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Here’s the Armor of the Ballistic Simiform, a legendary armor set I designed with a set bonus!

destiny2 2 - Here's the Armor of the Ballistic Simiform, a legendary armor set I designed with a set bonus!

Here's the link: (scroll to the end for a cute bonus drawing, you won't be disappointed)

TLDR: Set bonuses would be so cool in this game and would provide an additional element to picking your gear.

A recent blog post by Bungie stated that they will be making adding intrinsic gameplay elements to legendary armor, such that picking up a new piece of armor will provide an opportunity to play differently.

It's a bit of a vague statement, but I love the idea behind it. The way I see it, their plans can be implemented in a variety of ways; one of which is armor set bonuses, granting players intrinsic perks when they equip multiple pieces of armor from the same armor set. This set has a 2 piece bonus and a 4 piece bonus, so that players can mix-and match the armor with an exotic of their choosing or other armor sets with potential 2 or 3 piece set bonuses.

This set bonus is perfect for the shotgun ape style of play, which is characterized by a lot of jumping and sliding at enemies. I've also taken a bit of a "smarter" approach to this playstyle, where instead of keeping your shotgun out all the time, the set bonus instead aims to have the player switch weapons often, as the perk would need to be activated while the shotgun is stowed.

While you're here, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my artwork! I am both willing and able to have an in-depth discussion on how this set bonus's mechanics work, damage numbers, or about any other part of the ideas that I've put forth.

Now, I can answer a few of the "whys" behind my decisions:

  1. Why airborne final blows? I think that aerial gameplay is very engaging. Icentivising the player to move in a third axis makes for more interesting gameplay, where players have tradeoffs between becoming a target and losing a bit of accuracy and getting a bonus from succeeding despite it. On the design side, many apes are 'arboreal', in that they spend a lot of time moving between trees; this way the set bonus is thematic with the ape theme, swinging around in the air.

  2. Why give chain lightning to only arc shotguns? Most of our meta shotguns are Kinetic (Astral) or Solar (Felwinter), so to give a bonus to using weapons that are out of the meta would create more variety in picking gear. Also, it's not like meta weapons need any more help than they already have to be lethal or useful.

  3. Is the 2 piece bonus too weak? I actually thought about this a lot. Originally, activating Arboreal Transfer would generate one shotgun round and load it into stowed shotguns. When I asked around, people immediately said that doing so would completely break the ammo economy and would be unhealthy for both PvE and PvP. Thus instead it works as an auto-loading holster. Remember that this is legendary armor and not an exotic, so the set bonus should be tame and balanced around what gameplay elements legendary gear can provide.

  4. This is a titan armor set. What about hunters or warlocks? I don't play hunter or warlock, so I'm not super qualified to make an armor set based around their capabilities. Feel free to share some ideas of other cool set bonuses, or just your thoughts on armor set bonuses in general!

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