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Fallen Brig Brigade Triumph Guide for Beginners!

destiny2 10 - Fallen Brig Brigade Triumph Guide for Beginners!

Hey There! I know there are probably other guides there but i just wanted to make a condensed one to explain everything you need to know to complete the triumph .. Okay Let's Start!

So.. To get this triumph you need to kill 50 BRIGS (Fallen Mechs) in a public event on europa called ( Crux Convergence )


  • First thing you need to know is, YOU HAVE TO DO IT IN A FIRETEAM , one teammate is enough though you don't have to be in a complete fireteam. If you can't find anyone to help, try bungie's LFG system.
  • Second Thing, you have to put damage to EACH Single brig – if you couldn't kill it-, to make the kills count towards the progress of this triumph. Few bullets would do it!
  • each event gives you 3 Brigs if done normally and 4 if made Heroic ( Explanation on that coming below).


Now let's get to the specifics:

You can find this public events on the three regions of EUROPA.
DkSSoGL - Fallen Brig Brigade Triumph Guide for Beginners!

This is a map of the public event spawns in the regions. When you open the map check the locations to see if the event active is this event or not, other events spawn in a different location in every area.

Also, Here is the flag locations on each area so you know this event from the flag's place.

Eventide Ruins

I8yzJYd - Fallen Brig Brigade Triumph Guide for Beginners!

Cadmus Ridge

E8a7sA0 - Fallen Brig Brigade Triumph Guide for Beginners!

Asterion Abyss


Important Note: After doing few of these events you'll have a dry spell of this specific event and you'll have other events spawn in the regions, you should know the difference between them from the map and flag locations by now, if that happens simply just log out of them game and log back in and the event should spawn for you again. Depends on your RNG gods, but i used to get 4 to 5 Crux events back to back before the dry spell.



For the mechanics of this event its pretty easy, there will be a ship of fallen once you kill them they'll spawn THREE MECHS -that you can't damage just yet- and three triangles. all you need to do is stand below each triangle, in the indicated circled area, and there will be counter to 100. you need to be standing there until it reaches 100, after that one of the Mechs shield will go down and you will be able to damage it. and thats it! you completed the event … BUT ..


If you want a Fourth one, and you have to be a little above 1220 power to handle this, here is how you do it.

While you are scanning the triangles, EACH one will have
Sss2PcY - Fallen Brig Brigade Triumph Guide for Beginners!

Drones flying around it (look up!). You need to shoot them all, you should see around 3-4 drones above each triangle. Pay attention to all of them and make sure you hit them all! But if you miss ONE the next triangle will have an additional drone. MAKE SURE to try and hit these drones from outside the circle so you have enough time to hit them all, because when your counter hits hundred they'll disappear with the triangle.

After you hit the last drone on the last triangle you should have a golden prompt that says Heroic Event, And a GIANT MECH should appear. Kill him and your Done!



Hand Cannons For Drones. (If you got good aim)

Swords for Brigs. (either Falling Guillotine or The Lament would shred them, even the big one.)


Okay. so thats how you do it!


If you're doing it heroic and getting all 4 of them you need about 13 Public events.

And if you're aiming for 3 then you'll need about 17 events.


Sorry for the essay long guide here but i wanted to make sure it was thorough and clear! and sorry if i made it look time consuming and hard, it's not hard, yes time consuming maybe. I've done it from 0 kills to 50 in about 3-4 hours.


Anyways! Good Luck with your hunt for triumphs.. and see you starside. -sorry, had to do it-

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