Destiny 2

Exotics In a Nutshell, By a Titan, in 2020.

destiny2 3 - Exotics In a Nutshell, By a Titan, in 2020.

Yes, I'm doing this again, and yes, I actually remembered all the fucking exotics this time.

Also, slash s.

Le primary shotgun has arrived.

Monte Carlo
Well, the bayonet doesn’t even look that sharp anyways…

SUROS Regime
Does anyone even use dual speed receiver? Like, actually?!

Sweet Business
Honestly it would be really cool if this was turned into an LMG

Hey, remember when this was good for like, two weeks?

Every time I see this weapon’s firing arc I’m reminded of how sad it was to find out this was the reward from the Corridors of Time thing.

We’re practically Taken at this point.

Ace of Spades
The only good 140, don’t quote me on that.

It’s not Red Death, guys, we swear it’s not.

Not Thorn.

Le Monarque
More thorn than not-thorn.

Ah!! Thorn!

…Was Thorn?

What if you wanted to go to heaven, but God said Sturm Overcharge (x99)?

The Last Word
The Big Iron, now on your hip.

Why aren’t all linear fusions special? I mean, seriously?!

Bad Juju
Criminally underrated.

Outbreak Perfected
So we went through all the trouble of getting it during Rise of Iron… and it wasn’t perfected then? What?!

Vigilance Wing
Season 3 of Destiny 2.

MIDA Multi-Tool
Season 1 of Destiny 2

The Jade Rabbit
Go ahead, use a green, uncommon quality scout rifle. I’m sure it would serve you better than… whatever this is.

The Chaperone
Plays a little weird for a sniper, but you’ll get used to it.

Rat King
We’re rats, we’re rats, we’re da rats! We prey at night, we stalk at night, we’re da rats!

Traveler’s Chosen
Imagine not currently being released. This post was made by every exotic except Traveler’s Chosen.

Izanagi’s Burden
So is it just like… cramming the bullets together? Or fusing them to make one, larger bullet?

The Huckleberry
Rootin, tootin, cowboy shootin’, with 200% more shootin’.

Hard Light
Ahhaha. Remember March and April? Ahahaha. Never again.

Tommy’s Matchbook
Masochists rejoice! Your Touch of Malice replacement is here!

Trinity Ghoul
Is the subject of the biggest glow up in history, ever.

I’m still not making a toaster joke. No way.


Mmmm sticky grapes

Fighting Lion
I mean, you kinda have to have a degree in geometry to make it work, but when it works… ohohooh when it works.

Eriana’s Vow
Scope + Hand Cannon = Special Ammo?

Fatebringer 2.


Graviton Lance
Kinda weird for a Scout Rifle. It almost feels as if it's a two-round burst…

Polaris Lance
Can we make this a 200rpm please? So it can be, like, insanely good?

Skyburner’s Oath
I feel like the actual version the Legionaries use is better than this hot garbage pile.

Lord of Wolves
Plays weird for a shotgun, but whatever.

Randy’s Throwing Knife, meet Thomas Swift’s Electric Rifle!

The Fourth Horseman
Go ahead. Shoot just one shell. I fucking dare you.

Devil’s Ruin
So they tried to release the Plasma Pistol and thought we wouldn’t notice, huh…

Ranibow Sprimkle.

Zhalo Supercell 2.

Recluse, but worse. Much worse.

So the question remains: Will this be Stasis in November?

Your penance is death. Bitch.

Prometheus Lens
Trials. December 2017. Who remember?

Ruinous Effigy
Who would’ve thought that turning enemies into my balls would be so fun?

Literal Earrape.

Leviathan’s Breath
Bikechain bow. Bikechain bow. Bikechain bow. BIKECHAIN BOW.

One Thousand Voices
So much for a “continuous beam of death”, this thing really needs a tuneup fr

Stick them to your teammates' sparrows. Do it.

The Colony
Introducing the brand-new, state of the art, sonar bug.

The Prospector
I like how Bungie fixed this weapon by just giving it all the fucking effects in the world.

Sleeper Simulant
It’s 2020, and… you’ll still probably kill yourself more than the enemies with this one.

The Queenbreaker
Shoutout to when this thing was ridiculous in Gambit for like, a hot minute.

Heir Apparent
“Nooooo you can’t just grind bounties and medals endlessly, that’s not content!!”
“Haha cabal spinny gun go brrrrr”

Bring Back Snowy Cosmodrome, pls.

The Wardcliff Coil
Not Gjallarhorn.

Not Gjallarhorn, but we’re getting there… maybe?

We’ve added back a fan-favorite rocket launcher from Destiny 1. It is, coincidentally, not Gjallarhorn.

Two-Tailed Fox
Nope. Still not Gjallarhorn.

Legend of Acrius
Hehhehehe the NUT cannon

Tractor Cannon
Lucio’s right click.

Funnily enough, one of the only ways to get reliable metrics for distances in this fucking game.

Whisper of the Worm
I miss this at its prime, man…

Black Talon
Daybreak, but now more affordable, and for all genders.

Worldline Zero
teleports behind you* its nothing personnel kid*

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