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For anyone looking to complete Conqueror this season…

destiny2 6 - For anyone looking to complete Conqueror this season...

So tonight me and my two buddies finally did all the GM Nightfalls to earn Conqueror, not caring so much to do so last season except for farming Lake of Shadows until we had it done to a science. Plus memes.

So I decided that I wanted to make a simple text guide to sort of guide anyone looking to complete the seal. Since we'll be getting a chance at gilded versions next season.

I should first point out by saying that there are videos doing a lot better, in depth, nightfall to nightfall guides and this is a just a simple guide made by someone who isn't that super hardcore. I just played a lot and for a long time. So with that out of the way, let's begin:

The Fireteam, Build, and Weapons

These six nightfalls are honestly a bit annoying to just steamroll through with 3 Well Warlocks and while you can, probably, it'll be a slog. For most of these nightfalls I would advise one Titan, either using Middle or Top Tree Void with Ursa and Helm of Saint-14 respectively. One Warlock running Well of Radiance using Phoenix Protocol. And One Hunter either running Revenant with Mask of Bakris or Celestial Golden Gun.

You may run Double Revenant Hunter and one Well Warlock (who I will just call Wellock from now on). And in some strikes *cough* Broodhold *cough* A titan and a wellock actually are a bit redundant and you can stomp through with three hunters. The freeze stasis provides is extremely powerful in taking care of all three champion types.

Wellocks are a bit self explanatory and Bubble Titan is a no brainer, but Middle Tree Titan with Ursa lets you chain supers back and forth to maximize safety. Just remember to guard outside of a well. If you are inside of a well while blocking, there's like a 50/50 chance Ursa will either refund you super energy or not. The order should be Banner Shield into Well right as it finishes, with the Hunter tossing their super out as well to make use of the orbs the Titan is spitting out.

With amazing super chaining such as above, Radiant Light and Powerful Friends are the foundations for a Charged with Light build which you can either go with High-Energy Fire or Protective Light so you don't get one-tapped. If you don't have any of these…..Yeah I got nothing on that. Warmind cells builds are…okay. And I only used it one strike.

And finally, weapons. Grab yourself a good Kinetic Sniper (Succession from the raid or Long Shadow) a pulse rifle for Barrier (Anything that can roll Disruption Break. I suggest Stars and Shadows.) A handcannon for Unstoppable and a Scout Rifle that has Explosive Payload for Overload. The season mods that give Solar/Stasis grenades the ability to stun champions is amazing along with Surge Eater. If the strike has Overloads everyone should run Surge Eater, it's free.99 grenades. Also, resist mods on your chest piece are your best friend. That you wanna marry. I think I would have died a lot more then I did (and it was a lot) without them.

For Exotics I really can't advise entering a GM without Anarchy. If 2/3 of you have it, I'd say that's fine but less then that there'd be issues. Eriana's is what I'd advise for one person to run for just Scarlet Keep and then Xenophage for The Disgraced.

So with that, let me run down the strikes really quick from what I deemed the easiest to the hardest. Keep in mind in GM's you have 45 minutes now before the darkness encroaches and you lose ALL your res tokens.

The Inverted Spire

Lots of Champions (Barrier/Unstoppables) but honestly me and my team died more to us being stupid then anything being that hard about the strike itself. The boss also melts compared to other GM's and there's no champions in that boss room if you're aiming for Platinum.

Broodhold (aka the one you wanna farm) –

You can do this with Triple Revenant. It only goes above Inverted Spire because the boss is meatier and has some nasty OHK attacks, you can efficiently go through it and do it in around 15 minutes and…well, we've been doing Inverted since D2 was in beta. You'll sleep through that one even as a GM, this one requires you to be awake.


Exodus Crash –

Looks scary, but with super chaining and being VERY careful in the opening section the strike really boils down to 2 rooms. The plate room and the boss room. Everything else is a joke. Stand behind the plate after activating and chain supers correctly and eliminate targets as a team. Boss room hug the left side by those boxes and maximize up time on Banner Shield when the boss is up and VOMIT Anarchy bolts like your lives depended on it.

The Disgraced

This strike is long with Vandal Snipers and Boomer Knights that can 1-tap you and destroy you behind cover respectively. And just…a lot of ads and in GM's basic redbars need more bullets to kill, don't get me started on majors. The boss herself is a SPONGE and that final room is a death trap if you don't know where to stand. On this end words won't do you well, I highly suggest watching a video. This is also where I recommend the Titan on your team, or whoever I suppose, do what I did and run the 7th Seraph's Officer Revolver, Adored, and Xenophage with a Warmind Cell build, spawning cells off Xeno's damage paired with Wrath of the Warmind and Global Reach. (Shout out to Aztecross on that one)

The Glassway

The boss room is the entire difficulty of this strike. The time it takes to get to there is how long you'll be there and more, on average. Dying there is the worst and the boss can pretty much kill you as quick as any other if it locks onto you. I've found the left room the best to hold out in compared to the right, and honestly…try this out on a Master first to get used to it. That's my best advice. This was the last strike for me and my friends and we did it first try. Unlike…the last.

Scarlet. Keep. –

Let me say the worst part of this strike is the same as Glassway. Wiping at the boss room is a kick in the nuts but in Glassway's case it's about a 15/20 minute trip. Scarlet Keep? You'll be reaching the boss at MAYBE 28, if you ran Golden Gun like we did burning a Champ/Wizard. (Mind you Golden Gun does only HALF to a Champion when stunned. Yes, with a Crit and wearing Celestial.) I, as the Middle Tree Titan, ran the same Seraph officer Revolver, Eriana's and a SAW LMG for Arc but didn't bother with a warmind cell build. Double Unstoppable handcannon is safer then one and Eriana's takes three shots to break a Barrier Champ's shields. But let me tell you, Hash will be the end of your fireteam. Sure, as my friend put it, you can just do it 'safely' by grating enough

on that boss to kill her if she was lactose intolerant but after failing that way and my legit way working, just do it legit. It'd feel better once you kill her. Just watch out for her floor AoE, that modifier that increases knockback damage and distance is literally just for that. Yes, you will die being splattered against the wall OR being yeeted out of the Keep from the back.

And that wraps that up. I hope this was somewhat useful to someone and if not, I did rank the GM Nightfalls and am more then welcome to discuss other thoughts. It's ranked based on my basis's and how I felt doing them at the time.

And hey if anything, just farm Broodhold. Get those sweet, sweet golfballs to prepare for next season.

Edit 1: While responding to a comment I completely forgot to put in the loadout section that at least one person should have Spoils of War equipped. The season mod that'll generate heavy ammo when you finisher a Champion. Very helpful.

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