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Give us a way to focus Eververse Engrams like how we did with the Umbral Decoder in Season of Arrivals

destiny2 1 - Give us a way to focus Eververse Engrams like how we did with the Umbral Decoder in Season of Arrivals

There’s so many things in the Eververse Engrams that it’s actually insane how I will always somehow get a ship transmat or ghost projection

“But Gator!” I hear you cry out. “This will only hurt Bungie and hurt the player base!” To that I reply, “will it?”

No actually. Bungie can continue to sell random archived items. They can also sell items that ARE NOT in the Eververse Engrams. They can sell current season items in Eververse too so they can still earn silver. Hell, they can sell some of the items in the Eververse Engram too if they wanna make some money or players are just wanting to pay in silver.

So why not fix it? As far as I’m concerned, lots of new players hopped into the game in Beyond Light. That’s 11 season’s worth of Eververse items they missed out and probably would’ve bought. Well, why not drop a new Eververse Engram Decoder to help get the new players get some shiny looking ornaments, Collectors finish their Collections, and Fashion Guardians finally getting that perfect look.

Now judging by what you want from the Engrams will depend on the cost, list from what I believe would be least expensive to the most expensive.








EXOTIC ARMOR ORNAMENTS Hunter -Helmet -Arms -Chest -Legs

Titan -Helmet -Arms -Chest -Legs

Warlocks -Helmet -Arms -Chest -Legs

EXOTIC WEAPON ORNAMENT -Primary -Special -Heavy

A prime example: say you got some fat Bright Dust laying around. You got an Eververse Engram after leveling up the Season Pass. You go to Tess and pop that Engram in the Decoder. You had your mind set on the Panama Ravine ornament after completing the Chaperon Quest. You scroll through and spend 1,000 Bright Dust for a guaranteed Exotic Weapon Ornament. Now you know the Chaperone is an exotic special weapon. So you spend 1500 Bright Dust to get a guaranteed Exotic SPECIAL weapon ornament. So say you want to focus on Chaperone itself instead of accidentally getting a goddamn Arbalest Ornament. You then spend another 1500 Bright Dust to guarantee an Exotic Special Weapon Ornament that belongs to Chaperone. There’s now three ornaments. “Ain’t My First Rodeo”, “Guardian Angel”, and “Panama Ravine”. If you don’t have any of the ornaments, then for 4000 Bright Dust, you’ll get a random Chaperone Ornament guaranteed. What if you’re a picky guardian and only want the “Panama Ravine” ornament. You can then spend another 1000 bright dust to get the specific ornament as a guaranteed drop. So for a fat total of 5000 Bright Dust, you’ll get the “Panama Ravine” Chaperone Ornament.


What about armor? Well then my loot craving friend, this is how it would go: pop that Engram into the decoder and select Exotic Armor Ornament for 1000 Bright Dust. You’re a Hunter main, you saw your friend with the ornament “Augmented Wish” for his Young Ahamkara Spine and wanna get it. You would go to Hunter and invest another 1000 Bright Dust. You have a chance to get a guaranteed Hunter Ornament. If you wanna focus on a specific armor piece (legs, arms, chest, helmet) you’ll have to spend another 1000. To get an Young Ahamkara Spine Ornament, you can spend 1000 Bright Dust. To get the specific ornament you want however, you can spend 1000 Bright Dust. Totaling up to 5000 Bright Dust.

Now before I get comments saying “the point of the Eververse Engrams are supposed to make players want to buy silver so they can get the ornament they want.” Well then why don’t they sell ornaments from the very first few seasons? Why not show every ornament for sale so people can outright buy it? For FOMO? That’s stupid and that seems backwards as hell. “Oh here’s the Bastion Ornament that’s been in Eververse 7 times already. Wait? a Panama Ravine Ornament? Hahaha should’ve been there in season six.”

It’s also jarring to know that in the engrams there’s about 40 different ships that are just reskins of the same season one sparrow and ships. Why would anyone ACTIVELY use a purple sparrow when the exotic sparrows are at 160 speed?

Only issues I can see with this are the fact that some exotic armor and weapons only have one ornament so it won’t be as costly but my point still stands. This way will help Bungie make more money and have players SOMETHING to grind for and gives players that have hoarded Bright Dust a reason to spend them.

Just my thoughts, let me know what you guys think of the idea

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