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Here’s What I Learned After 151 Master Lost Sector Runs

destiny2 9 - Here's What I Learned After 151 Master Lost Sector Runs

Over the last 5 days, I spent 5 – 8 hours a day farming Master Lost Sectors to get a better idea of exotic drop rates and just a general sense of if they're worth farming over the Legendary version.

Here's how many exotics I got per run with some thoughts on each lost sector's Master difficulty. I hope this helps you decide if you're going to farm Masters or not.

Note: 1270 – 1271 Power Level always running Concussive Dampener + an elemental resist mod


Exodus Garden:

  • 21 runs
  • 6 exotic gloves dropped (no Icefall Mantle since I already had it)
  • Runs were 8 – 11 minutes long, if not longer
  • Easiest to fail because of modifiers
  • Most frustrating and longest Master
    • Falling Guillotine feels like it's the only option to deal with Overload/Barrier Champions because of how much damage it does, especially very quickly
    • Overload Champions need to get disrupted from less damage
      • If you're disrupting with Duskfield Stasis grenades, you have to throw from safety, wait a second and then move in because they need to take enough damage before the disrupt happens
      • Even if they're in the AoE, they can just teleport away leaving you without a way to disrupt them unless you run double primary, but then you either have nothing for boss dps or have to give up Guillotine
    • Barrier Servitors shouldn't making nearly an entire room of enemies immune
    • Attrition sucks

Veles Labyrinth:

  • 50 runs
  • 5 exotic chest pieces
  • Runs were 3 – 5 minutes long. Really got into a good rhythm with them
  • Most enjoyable and shortest master
    • Anarchy and Ikelos SMG get a 50% buff to damage because of the Arc modifier. They make Barrier Knights, Unstoppable Ogres and the Boss a LOT easier.
    • NO Overload champions at all = less unpredictable, hair-pulling frustration
    • Heritage/kinetic slug with Unstoppable shotgun rounds felt REALLY good to run for Ogres + damage
    • NO Attrition – just Chaff (no radar)
    • Overall, BEST master to farm in

Concealed Void:

  • Only ran 9 times (didn't have much time on this day)
  • 3 exotic helmets (1 was Precious Scars)
  • 7 – 8 minutes long
  • Second most hated and frustrating
    • Mostly same issues as Exodus with Barrier/Overload Champions
    • Take more damage from arc, which makes up most of the floor, and while in the air so you have to move very precisely
    • Would have liked to test more, but just ran out of time

Bunker E15:

  • 40 runs
  • 17 exotic boots
  • 6 – 7 minutes long
  • Second most enjoyable master
    • Falling Guillotine makes the Barrier/Overload Champions much easier
    • Attrition still sucks, but feels less bad because you can just sword everything and pick up health while doing so
    • Exo Frames help a little bit with Goblins/Hobgoblins


  • 31 runs
  • 4 exotic gloves (none were Icefall Mantle)
  • 6 – 7 minute runs once I found my groove
  • Figured out that you can kill the boss before killing champions, then kill champions and still get platinum. This is really good to know that you can just kill the boss so it's big damage isn't coming at you, then kill the champions in the room.

Final Thoughts:

  • 151 Master lost sectors
  • 35 exotics
  • 15 – 20 hours over 5 days JUST from successful runs.
    • Does not include time spent from the times I failed and wasted 6 – 10 minutes per fail
    • Does not include time spent driving to each lost sector miles from nearest landing zone
  • There's a few things I left out since I wanted this to be a condensed version that gives everyone (hopefully) enough information to decide if running Master lost sectors are worth it for you.
  • For some less data-focused thoughts I had, or if you prefer to listen rather than read,

For your sanity, I do not recommend running Master over Legendary because Barrier/Overload Champions combined with stacks and stacks of negative modifiers makes for a MUCH more rage-inducing time IMO.

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