armor is a bit different, as Bungie completely revamped some armor pieces to fit in D2 (RIP Khepri’s Sting), essentially making a whole new Exotic but with a recycled model. Reprised armor also isn’t nearly as common as weapons (likely for that reason)- the last batch was in Opulence last year, and before that all the way back in Warmind. And we didn’t even get any new armor this season, so it seems Exotic Armor is a pretty low priority for Bungie at this point. But here’s what all is still left in D1 by class (not counting class items which were Exotic in name only, the faction ones didn’t even have a unique model):



  • Achylophage Symbiote- If you were to run this on top tree, you’re not really gonna notice the extra shot. It would be good with bottom tree, but having a fourth chained precision shot, on top of the new damage buff perk, could run the risk of encroaching on Nighthawk’s max-damage functionality.

  • ATS-8 Arachnid- I actually think this would benefit more in D2’s sandbox, since it could help with bottom-tree crits. On it's own though, it's still a pretty boring effect.

  • Mask of the Third Man- Raiden Flux

  • Skyburner’s Annex- I kinda liked it's functionality of making Orbs do other things, but we have quite a bit of that now, and plenty more ways of generating both Orbs and Special Ammo.


  • ATS-8 Tarantella- Basically a bunch of resistance/stat mods bundled together.

  • Crest of Alpha Lupi- Aesthetically one of my favorite Exotics in D1, so not having it back makes me a sad wolfie. This plus Light Beyond Nemesis IMO could make for something like the Aeon Cult Exotics alongside Titan Alpha Lupi- generate extra Super orbs, and have some secondary team support effect.


  • Don’t Touch Me- One of the most popular D1 Exotics (bordering on overrated if you ask me). We’ve got Assassin’s Cowel for a sort of on-demand invisibility, and one that wouldn’t implicitly be hosed by Blackout or being super underlevelled and comes with a healing perk and also works off of charged melee kills- you know what? DTM is overrated.


  • Radiant Dance Machines/Bones of Eao- I'm bundling these together, since St0mp-EE5 are the resident mobility Exotic which kind of combines both ground and air mobility without being as flashy as an extra jump.



  • Empyrian Bellicose- Basically Wings of Sacred Dawn, but for Titans. With still no Twilight Garrison in sight, Bungie seems to be avoiding giving Titans any extra in-air mobility.

  • Helm of Inmost Light- Grants perks that basically don’t exist anymore. We got a similar thing with Hallowfire Heart, though. But then that perk wasn’t intrinsic to a super that’s been totally reworked. Heart of Inmost Light is a thematic replacement, I guess.

  • The Glasshouse- In its original form, it would just be an extension to Weapons of Light, which probably wouldn't be worth taking over the extra Overshield and blinding effect of Saint-14. The Taikonaut- We should probably buff Rockets on their own before bringing in Exotics that make Rockets better.


  • Twilight Garrison- It's been requested so much that I’m pretty sure at this point Bungie just doesn’t want it back.


  • Immolation Fists- So this, alongside Graviton Forfeit and Impossible Machines, were introduced in TTK as support for the new subclasses, but were kinda boring in that they just granted a perk from that subclass. Graviton Forfeit thus far is the only one to be brought back, but with a total rework since all subclasses get Dodge Roll now. The other two could be similarly reworked, since Bungie seems to have moved away from ‘Exotics that grant subclass perks.’

  • No Backup Plans- Disintegrate is still a thing, even if it's not the default melee for Sentinels. It’d be nice to have another top-tree focused Exotic besides Saint-14 (which does technically work on the others).

  • Ruin Wings- Heavy ammo finders and scavengers are already a thing, and don’t require an Exotic slot. Could’ve been thematically cool for Season of Arrivals, but once again…

  • Thagomizers- I forgot this one even existed until I did a final proofread of this writeup. Hands On plus extra melee charge. Was pretty similar to Insurmountable Skullfort, which traded the extra charge for instant recharge on kills in D2.


  • None



  • Light Beyond Nemesis- See Alpha Lupi

  • Obsidian Mind- Rolled into Skull of Dire Ahamkara.

  • The Ram- I don’t have much insight on this one since I never used it. To my understanding you could get super tanky in PvP with it. It could possibly find a niche. And it looked badass.


  • Alchemist’s Raiment- I honestly don't remember what this did, and can't even be bothered to look it up. I think something with Glimmer? Since Glimmer is a pickup now maybe it could be something interesting, if not particularly useful.

  • Heart of the Praxic Fire- Radiance is no longer a thing. But I’d like to see this reworked cause I play a lot of Dark Souls.

  • Purifier Robes- Again, Radiance is no longer a thing.

  • Voidfang Vestments- This was basically the Warlock equivalent to Lucky Raspberry. So it could come back with a bit of a rework, but Voidwalker already has a ton of grenade synergy/recharge effects and Exotics.


  • Nothing Manacles- Loved them in D1, but we can already buff Scatters with top tree, and we can get extra recharge from Contraverse/Nezarec/Devour. Maybe having an extra backup charge for Devour could come in handy, though.

  • The Impossible Machines- See Immolation Fists.


  • None

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