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Gambit Prime, resetting Infamy and getting 21% Delirium – thoughts from the solo queue

destiny2 6 - Gambit Prime, resetting Infamy and getting 21% Delirium - thoughts from the solo queue

I’ve always quite liked Gambit, but generally in small doses – couple of games at a time or it started to get a bit stale. I played a fair bit more than I wanted to last season to get Breakneck and Malfeasance, so even though this season heavily focuses on it, I really wanted to avoid it. Last week I decided that I had to have 21% Delirium, so it was time to suck it up and and just play the damn mode. I’ve only ever played gambit solo, had only really done Prime for my weeklies (although I knew the mechanics properly) and therefore expected to have a rough time. I didn’t. It’s was actually pretty quick, frustration free and fun. Here’s what a filthy casual who plays for a couple of hours most days learned (on the off chance anyone cares/finds this useful):

  • Bungie’s balancing of solo blueberries vs teams seems to‘ve worked pretty well – most of the time I’d only get paired against (never with!) 2 stacks, which was pretty easy to run against, but most of the 4 stacks I went up against folded against my motley crew of solo players. Rarely saw a full on sweaty 4 stack – they presumably get paired with other 4 stacks.
  • Most people run very odd weapons – I’d always inspect all players while the game loaded. So many people running bows, year 1 weapons, sidearms, weird shit. Even though in places like Reddit, people love a bit of optimal DPS, the real world seems to just want to play the game and have fun – even in Prime.
  • I ran meta weapons and it really helped – a Feeding Frenzy/Rampage Blast Furnace for ad clearing, Jotunn/Telesto for dealing with invaders and majors (it absolutely destroys Envoys), Outrageous Fortune with spike grenades for boss DPS. I don’t think I’m the best player, but generally I’d end up top of my team in ads cleared, blockers cleared, motes collected and boss damage. LMGs are good for invading and ad clearing, but terrible for boss DPS, so a high DPS special weapon is necessary to give you options (and ammo). Double primaries are just a bad idea sad you’ve got nothing to hit the big lad with. Invade with a sniper if you’re good with them, otherwise I’ll drop you with Jotunn while you’re hard scoping.
  • Most people don’t run gambit armour – I didn’t bother as the perks on the pieces that dropped for me didn’t outweigh all of the perks on my normal set (ammo finders, traction etc). When people do run a full set, respect it. If they’re a collector, let them collect, if they’re an invader, the portal is theirs. The only ones that seemed to give a huge advantage were Invader (OP overshield and mote draining) and reaper.
  • Don’t bank too early – easy to coordinate with a team, but if you’re solo, just hope your lot have a similar idea and keep an eye on them. Mote draining is really effective, so let the other team bank first and them try and drop at least two meaty blockers at the same time to steal from them. Keep an eye on the invasion marker – if the bar gets close to that, just bank.
  • Unless you’re playing catch up – tickle the boss for at least 3 phases. The primeval phase is the bit that really gives a coordinated team a huge advantage, but you can make your life easier as a solo player if you just don’t get impatient. Run clockwise around the map deleting envoys with Jotunn (2 shots each) and get your slayer stacks up – don’t waste heavy for the first few goes as it’ll have very little impact and an invader can easily undo your hard work. Don’t even worry about invaders ruining your progress too much – the stacks are what you’re after, not actual damage. Get the shield down asap and take out the invader with your Jotunn (this gun is so useful) and move on to the next round. *Melt the boss at the right time – delete the first two envoys and then ideally deal with the invader before taking out the last one, so you don’t get interrupted. If someone lays down a rift, or melting points the boss, great, but you don’t have to have it to win. A few slayer stacks and a full load of spike grenades and you can pretty much take the boss out solo.
  • If you’re looking for infamy, do ALL of the daily and weekly bounties. Most of them just complete naturally from playing, some require annoying things (seriously, forcing people to use a sidearm for 25 kills is just bad for the game – although i did discover that I love Lonesome), but none of them are too hard and them ones that require activities outside of Gambit are handy if you just want a break. You’ll progress much faster than just hoping for wins – especially on the last rank as from 12000-15000 you get zero points for a loss.
  • In game weapon drops are still frustratingly rare – every game I’ve played, I’ll get as mid match synth – this is where the curated guns have a chance to drop and I’ve NEVER seen one. Got a fair few end of game shotguns, sidearms and SMGs, but nothing else.
  • 21%. Delirium seems pretty worth it. Lots of fun with the perks and higher rate of fire (although it does kick a fair bit on console – need to grab a counterbalance mod to put on it). For the reset you also get a curated Trust which is pretty rubbish, although i did get a drop mag/zen moment/dragonfly Trust to drop when i maxed out legend, which is bloody amazing.
  • Prime bounties should NOT drop normal Gambit stuff – it’s really disheartening, especially if you only have shite rolls of the hand-cannon.

Edit: also, BANK YOUR FUCKING MOTES. The amount of times people ignore the Drifter going nuts and then lose their motes to an invader is ridiculous. When you’ve got enough for the Primeval, drop everything and get to the bank.

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