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Heavy weapons are currently a mess in PvE.

destiny2 2 - Heavy weapons are currently a mess in PvE.


Heavy weapons are in an incredibly imbalanced state currently, and always have been during D2. Across the life cycle of d2, different legendary heavy archetypes have all had their time to shine, always being the clear pick over others before getting nerfed to irrelevancy.

  • Cluster bomb Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns (just Thunderlord to be honest) were clearly the best heavy options when auto-reloading was in the game. Then… they got nuked. Rockets got nuked two times over when auto-reloading was removed due to only having one rocket per magazine and proving to have awful damage.

  • Grenade Launchers gained immense popularity after their two separate buffs, becoming absolute DPS monsters. Then they got nerfed as well, becoming just "okay" and being outclassed by exotics as usual.

  • Linear Fusion Rifles have never been good. Even after the precision damage was buffed, they were still always outclassed by exotics, other legendary heavies, and even special weapons.

  • The current in-demand legendary heavy option is Swords, which are only usable in certain scenarios as thet are extremely close-up weapons. This makes them far more niche than any option listed above, but since legendary heavies are as lackluster as they are, swords are the clear go-to whenever possible.


Constant nerfs to different heavies in the past have reduced the power of legendary heavy weapons across the board, leaving exotic heavies to be overwhelmingly better than legendary options in every way and reducing most legendary heavies to throaway picks in strikes and lower-end PvE activities when you want to run an exotic primary or special weapon.

My suggestion is to buff ALL standard heavy archetypes (excluding swords) in some way. List below:

MACHINE GUNS: Revert the boss damage nerf. Auto reloading is gone, and that was the sole reason behind the nerf, so the fact that the boss damage is still reduced makes very little sense.

ROCKET LAUNCHERS: 2 rockets in the standard chamber (except Wardcliff), with a 1-2 increase to reserves. However, as a more creative change, the Aggressive and Adaptive frames could hold 2 in the chamber, while High-Impact frames retain 1 in exchange for a major damage increase.

GRENADE LAUNCHERS: These aren't in a terrible spot post-nerf, being the second best heavy option. A small damage increase overall would work. Alternatively, base GL damage could increase overall and the impact damage bonus from Spike Grenades could be toned down slightly to open up for different perk usage.

LINEAR FUSIONS: Anything. Please, these are so bad. They can't even one-shot to the body in PVP.

The post is done. TL;DR balance heavies please

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