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Gladd’s “Day One Emblem” Take is Bad. Also: Wrong.

destiny2 7 - Gladd’s “Day One Emblem” Take is Bad. Also: Wrong.

The Take:

For context.

My Response:

Gladd and co. (as evidenced by their using it throughout their race, and probably still using it over the DSC day one emblem) would likely prefer it that every day one emblem and/or trophy be, for one reason or another, just as rare as the Last Wish emblem. (To a lesser extent: Garden’s: roughly 0.001% of players own LW, roughly 0.011% own Garden’s.)

Bearing in mind, LW’s emblem is as rare as it is because the Forsaken power grind was so god-awful that it literally took bounty/pinnacle bounty drop hoarding, luck on Exotic drops and Prime Engrams, and at times (iirc) deleting whole characters Y1 Levi race style to regrind up higher, in order to even be competitive in the marathon that was World’s First Last Wish.

That’s not an acceptable precedent to set, yet it’s the Raid and emblem they treasure most because of how unattainable that race was to the wider playerbase. In a vacuum, I’d say; “okay, fair.” I like rare stuff too. But that day one wasn’t so out of reach for pure difficulty or challenge reasons of course. Rather, it was arguably more a result of a poorly-implemented power grind only manageable by people who literally play Destiny for a living.

If poor design choices or a poor leveling curve/experience is what makes way for their favorite trophies, then I’d rather they continue to throw shade at “handout rewards,” and every future day one emblem have ownership more akin to DSC’s. That scenario in all likelihood means that the rest of the game surrounding that Raid and day one marathon was in better shape at the time of the Raid’s drop; it should go without saying that this is the healthier outcome.

Are Bugs Good Too?

I wonder if he/they (if others in the Raid race circles) also like that Garden’s emblem is so rare in part because the tether and motes mechanics, and just final boss generally, had so many visual or latency/server-side bugs for many day one teams, that it was a nightmare, for reasons beyond execution or prep. It was a technical mess on day one on probably packed or at least heavily-stressed servers. Buggiest Raid I have ever played when it launched.


After all, this did make that emblem rarer, when groups like mine had to spend three times as long as we should’ve needed to at Sanctified Mind when the floors were bugging out visually, motes picked up as laggy as they do in Gambit or worse, tether would sometimes be active but invisible, etc. Can’t even list all bugs here, there were 100% more my team never even ran into.

Closing Thoughts:

I’ll take the thousands of clears (likely a bit overstated though on Raid Report’s site, check for more accurate numbers) compared to 99 or so for Garden and like, 3 for Last Wish. I’ll take them any day if it’s because the game was in better shape at the time. Gladd and anyone else who’d have it any differently can and should continue to cry foul if this trend sorta continues for an inarguably good reason. (Albeit it won’t be as high a number as DSC maybe ever again, since pandemics/quarantines don’t exactly happen any old year.)

The vast majority of players benefit from a more polished game, and yeah, a less nuclear power grind/prep cycle is better for the everyone.

To their asking for extremely rare trophies, I’ll say this: want a trophy that’s still super-rare and not because fundamental game systems are seriously flawed? Well emblems like After the Nightfall exist, for instance.

Don’t bemoan loot/trophies being more acquired as a result of in-game systems being made better than in past DLC. You can’t make a million vids to the tune of “HOW BUNGIE CAN FIX D2’s BROKEN LOOT AND LEVELING” then complain when fixes occur “that they made the pinnacle of PvE rewards too attainable,” when it comes as a result of those issues finally getting properly addressed.

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