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GM Nightfalls: This Isn’t Good End Game Content

destiny2 10 - GM Nightfalls: This Isn't Good End Game Content

After finally finishing what will likely be the worst GM nightfall this season (3 days of bashing head against wall) I feel as if its time to write a feedback on the concept of GM Nightfalls.(TLDR: Its not pretty)

  1. GM nightfalls don't feel like in their current iteration they 'fit' for Destiny as a series. If the game is trying to be more MMO-esque… why did you make an activity that is Halo-like? It felt like a frustratingly long version of Legendary difficulty in Halo with every single skull turned on. It became a 'peak fest' and a long distance fight of staying as far back as possible so we could kill adds without them one shotting us (or nearly) while slowly moving through a marathon at a painful rate. The TTK in which the game kills you is WAAAAAAAY too fast to even consider going for too many builds or perks that could be useful in a situation like this.
  2. GM nightfalls do not promote experimentation, or build variety. As stated before there are far too many perks/mods that are just not viable in GM nightfalls with the life expetancy we have. The only mods people should be running is resilance or damage reduction mods that MIGHT keep you alive from a one shot, a damage increase so you can kill enemies slightly faster, and ammo mods. Charged with light felt underwelming even after investing heavily into it because… well it falls off hard or can't be used well in this situation. Warmind cells MAY have better feedback loop but… I am not sure it will be worth the investment.
  3. Lack of creativity in design. As I said… it just feels like a legendary version of a strike that was made from Halo. Champions are thrown in mobs which don't really work well without ways to instant kill them (Divinity/Izanagi's anyone?) because trying to not allow overload/barrier champions from healing is nearly impossible unless you are at range where you can't be hit (or instant kill them). The instant healing from them is problematic, I will be the first to say this. Secondly, this is supposed to be pinnacle PvE content right? So why isn't it have any exclusive experiences to them? Why aren't strikes changed in meaningful ways? They don't provide an experience worth the headache of doing them. Part of the reason players will do end game content is if its also enjoyable/interesting. This isn't it chief.
  4. Rewards still suck. Seriously, why would you farm for or do this content? 2 Ascendant shards maybe or a 60 stat roll exotic? Why not just to Master Nightfall and do it twice as fast? Where is the exclusive rewards like weapons, cosmetics, etc? You are overvaluing titles way too much Bungie. There should always be tangible rewards worth the effort.

Honestly, I think GM nightfalls need a rework. Change up the strikes with the bosses and stop relying on the instant kill one shot of being underdelta instead make pain points over some mechanics added exclusively to GM nightfalls. You keep quoting WoW, well then use WoW as an influence here and look at how they do Mythic Dungeons for instance as inspiration, not just Halo. Fix champions overall and remove the healing they provide unless you tone down the number of them in groups. Give Nightfalls tangible rewards outside of just "a title" and upgrade materials as a main source.


Edit: And Yes this was done without the Titan cheese. Did it with 2 hunters and a warlock. I feel as if a fair review/critique should be made baised off the "intended" experience.

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