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Guardian Games doesn’t show who the best class is, it just shows which class has the biggest player base. Can we stop pretending this is going to be any kind of competition?

destiny2 6 - Guardian Games doesn’t show who the best class is, it just shows which class has the biggest player base. Can we stop pretending this is going to be any kind of competition?

Look, I like the idea behind this event. I really do, much like a lot of things in this game. But the problem, and the first day really showed the problem, is that Hunters are going to always be in first place. It hasn’t even been close and I don’t see how “well it’s the first day lets see how it plays out.” mantra is going to hold for this event, especially if these daily medals are the only thing to gauge any metrics. As a Titan I can do them once a day and that’s it AFAIK. I can’t even attempt to grind them out like Lost Sector packages during Faction Rallies.

One of the Bungie devs even stated, “I love warlocks, but lets be honest… Hunters are going to win.”

And I don’t even care about winning or losing this event. Hunters will get their golden cloaks for a year and I’m fine with that. But can we also acknowledge this really doesn’t prove anything, wasn’t fair to begin with and the “bragging rights” aren’t that meaningful. Because selling this event as a competition at least in its current state seems like a farce to me.

It would be like Blizzard trying to sell casuals on the Ahn’Qiraj event by telling them “you could become a Scarab Lord too” which, yeah technically true, but anyone who played through that event knew realistically one guild per server who got there first would be the only ones to really get it. In my case, it was an Alliance guild and I played Horde. No chance in hell I was ever going to become the coveted Scarab Lord with accompanying Silithid bug mount.

I know our “Scarab Lord” wants us to have a similar feeling in this game. And thats cool. I can even dig it, because while my part in opening the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj were small, I still enjoyed participating because we were all for the first time ever, working together Horde and Alliance.

While this event to me at least seems rigged from the start and forces community division. I know this is just a light hearted event and shouldn’t take things too seriously but I wish as a Titan, (or Warlock) that I could actually have a fighting chance. But I just don’t see it happening.


Edit: howdy folks!, this blew up more than I expected so I can’t really respond to everyone. But the main things I’ve read comment wise has been “they are adjusting for population” and “titans are winning at the moment”. And that’s 100% true, I made this post before I knew the current situation of today and I’ll eat that crow. But I also feel like those who responded may have missed my overall point – that this is not so much an actual competition. Bungie even admits to adulterating (ahem, “adjusting”) the actual data behind the scenes to weight the class population. I find it interesting the flag positions are the same yesterday except the Titans are waaaaay up top while Hunters and Warlocks are closer to each other. These similarities in position could be explained by that’s just where the flags are when they represent 1st, 2nd, 3rd but I was under the impression there was more of a dynamic scale to all this.

Now spinfoil hat time, if they are already messing with the actual data behind the scenes who’s to say they aren’t curating who wins and looses each day? There is definitely a precedent set from past gaffs where Bungie was adjusting the game behind the scenes, for example XP throttling in D2Y1. Would Bungo really let Warlocks be last place every day? With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warlocks won tomorrow. (Another crow I am about to eat for sure.) I’ve been suspicious of how authentic any of these community events actually are when the only information we get is through Bungie. The stonktaline event seemed to move at an almost calculated pace. It just never felt organic. And I’ve been a DM (for D&D) long enough to know, you fudge the numbers to give players a fun experience but really it’s all just an illusion. Ok maybe I’m projecting with this one. But I will say this – if Hunters don’t win by a large margin at the end of the event I’ll straight up eat an entire 24 variety pack of Crayola Crayons!

Guardian signing off. Stay healthy out there everyone and I’ll see you folks top side! Thanks for the discussion!

Sincerely, a crayon-eater

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