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Here’s what I’ve learned about Attack Grenade Launchers

destiny2 6 - Here's what I've learned about Attack Grenade Launchers

Fellow guardians,

I've been playing around with attack grenade launchers (since the re-issuing of Orewing's Maul and Truthteller), and after some reading up & testing in the Tribute Hall here's what I've learned…


– There's two parts to the damage; impact damage, and explosion damage. Both are linked to each other.

– For any perk choices, if one damage portion goes up, the other goes down to offer similar total damage.

Blast Radius:

– Blast radius effects the explosion damage. Higher blast radius = higher explosion damage.

– BUT, this directly reduces the impact damage element, to maintain that similar total.

– The base stat is 55 and this stat is capped at 55, regardless of the masterwork or perks.

– This value does not effect the damage radius itself, it seems to be a set sphere (I'm not 100% certain about this).

– What it definitely does, is increase damage inflicted from the centre point and throughout the damage sphere.

– For what it's worth, each stat point is worth 0.82% (of the base 55).


This effects the trajectory and distance of the shot.

– The higher the velocity the flatter the arc of flight.

– Of the many rolls I've had drop, not a single one goes over 99 velocity, though in theory such rolls do exist. I wonder if Bungie have deliberately restricted perk combinations?

– Even at 99, it's no Mountaintop, but the change is noticeable from 75 through to 99 for sure.

– The furthest I could stand for the 99 velocity shot to hit where my reticle was actually aiming, was about 40m. For the 72 velocity shot, I had to stand at 34m. And for two identical shots, the higher velocity one will go further.

Blinding Grenades & Concussion Grenades:

– Both perks result in a fixed blast radius of 5 i.e. the same explosion damage value when hitting an enemy.

– None of the perk choices (nor a blast radius masterwork), will make any difference to this set blast radius. Damage numbers on impact for both these perks, is the same.

– The concussion effect has a very small sphere, barely more than 2m radius if even that.

– The blinding effect is much better, with a radius ~8m.

– Blinding lasts for 5 or 6s. Concussion might last for 1s longer? But given the much smaller sphere, the choice here is pretty obvious. Of the two, you want blinding grenades.


– Note, DIM's numbers on these perks when you hover over to see what the effect will be, don't seem reliable. Just know that the blast radius for both goes to 5.

Spike Grenades:

– Already researched before by others, this multiplies the impact damage.

– To maximise the benefit of spike grenades, given the relationship between impact damage and explosion damage, the optimal roll here will have the lowest blast radius possible. The lower blast radius results in higher impact damage, so the spike grenade multiplier is working off a higher starting value.

Proximity Grenades:

– The shot will immediately detonate when near a target, it really does have to be pretty close.

– This perk reduces blast radius by 10.

– There is no impact damage, only the explosion damage (which is tied to blast radius)


PvP God Roll? My opinion is an Orewing's Maul that rolls with auto-loading holster, quickdraw, and perks & masterwork that will give the max 55 blast radius and maximise velocity. Some may prefer a more forgiving roll with Proximity Grenades which Truthteller can offer, so you'll want to then try and offset the drop in blast radius. EDIT: Note that with PG, it's not possible to OHK another guardian.

(I have the Orewing's roll with velocity 95, but annoyed because the masterwork was a completely wasted blast radius that made no difference at all to the max-55 it already comes with)

PvE God Roll? Lots of options depending on your style of play. Truthteller opens things up with disruption break, demolitionist, swashbuckler, multikill clip, feeding frenzy! My Titan will be trying an Orewing's with blinding grenades & graverobber, could be fun!

TL:DR – Anything over 55 for blast radius is a waste. Velocity does visibly effect a shot's trajectory. Blinding grenades are much better than concussion grenades. If using Proximity grenades, you may want to increase blast radius to offset the drop.

I have a suspicion that roll combinations are restricted so that velocity can never hit 100, if you have such a roll please drop a comment!

Have fun!

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