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Factions and Foundries should make a comeback using the Umbral/Recaster/Obelisk/Bunker system.

destiny2 8 - Factions and Foundries should make a comeback using the Umbral/Recaster/Obelisk/Bunker system.

Hear me out

Updated Factions

You can earn umbrals (or the equivalent of umbrals) in a future season that can be redeemed by the Faction vendor that you are affiliated with. Those can be focused into anything in the past and future Faction pools.

The new vendor screens could be like the Obelisk/Bunker/Recaster in that you earn ranks, rewards for the ranks in forms of mods or buffs, and bounties that give you *extra currency and Faction rank.*extra currency and rank on top of what you earn as you play naturally so you don't feel forced to grab them.

Factions will return to their "always active" nature like in D1. Their focused engram types (like the improved arsenal focusing row) can rotate weekly just like Trails loot. A reward in the form of a cosmetic can be earned by maxing the weekly rank requirements.

ALSO, these new umbrals do not take up a spot in your prime engram stash. They always wait for you as you earn them at your pledged Faction vendor. You can have a Faction reputation item in your inventory that displays information of your rank and active rewards.

Foundry Weekly event

The foundry vendors could take the shape of Suros, Veist, Omolon, etc. Frames (think this was theorized a while ago based on some unconfirmed leaks.) These Frames could appear in the social space(s) as seasonal events; on rotation with events like Iron Banner, Fotl, Crimson Days, Dawning.

Bringing back the past foundry weapons from D1 and D2 as well as new weapons in a Weapon Crafting system. This system could take inspiration from the Menagerie crafting where you can shape the rewards based on how you defeat enemies and complete activities. Activity specific or Faction specific weapons will have to be earned by participating in the respective activity and/or pledging to the respective Faction while this event is active. This crafting can take the shape of an earned foundry voucher after the recipe requirements are met ie. if you want to craft a Suros HC with range MW than you have to headshot a number of enemies from a distance. This can be more forgiving than it sounds in the same way the Chalice had options in its recipes. You could even see a buff pop up on the left of your screen when your kill met the requirements.


Along with this event could come with a participation ticket. In the same vain as the FotL masks, you can opt into the event that changes how you earn things within that week. Activating the ticket could alter the engrams/loot you earn from enemies such as auto-dismantling rare engrams into the events currency. Currencies that you would normally get are set aside in favor of the foundry's donations. Instead of forcing players back to the tower because of full inventories, they can just be applied to the vendor screen as well as the participation ticket (like legendary shards or glimmer.)

This loop would play out like so:

  1. Grab a participation ticket from the Suros Vending Frame.
  2. Using the ticket you specify that you want to earn a Suros hand cannon with a range mw.
  3. You then fire up the Crucible playlist and equip a Nature of the Beast HC.
  4. While participating in pvp, you earn foundry currency that helps you to redeem weapon vouchers.
  5. After a couple matches and enough precision kills, you are rewarded with a Suros HC voucher.
  6. You redeem your voucher with the Suros vendor and are rewarded with a rr Annual Skate with a range mw.
  7. After turning in this voucher you see that you've ranked up the vendor allowing you to pursue two active vouchers at a time. *this rank for each foundry remains consistent throughout the season.

*An example of an earnable seasonal pinnacle buff for a vendor could be "Any Suros weapon can make progress on your active vouchers." A lot like the clan buff system.

Just a thought as I wait for BL. I didn't edit it so it may sound a bit janky, but my heart is in the right place.

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