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Hard Truth #1: Don’t expect all the things if you only play part of the game.

destiny2 10 - Hard Truth #1: Don’t expect all the things if you only play part of the game.


Its more than just a crappy SMG. Welcome to the 1st of many write ups regarding Destiny that you probably don’t want to hear, because you can’t argue with it…only express “feelings” over. But the truth hurts, so here you go…

There are those out there who swear off PVP and Gambit like the plague, and suddenly get upset when there’s a quest step that involves these modes. Destiny 2 as of this writing is 4 elements: PVE, PVP, Gambit and Raids. Anytime you opt out of these, whether voluntary or not, you opt out of the rewards within, period.

There is no compromise to this, nor should there be. This writer has yet to complete an entire Last Wish Raid (The vault is the farthest I’ve gotten), so I can’t have a chance at a 1KV until I do it. I don’t play the competitive playlist, so the quests for Redrix, Luna & Mountaintop will forever sit in Shaxx’s inventory screen…enticing, but improbable. One of those things I CAN do, I just haven’t had the chance…the other I won’t do because I can’t take on the stress. In both cases the result is the same, no shiny prizes for me.

That brings us to TLW (and by extension any quests moving forward). It should be expected that some quests will involve PVP elements, or Gambit elements (Malfeasance features all of the above for example). Izanagi actually features Raid elements in its quest line, so really all things are possible. The problem here is that a wide amount of players see these as chores when they’re actually challenges. These are meant to test your mettle and take you out of your comfort zone, rewarding you the new shiny stuff for your efforts.


Maybe you don’t want to be challenged. Then there’s a plethora of decent weapons in game for you to go about your merry business with. Hell, if you don’t play PVP or Gambit, what difference does getting taken out by a Luna or a Queenbreaker make to you in the first place? If you’re not active in those activities then your not affected by their sandboxes/metas…but I’m veering off a bit. The bottom line is that you’re gonna have to suffer a little or a lot of discomfort if you want to get the good stuff…and that’s a life thing, not just a game thing.

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So there. They shouldn’t make the path easier to walk. You need to steel yourself, jump into tough activities, fail, fail again and fail some more…and unless you’re really inept and unable to learn from your mistakes (or in my case with Comp an “ain’t nobody got time fo dat” type), eventually you will improve and succeed…and then the new shiny became attainable, and that much sweeter because you went through it to get to it.

That’s challenge 101, and Bungie doesn’t and shouldn’t lessen it for anyone, regardless if you work a 12 hour shift tomorrow, have midterms next week or are trying to get your little girl tucked in for bed. The new shiny is waiting for you when you get back on. Elevate your play, expand your game, and it can be yours. Or don’t, and it won’t.

And that again is not an opinion. It’s Hard Truth.

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