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FAQ — Shadowkeep, Cross Save, Free to Play, and more

destiny2 10 - FAQ — Shadowkeep, Cross Save, Free to Play, and more

Hey everyone, with the recent barrage of information about how Destiny is going to be changing in the coming months, we've been getting a lot of repeat questions. This thread aims to have one place to have these questions hopefully answered and to discuss this information. The following questions will also be added to our Official FAQ, but for now this will help to converge the discussion to one place.

Please keep all discussion about specific questions about any of this new information here. All repeat questions involving topics about any of this will be removed for now.


Important Links:

  • Shadowkeep - FAQ — Shadowkeep, Cross Save, Free to Play, and more
    Shadowkeep Bungie Site, and where to pre-order
  • PCMove - FAQ — Shadowkeep, Cross Save, Free to Play, and more
    Information about Platform Transfer
  • WVk4PkTG99o - FAQ — Shadowkeep, Cross Save, Free to Play, and moreThe ViDoc about all of this information

Can I start cross-save now? Is the game free to play now? Should I start changing from Battlenet to Steam? Help me please I'm scared

The new free to play system and cross-save will go live September 17 with the launch of Shadowkeep. We currently do not have complete information on any of these topics, but for now there is no need to worry. More will be revealed in the future, but again, it is not going live now.

What is becoming free to play?

When New Light, the free to play system for Destiny 2 launches in September, the following things will be totally free for everyone to jump into:

  • The base campaign + all of the base game
  • All of Curse of Osiris and Warmind
  • Every single planet as a patrollable area to do bounties on and explore — the Moon, Dreaming City, Tangled Shore, and all DLC
  • All of the Crucible
  • Every strike
  • All Year 1 Raids
  • Full access to Gambit
  • Any updates that are for all players (not Annual Pass/Shadowkeep owners)

I have Destiny 2 on Battlenet now. Am I going to lose all my progress or have to rebuy expansions when the game transfers to Steam?

No, and no. This will be a gradual process, as stated in the above Bungie page about Platform transfer, but you will, of course, keep all of your progress and absolutely not have to rebuy anything that you already own. DO NOT PRE-ORDER SHADOWKEEP ON STEAM IF YOU ALREADY OWN THE GAME ON THE BATTLENET LAUNCHER. You will be able to transfer everything there without paying that money.

When I pre-order Shadowkeep on Steam, what am I getting?


Buying Shadowkeep on Steam, again, is a fresh start that people that own the game on Battlenet DO NOT have to buy. With your purchas of Shadowkeep on Steam, you will get all Year 1 content, however you will not get Forsaken or any year 2 content. The Digital Deluxe version includes the Season Passes for all of the seasons that will follow Shadowkeep, and is the equivalent of buying Forsaken + the Annual Pass of Year 2.

Should I get into this game now?

As we state in our FAQ, the choice to get back into the game, or to start, is up to you, not the community, and it is best to do your own research to see if the game interests you. If you're on the fence about starting the game, it wouldn't hurt to wait until everything listed above becomes free.

Will I need Forsaken to play Shadowkeep?

No, owning Forsaken is not required for any of year 3.

Where can I buy Forsaken now? The Annual Pass? It seems to have disappeared from x online shop.

Here, however Bungie currently has Forsaken bundled into a $40 purchase that includes all of year 1 as a complete edition. There does not currently seem to be another way to buy it. The Annual Pass is purchasable from the same link above.

When cross-save becomes available, am I going to have to rebuy all of the game and DLC that I already own on the next platform?

This is currently unknown. They did talk shortly about that you cannot have one platform that has DLC y and one platform that has DLC x and combine them, which implies that you will have to rebuy them, but there is also some evidence to support that you will not have to rebuy everything. In the end, we do not know, and we will learn more about this in the future. This screenshot from the ViDoc gives us some more information about how it might work, but it is again in beta and we do not know for sure.

Can I get a refund since the game is becoming free to play?

No. Your reward for buying the game is that you got to play it over the past 18 months. Bungie has not announced any special 'rewards' for anyone that purchased anything that will become free, but they very well could.

Feel free to ask any more questions below and any other discussion about this. If you think I missed something I will happily add it. Thanks!

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