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Everybody seems to want a horde mode, myself included. I know that horde mode suggestions are a dime a dozen here, but hear me out on this one.

destiny2 3 - Everybody seems to want a horde mode, myself included. I know that horde mode suggestions are a dime a dozen here, but hear me out on this one.

Basic things

– This mode would have a normal mode and a hard mode.

– Hard mode would give all enemies more health or more damage, changes High-Value targetmechanics (see "What makes it unique") and would offer different rewards.

– Normal mode would be six-man match-made, while hard mode would not be.

– This mode would have endless waves, when the last person on your team dies everybody gets instantly revived, the enemies disappear, and a rewards chest spawns in the center of the room.

– The activity starts with enemies at 1050 power, and every 10 waves, there is a boss. Killing the boss raises the enemies' power level.

– Each team member has 5 revives to begin.

What makes it unique

– It's a little bit like Gambit in the sense that in any given round you can be fighting Fallen, Taken, Vex, Hive, or Scorn.

– Every round, there is a 5% of a yellow-bar enemy with a Wrathful buff spawning, and when you kill it you gain the Wrathful buff for briefly increased damage against all enemies.

– Spawn locations for groups of enemies would be randomly chosen among a large number of possible spawn points.

– Every five rounds a High-Value target would spawn in a certain area of the map, and this enemy would drop a mote.

– In Hard Mode, these enemies would spawn every four rounds instead, and they would bechampions.

– These motes could be banked at terminals around the room for different assets in the fight.

– 2 motes: Extra revive for whoever banks

– 8 motes: Extra revive for everyone

– 2 motes: Braytech security frame

– 2 motes: Three Fallen Pikes

– 5 motes: Mounted Turret (can be placed anywhere, only three can be purchased)

– 3 motes: Placeable wall (only three of these can be purchased)

– 10 motes: Drake Tank

Boss Order

Level 10: 1050 PowerMinotaurKnightCaptainPhalanxIncendiorChieftain
Level 20: 1100 PowerWyvernShriekerServitorHobgoblinPsion*Ravager
Level 30: 1150 PowerCyclopsWizardMarauder*CaptainCenturionAbomination
Level 40: 1180 PowerHydraOgreHeavy ShankWizardColossusChieftain
Level 50: 1200 PowerPraetorian (VoG is coming back, why not?)Vanquisher + AdherentsBrigMinotaurThresherRavager
Level 60: 1220 PowerMinotaurKnightCaptainOgreIncendiorAbomination
Level 70: 1250 PowerWyvernShriekerServitorKnightPsion*Chieftain
Level 80: 1260 PowerCyclopsVanquisher + AdherentsMarauder*CenturionCenturionRavager
Level 90: 1280 PowerHydraWizardHeavy ShankChimeraColossusAbomination
Level 100: 1300 PowerPraetorianOgreBrigTecheun*ThresherFikrul*

* These bosses would be the reskinned strike bosses Thaviks, Sedia, Kargen, and The Fanatic, but they would have far more health and no immune/orb shield/disappearing mechanics.


After clearing Level 100, the boss order will simply reset, and with each consecutive set of 10 waves and a boss the power level will increase by 5. So, level 200 would be power level 1350.


Clear level 50 once a week: 2 Enhancement Prisms

Complete 3 runs per week: Pinnacle Gear

Clear level 100 once a week: Ascendant Shard

Clear level 100: Triggers an exotic quest

Planetary Materials:

Level 30Level 80
Fallen5 Glacial Stalwort25 Glacial Stalwort
Hive5 Helium Filaments25 Helium Filaments
Vex5 Microphastic Datalattice25 Microphastic Datalattice
Taken5 Bayron Bough25 Bayron Bough
Cabal5 Dusklight Shard25 Dusklight Shard
Scorn5 Etheric Spiral25 Etheric Spiral

Exotic Catalysts (These catalysts don't have to give already overpowered exotics an extra crazy perk, just the ability to make orbs and a minor stat buff.)

12% chance, Level 9015% chance, Level 90 (Hard Mode)
FallenQueenbreaker CatalystAnarchy Catalyst
HiveDeathbringer CatalystThorn Catalyst
VexBastion CatalystDivinity Catalyst
TakenMalfeasance CatalystOne Thousand Voices Catalyst
CabalHeir Apparent CatalystTarrabah Catalyst
ScornWavesplitter CatalystMonte Carlo Catalyst

The chest at the end of the encounter would include a slotting mechanic like the Cryptolith Lure, and the more rounds you have completed, the more specific weapon options, stat masterwork options, and perk inclusions/exclusions you have.

Why this should be implemented:

It would reward players for getting to high light levels more than just grandmaster NFs, Trials, or master lost sectors do.

– High replayability value, due to the randomization of the right factors in gameplay, and the RNG not being terrible.

– Six-person matchmade activities were the community's favorite seasonal activities.

– If there's enough good loot, people will want to farm specific rolls of these guns, and they'll play this activity for a longer amount of time instead of die on purpose after a certain point if clearing more levels meant more options for loot customizations.

– A lot of exotics don't have catalysts yet (even if the catalyst is just an orb-maker), and tying these catalysts to a fun seasonal activity where the RNG isn't terrible will just further people's motivation to play this.

– Imagine the hype that would be generated for the game when streamers start challenging each other to see who can get farther, and trying to break each others' records.

– Above all, it would be FUN. You could be the all-powerful alien slayer mowing down endless hordes of enemies you always wanted to be.

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