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Getaway Artist warlock exotic has a hidden perk – Arc Soul hits recharge your grenade. [+more info]

destiny2 7 - Getaway Artist warlock exotic has a hidden perk - Arc Soul hits recharge your grenade. [+more info]

Armor's exotic perk is only described as "Dynamic Duo. Convert your Arc Grenade into a supercharged Arc Soul". But it also has a hidden perk, which causes hits with projectiles from an Arc Soul to recharge your grenade faster. Hits, not kills. So shooting a boss or an ultra will still make your nade recharge faster. Just for an example, at 6 Discipline, hitting a simulated ogre will recharge your grenade to full, 2 seconds before Arc Soul runs out (and the total damage will be slightly less than a half of ogre's hp).

This works on all 3 warlock arc skill trees, and Arc Souls created by bottom tree's rift also get this bonus, when the exotic is equipped.
Also, even though Arc Souls created with a rift aren't called "Sentient", when Getaway Artist is equipped, they're functionally identical to the ones created by the grenade, ie they shoot 6 times instead of 3 and have a shorter delay between bursts.

Additional Info:
1) To elaborate even further, casting a rift and creating an arc soul, stepping out of it and switching to Getaway Artist will upgrade your Arc Soul to a superior version instantly. Respectively, removing Getaway Artist after creating a grenade Arc Soul will downgrade it to a weaker version instantly as well.

2) Note that the damage per projectile is always the same between exotic/non-exotic version of Arc Soul, but the exotic one shoots more times in a burst and has a shorter delay between bursts (I also believe they fly faster).


3) Arc Soul will only start shooting when the target's center is within around 83 FOV in-front of the player for bigger targets and around 70 for smaller targets (if your FOV setting is lower, Arc Soul will appear to shoot to off screen, or, if higher, appear to not shoot a target which is clearly visible to you). Casting a super or using a sword increases Arc Soul's target acquisition angle, but emoting or casting a rift doesn't.
—–the fov values might be different for other people, I'm not completely sure how that target acquisition works, but you get the idea.
—–x2 also, forgot to mention, if you face the target, and then turn away after Arc Soul has started firing, the whole burst will still be shot at the target, even if it's behind you, but no more bursts will be fired before you face the target again.
—–x3 on the unrelated noted, bottom arc's Electrostatic Surge is quirky: it increases the duration for both Empowering and Healing rifts to 20, but the former shows a default 14 second timer and when it hits 0:00, it still works for the next 6 seconds, showing a 0:00 time. The latter shows the proper time. Both of them refresh Arc Soul's timer only for the first 14 seconds of the rift.

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