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For those of a morbid curiosity, here’s a list of (basically) every weapon that will be usable next season in end game/challenging activities

destiny2 3 - For those of a morbid curiosity, here's a list of (basically) every weapon that will be usable next season in end game/challenging activities

I was bored waiting for squadmates, so out of curiosity as to how much gear is being tossed for… admittedly not very well substantiated reasons, and the results were.. interesting to say the least. For this list i've listed all retained weapons, consigned to sunset (yes even if a new copy exists, this is because the original weapon is listed as a unique weapon and often has a different curated roll or static roll/stats), and retained/sunset pinnacles.

as an aside if you're not interested in the names of each and just want the total weapons, please see the bottom of each section for a summary or the bottom of the post for a grand total. Also exotics blues whites and greens are excluded as they are either irrelevant or exempt**

second note some prophecy weapons/IB weapons may be missing from dawn, to my memory there were no remakes of a number of them, please correct me if i missed one and i'll happily check and update**

Primary ammo weapons.

Auto rifles

  • summoner
  • Uriel's gift (Worthy)
  • Age old Bond
  • reckless oracle
  • gnawing hunger (arrivals)
  • Seventh Seraph Carbine
  • False Promises
  • Forward path (arrivals)
  • Steelfeather repeater

Scout rifles

  • The Scholar
  • Talons of the Eagle (worthy)
  • Patron of Lost Causes
  • Night watch (Arrivals)
  • Transfiguration

Pulse Rifles

  • Cold Denial
  • Sacred Provenance
  • Infinite paths 9 (dawn)
  • Chattering bone
  • Last Perdition

Hand Cannons

  • Nation of Beasts
  • Ikelos HC (arrivals)
  • Ancient gospel
  • Seventh Seraph officer revovler
  • Dire promise (worthy)
  • True Prophecy (worthy)
  • The Old Fashioned (dawn)
  • Crimil's dagger (arrivals)
  • Nature of the beast (arrivals)

Sub Machineguns

  • Death Adder (arrivals)
  • Escape Velocity (worthy)
  • Ikelos SMG (arrivals)
  • Seventh Seraph VY-7


  • Lonesome (Arrivals)
  • Buzzard
  • Breachlight
  • Last hope (dawn)
  • Seventh Seraph SL-2
  • The Fool's remedy (arrivals)


  • Accrued redemption
  • Arsenic bite-4b (arrivals)
  • Whispering slab
  • Point of the stag (worthy)
  • Tyranny of heaven

Primaries Total

Auto rifles; 9 retained, 35 regular legendaries consigned, 1 pinnacle consigned

Scout rifles; 5 retained, 2 pinnacles consigned, 32 regular legendaries consigned

Pulse Rifles; 5 retained, 1 (2 if you count the alternate version) pinnacle consigned, 33 regular legendaires consigned

Hand Cannons; 9 hand cannons retained, 1 (2 if you include alternate versions) pinnacle consigned, 36 regular legendaries consigned

SMGs; 4 retained. 2 pinnacles consigned, 11 regular legendaries consigned

Sidearms; 5 retained, 5 consigned, 1 pinnacle retained

Bows; 4 retained, 1 pinnacle retained, 1 pinnacle consigned, 3 regular legendaries consigned

Total regular primaries consigned; 155

Total pinnacles consigned; 9 (11 with alternate versions)

Total regular legendaries retained; 41

Total pinnacles retained; 2

Total consigned; 164(166) Total retained; 43


Special ammo weapons


  • Astral Horizon
  • First in last out (arrivals)
  • Felwinter's lie
  • Ikelos SG (arrivals)
  • Perfect Paradox
  • Prophet of doom
  • Python
  • Hawthornes Feild forged (dawn)
  • Toil and trouble (arrivals)

Grenade launchers

  • Truth teller
  • Orewing's maul
  • Martyr's retribution

Fusion rifles

  • main ingredient
  • Techuen's force
  • Zealot's reward
  • Gallant charge
  • Timeline's vertex
  • hollow words
  • exile's curse
  • elatha fr4

Sniper rifles

  • eye of sol
  • Ikelos SR (arrivals)
  • the supremacy
  • long shadow (arrivals)
  • bite of the fox (arrivals)
  • omniscient eye
  • widow's bite (Arrivals)
  • trophy hunter

energy weapons total

Shotguns; 8 Retained, 1 pinnacle retained, 9 regular legendaries consigned

grenade launchers; 3 retained, 1 pinnacle consigned, 2 regular legendaries consigned


Fusion Rifles; 8 retained, 1 pinnacle consigned, 18 regular legendaries consigned

Sniper rifles 8 retained, 1 pinnacle consigned, 30 regular legendaires consigned

total regular legndaries consigned; 59

total pinnacles consigned; 3

total legendaries retained; 27

total pinnacles retained; 1

total retained; 28 total consigned; 62


Heavy weapons


  • Honor's edge (worthy)
  • Steel sybill z-14 (arrivals)
  • Temptations hook
  • Falling guillotine
  • negative space (Arrivals)

Heavy grenade launchers

  • Swarm of the raven (Arrivals
  • Interference VI (worthy)
  • Bergner's memory (arrivals)
  • Outrageous Fortune (Arrivals)

Rocket launchers

  • Apex Predator
  • Shining sphere (Arrivals)
  • Tomorrow's answers
  • pyroclastic flow
  • hoosegow (arrivals)
  • Mos Epoich III (dawn)
  • Bad omens (arrivals)

Linear Fusion rifles

  • Komodo-4fr
  • Line in the sand

Machine guns

  • Seventh seraph SAW

Swords; 5 retained, 6 unique swords consigned, 12 legendaries consigned

Heavy grenade launchers; 4 retained, 1 pinnacle consigned, 16 regular legendaries consigned

Rocket launchers; 7 retained, 18 consigned

Linear fusion rifles; 1 retained, 1 pinnacle retained, 5 consigned

MG's; 1 retained, 2 pinnacles consigned, 5 consigned

Total legendaries Retained; 18

Total Pinnacles retained; 1

Total Legendaries consigned; 56

Total total pinnacles Consigned; 3

Total retained; 19 Total Consigned; 59


Grand totals

Total pinnacles retained; 4

Total Pinnacles Consigned; 15 (17 with alts)

Total regular legendaries retained; 86

Total regular legendaries Consigned; 238

Total weapons; 343 (345)

Total Retained; 90

Total Sunset; 253 (255)



So, here's my thoughts on the matter;

Having looked through and counted our collections reasonably thoroughly, two immediate thoughts come to mind. One "god they really did just flood us with weapons to try and appease us in the early days" and Two "holy crap there's barely anything left that's unique."

And while i'm somewhat glad to be rid of Y1 clutter… when i realize that every forsaken/shadowkeep/half the season pass weapons are either expiring or soon to expire after this huge wave of sunset items…. so much emphasis was put on "get level 100 in the season pass!" during these seasons to see all that hard work tossed aside is just… aggravating is putting it nicely… the way i'd prefer to put and describe the people who thought it acceptable would just get this moderator flagged immediately for rule 1.

Before i turn it over to you all to discuss and speculate please keep in mind

  1. yes i know new weapons are coming, you can save that tired old argument for a post about weapon diversity/quality, this post my personal closing thoughts aside, is purely about how many of each are retained.
  2. this post does not include sunset ornaments, too many and i dont have them all and really don't want to go looking for them, you're free to though and link me, i'd love to read about it.
  3. the bulk of sunset weapons are mostly red war/early d2 weapons which.. i have mixed feelings on as many of them are phenomenal items that have few counterparts…. or did in forasken and are being sunset
  4. i'm very, very, very well aware that these weapons can still be used in patrol, legacy strikes, and regular pvp, and i really don't care, it has no relevance to this post as this post is only about weapons being retired from light weighted activities, and i'm just going to reference this closing if i bother to respond to it at all.

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