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Fallen raids are some of the craziest raids in destiny’s history and are in my opinion favorite

destiny2 3 - Fallen raids are some of the craziest raids in destiny’s history and are in my opinion favorite

These raids are some of the most fun filled raids that I can tell to date when it comes to atmosphere to the loot these raids really it home to me

First, Atmosphere: The atmosphere of these raids is quite different compared to most raids. Other raids like vex and hive raids take to what feels like a whole new reality while fallen raids are modest and take you to pre-established locations from the golden age to the last city. WOTM takes us to the wall where we see the first glimpses besides the first missions and the khvostov quest and we see it’s archaic insides. SOP brings us to a abandoned part of the last city, giving more character to a place barely explored since the end of the red war. Finally DSC brings us to a place that has been hinted at for YEARS being the deep stone crypt, the birthplace of the exos, allowing you to see a glimpse into the past and how advanced they were

Second, encounters: phenomenal and exciting for many of these, with probably one of if not the greatest encounter in destiny’s history and a encounter that still defined one of these raids, these are great

WOTM has you face vosik where even though his mechanics are quite easy the wipe method is creative since it’s very subtle unless someone’s paying attention and it’s overall very fair. But death zamboni, that is probably the best encounter in my opinion. You are atop the wall where you clear ads till you see it activate, then you know what’s really going on. You shoot his cannons and core and climb onto the massive thing ramming into the top barriers of the wall. Now needing to be fixed because of our reckless driving, we grab the three parts while someone returns to the machine to kill the engineer. You all return and fix the vehicle, jumping off to send it off one last time. You then encounter the only raid types that do this for the most part, aksis phase 1. Battling through waves of shanks captains and servitors to prevent your team from being wiped you now fight the arachnid mess, aksis phase 2, which has the boss TELEPORTING around the arena and attacking as he so pleases till you remove his shield and only the people bless with empowerment to slam dunk his butt and secure that damage phase.


I could explain all of them but the only encounters that can match the craziness and deserve the credit are SRL 2, being sent to space mid fight so that you can continue it, and literally preventing an entire moons destruction

Third, Loot: now all the raids have loot that fits the theme of the enemies. Vex raids have the brass looking weapons that fit their exterior, hive have these sort of dark-magic weaponry, some even comprising of flesh and bone, last wish differs because it’s a taken raid but based on location, the astral theme fits. And the cabal emperor gives us his personal arsenal to wield, giving its more regal look. But fallen weapons do differ a lot compared to them. Fallen are thieves and scavengers and so it fits that their raid weapons fit this theme. All the raid weapons in fallen raids are location based and not race based (besides anarchy) with the WOTM weapons being scavenged weapons from the city’s main gun manufacturers turned siva due to there exposure inside the raid. SOP being weapons raided from the black armory vault. Finally DSP being stolen from the facility itself it seems with its high tech looks

And all the raid exotics, you can’t lie, don’t disappoint Outbreak prime, a true quest for a powerful weapon which would see it’s triumphant return in destiny 2 but from its prime it’s reached perfection

Anarchy, the rare drop from SOP is one of if not the best exotics in destiny 2

And eyes of tomorrow, a rare drop from DSC being compared to the most famous/ infamous exotic in the franchises history makes it something to behold

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

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