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Guide to Season of Arrivals Solo Flawless Shattered Throne (Warlock)

destiny2 3 - Guide to Season of Arrivals Solo Flawless Shattered Throne (Warlock)

I've been running and optimizing the solo for shattered throne, and I've came up with what I find to be the "best" setups and loadouts possible for running this at a decent pace while still being 100% safe at all times. Prerequisites or "strong recommendations" are as follows;

  • Trinity ghoul + catalyst. I cannot stress enough how useful this weapon is for pre-ogre, absolutely shreds ads and hobgoblins.
  • Riskrunner, catalyst highly recommended.
  • Ruinous effigy.
  • A whirlwind blade Falling Guillotine.
  • Strong recommendation for starfire protocol.
  • Uh, mountaintop.
  • If you happen to not have trinity ghoul or mountaintop, something like recluse/gnawing hunger/well rolled smg + snapshot long shadow would be ample for pre-vorgeth.
  • Any void subclass exotic that you feel comfortable with that adds survivability or grenade energy.

With that out of the way, let's get to each encounter.

Miniboss Rush (First Encounter)

This is by far the easiest section of the dungeon, running mountaintop with trinity ghoul and a falling guillotine can make this go by very very fast. Bottom tree void + oppressive darkness can give your grenade the ability to melt minibosses or heal yourself if there's no thrall or acolyte's around to melee to proc devour.


Use trinity ghoul to clear nearly all the enemies in the stretch before the final miniboss that opens the door with knights, hobgoblins and phalanx's on either side.

once this door opens, swap subclasses to top-tree dawnblade for some added security in the ogre room. Don't be afraid to use mountaintop to clear knights in this room, just keep at least 5-6 rounds by the time you hit the dark souls-y ogre section before the slowed thrall section.

Once in the ogre tightrope walk area, clear the first two ogres that spawn for your own sanity. Your dawnblade should be up, if not, wait around for it to fully charge then proceed on until the blight blocks one of two paths. Retreat, kill the ogre that spawns, follow the ogres path and pop a dawnblade if you get into any sort of trouble and icarus dash your way to the end.


I decided to dedicate an entire section to thrallway, as it's honestly the most important part of pre-vorgeth. Enter the thrallway with trinity ghoul, killing thrall as they spawn and hop on top of the "safe spot" right after you go up the stairs. near the front entrance. What you'll do now is throw on a special ammo finder and swap from top tree to middle tree dawnblade, killing thralls until you see about five or six special ammo drops. Then, hop back up onto the safe spot and switch to ruinous effigy, maxing out your ammo and continuing on through thrall room using transmutation orbs to heal. Once out, continue on to the boss.


Vorgeth, The Run Killer

(run this a few times before going for the solo flawless)

I highly, highly, recommend starfire protocol for this fight. Having two max health grenades is incredibly important, as you could lose 30 minutes of progress here. My strategy is as follows:

Get first wizard down to 1/3'rd with ruinous effigy/gnawing hunger/inaugural address once it spawns. Hide behind the cover to the left of the wizard, using mountaintop shots or effigy beams to kill ads. Try to use a healing rift to get some cheap shots on the ads right of the wizard that spawns where you drop down. Kill that wizard first, and then rotate left to melt the second wizards shield and it'll go down in some sustained fire + a mountaintop shot. Continue this process till all 4 are down, dunk once you're full health, shoot the axion darts and pop a well in his face and hit him with a heavy attack to make him slam so he stays stationary then get your whirlwind up and the kill should be easy as long as he's positioned well and doesn't run off.


Throw back on the trinity ghoul, and there's a short thrall section before boop wall that you can farm for super energy/ammo. Play this extra safe, maybe pop a well on some of the solar shield enemies or even throw on a solar primary to handle them as they can be tricky.


For this encounter, you are definitely going to want mountaintop, riskrunner and a falling guillotine. If you haven't gotten a mountaintop yet, running a snapshot kinetic sniper will handle itself decently well here. Starfire protocol would also Immediately place a mountaintop shot or a snipe on each knight, then rotate right to clear ads with riskrunner or trinity ghoul. Kill the psions you can across the room, place a few more mountaintop shots on the bosses and rotate left to clear all psions. Once you have all bosses a tiny bit under a third of health, wait for witch lady to summon a crystal and melt it with whatever ammo you have. Pop a healing rift behind the psions and wipe them, using your grenade for heals whenever possible. Once you have all thralls down, wipe the bosses and plant your well of radiance on the witch and go to town.

Going through this solo to get your bearings before a solo flawless is a solid idea, took me a few tries but the process is enjoyable regardless.

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