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Eyes of Tomorrow’s Deceptively Low DPS

destiny2 1 - Eyes of Tomorrow's Deceptively Low DPS

Not sure how many people have realized this yet, but Eyes of Tomorrow is not the DPS monster it was originally hyped to be. In fact, it isn't even the highest rocket launcher DPS in the game. This is because it seems to have an arbitrary ~50% damage reduction against raid bosses. I managed to drop it last night and took it into a few nightfalls. I was disappointed with the boss damage it was putting out, so I took it to Last Wish to do some damage testing. I was also very disappointed with the result on Kali, so I tried Riven as well just to see if it was some kind of strange interaction. I got the same results, but I saw Ehroar's video claiming it had very good damage so I took it to "Karl" myself and sure enough, it destroyed him just like in the video. So I recorded the damage numbers for One Thousand Voices and Eyes of Tomorrow on Kali, Riven, and Karl (Conduit lost sector boss on Nessus).

Eyes of Tomorrow3273642306121104
1K Voices341914417859582

So, taking a look at the damage ratios for 1K and Eyes of Tomorrow, we get:

Eyes of Tomorrow.27.35
1K Voices.57.74

As we can see, 1K is dealing about half the damage to Kali as it does to Karl, while Eyes of Tomorrow only deals around one quarter. The numbers for Riven are largely consistent. Essentially, Eyes of Tomorrow experiences a ~50% damage reduction against raid bosses. This has been shown on some lesser-watched youtube channels and is also corroborated in the DPS spreadsheet maintained by u/IAMADragonAMAA here:

The rest of this post will be my personal opinion: Without this damage reduction, Eyes of Tomorrow would be the #1 single-weapon option for DPS in the game by far. As it does indeed deal ~50% damage to raid bosses (and possibly other bosses as well), it is actually a VERY bad DPS weapon. It only barely out-DPS's a legendary rocket launcher with a god roll. I understand that not every weapon needs to be a DPS king, but this really undercuts the weapon to the point of near irrelevance in endgame PvE, particularly in raids. It would be better if the weapon were smoothed and had less extreme parity between different kinds of content. A raid exotic which excels at melting Public Event and Lost Sector bosses, but is specifically completely awful at killing raid(and I also believe nightfall) bosses of all kinds just doesn't make any sense. This specific and extreme reduction in the weapon's damage will forever ensure it is not taken into any encounter with a boss and as an exotic heavy, it will struggle to find a place even in other endgame PvE content.

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