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Godrolls SHOULD be readily available with sunsetting pushing items out

destiny2 6 - Godrolls SHOULD be readily available with sunsetting pushing items out

With a shelf life of one year, weapon rolls should be readily available to get the EXACT roll you want. I'm not saying EASILY available, but there has to be set progression where you cannot just hard farm for months not to get it, even with targeted drops.

IE – First In Last Out with auto loading and vorpal. I never got one even with targeted drops and double perks with the dirty engrams.

Issue 1 – Lack of rewards. We don't feel rewarded when it's just straight up hopeless RNG to get what we want. Miniscule odds to be rewarded.

Issue 2 – Inventory bloat. Save a weapon roll for PvP QP multi kills (like rapid hit kill clip), roll for comp/trials duelling (rangefinder/opening shot/quickdraw/snapshot), roll for general PvE (rampage, overflow), roll for high level PvE (disruption break/oneforall/demo). You need to save WAY TOO MANY rolls of the same damn weapon, and thats only IF you get the weapon. Or what if a perk gets nerfed/buffed? Well shit, now we need another copy with different rolls

Issue 3 – Sunsetting putting a timer on weapon rolls. How bad does it feel to finally get your desired roll 8 months later with it only having another few months of use to go? Yeah, thanks curated kindled orchid for your weeks of service. Why not make it more obtainable, but at a cost?

Issue 4 – Almost perfect. Get that adept Astral Horizon sweet! Rifled – YES. Light Mag – good enough, Opening shot – YESSSS! Field prep – FFS…. scrap again.


My solution – We need a guaranteed weapon progression system, not at the mercy of 100% RNG. We could use crafting mats to add perks to our guns to eventually get the desired roll, with a cost. That cost is paid for by our game time and getting items we do not want. We will pay to upgrade our weapons, more costly the more the weapon is tweaked.

Stat slots – Barrel/Sights, Magazine, Perk 1, Perk 2, Masterwork.

Barrel – Item drops with 2 barrel perks base. We can unlock an additional random barrel/sight for 25 weapon telemetries. If you don't get what you want you can just keep spending to upgrade and eventually unlock them all. Give weapon telemetries a use and meaning

Magazine – Item drops with 2 magazine/battery perks. Each

Perk 1 & 2 – Add additional perks for something like 3 cores, 10 shards and some glimmer. Over time can unlock the entire perk pool so you don't need multiple different rolls. If you only PvP and want one roll, get the one you want and done. Don't need the big commitment to unlock it all. If you do both with that weapon then it could be worth it to unlock everything. good rolls still valued if you get what you want, saves from having to unlock others

MW – Just bring back the reroll like we had w Y1 weapons

Lastly add elemental swap. If we don't get full arsenals each year which would be way too many weapons needed to be replaced, let us change the element of our weapons so we dont need to save a copy of each just for match game, or in kinetic vs energy slot. More customizable weapons will greatly reduce the outrage of missing weapon types and lack of loot

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