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destiny2 6 - Exotic Idea.

Weapon: Scorn Crossbow

1200px Crossbow - Exotic Idea.


Weapon Element: Void

Weapon Type: Scout Rifle? Bow?

Intrinsic Perk: Disdained Scorn

This weapon does more damage the less health an enemy has, and will highlight enemies under 50% health.

Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling

Magazine: Accurized Rounds

Perk; Fallen Down: This weapon gains increased damage after killing a Fallen or after killing Guardian below 15% health.

Charge Time: 800

Optimal TTK: Two Headshots

Optimal TTK with Fallen Down Active: 1 Headshot two Bodyshots

Range: Infinite Range

Accuracy: Very low; you'll have to be right on top of their head to count as a headshot.


Finished: What do you think? It would be pretty cool, since we don't have dregs promise, to get another Fallen Themed weapon. I'm thinking that after killing a Scorn Boss, such as any of the Barons, Ether Abominations, and such, you would have a really low percent (5%) chance of collecting a Flawed Weapon Piece, which would be the start of a quest. The first part would be: You found a strange piece of machinery on a scorn. Bring it to Spider to see its worth. After visiting Spider: The Spider takes a look at the weapon part, then says "This is what goes in the core of the scorn's Crossbows, but this one is pulsing with Dark Ether." He then suggests you bring it to Eris Morn, since Dark Ether was created from Darkness. After visiting Eris Morn: It seems the scorn want to create a weapon capable of putting a Guardian down without killing its Ghost. Stop them. Next step: Kill scorn to try to collect some data as to how many scorn have weapons such as this. After 500 scorn kills: From the scorn, you were able to piece together the location of the Manufacturers of the weapon pieces. After doing a mission where you go and kill some scorn, you find that there are still some weapons out in the general public. Killing some more scorn. After killing more scorn, this time powerful scorn, 100 of them, you find that there is one more group with these weapons. Now, you go to the place where the Last Word strike takes place and you find a group of scorn performing some kind of ritual on the bridge. After killing them, you hear a hive-y scream, and from the green mist underneath the bridge a great big hive wizard comes a flying. However, that's not all. From where the circle of Dark Ether ritual was, a great big Chieftain spawns holding a big scorn crossbow. The wizard and the chieftain do the EP thing where the wizard makes a green circle and the enemies get more damage or whatever, and they try to kill you. You kill them, go to Spider, he gives you crossbow. Done.

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