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Here are your cutoff dates for completing things before the DCV, the “oh shit” dates

destiny2 1 - Here are your cutoff dates for completing things before the DCV, the "oh shit" dates

Here are the lines: are your "oh shit" lines

Green (Sept 22nd) – The last flashpoint rotation, if there are heroic adventures you need, this will be the last week to do those on each destination

Red (Oct 6th) – There are 5 EP bosses, this is the cutoff for getting the Worldline Catalyst completed, also your last few shots at the EP guns for Wayfarer, also the last 4 week rotation for the Levi challenges and their associated emblems/triumphs, also the last 5 week stretch to complete the Outbreak Catalyst

Blue (Oct 20th) – The true oh shit line, this is the last rotation of raid challenges in Scourge and Crown, the last boss rotation in Menagerie, also the last 3 weeks to get the Whisper and its catalyst and ship

Titles to worry about:

Wayfarer – You can easily obtain this before it gets vaulted, the green line is the cutoff for this one, if you start after that you're sunk, focus on the Lost Prophecy weapons each week, they can be time consuming requiring amplifiers and cultures and you can only do three a week, there are 11 total. Don't forget about the Braytech Osprey that only drops from Strange Terrain nightfall

Chronicler – Obtain the books Uldren Sov, The Awoken of the Reef, and Ghost Stories before vaulting, ideally start working on them no later than the green line because some are behind heroic story missions, areas you can only access at certain times (use Braytech, it'll show you exactly what's going away)


Blacksmith & Shadow – The earlier the better! For instance, Lost in the Kingdom of Sorrow requires looting the chest at the end of the second encounter 5xs, that's 5 runs (can all be in the same week), I don't see anything in here that's time gated before the blue line but don't put it off, for instance, you need to complete 6 Ada-1 bounties, those are rare drops and can take a long time to complete. You also need Jotunn, Izanagi's, Le Monarque, and Threat Level to clear the forge triumphs. Sure, you can probably do all of this in three weeks but its going to be a massive grind. Start now.

Exotics – I'm sure these will all be available in some way later, but probably best to pick them up now if you can.

  • Rat King, starts on Titan
  • Lumina, required Will of the Thousands, Mars
  • Thorn, optional destination bounties, end with Savathun’s Song, Titan
  • Bad Juju, obtained through the Tribute Hall
  • The Last Word, requires story mission on Io
  • Anarchy, Scourge of the Past
  • Legend of Acrius, Leviathan
  • Tarrabah, Crown of Sorrow
  • Polaris Lance, Mars
  • Sleeper Simulant, Mars
  • Worldline Zero, Mars
  • Izanagi’s Burden, quest step on Io
  • Ace of Spades, Ace in the Hole is on Titan
  • Truth, requires Menagerie and Benedict
  • Whisper, requires IO
  • Outbreak Perfected, required Zero Hour (maybe going away?)

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