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Hey Bungie, I fixed your patch!

destiny2 8 - Hey Bungie, I fixed your patch!

With the recent drama going on with Whisper of the Worm, Sleeper, super-returning exotics and all of that garbage, I’ve decided that I’m actually going to do something productive. And that productivity comes in the form of my own fan-made patch notes that would make me cream my pants in excitement if I woke up and saw that the changes were real

Season of Opulence Fan Made Patch Notes

Season of Opulence is on fast approach and, similar to past Seasons, some sandbox changes will arrive with it. Last week, we set your sights on a new raid that begins on June 4—the same day that the new Season launches. We wanted to let you know what to expect from the new sandbox so you can plan accordingly. The Destiny Fan Team has the details.

Destiny Fan Team: For Season of Opulence, several notable weapons are being adjusted. We want to ensure that encounters—raids and other endgame content, for example—remain a challenge. Some of these weapons have been overwhelming that challenge. Some nerfs have been made in order to keep the new raid and future content to come challenging, but we don’t want to simply remove your best options and leave you feeling weak. As such, we have plenty of buffs to some of your favorite exotics coming up.

But, we’re not stopping at just simple exotic changes. We want to make everything in this game an enjoyable experience. Continue reading to find changes to strikes, crucible, loot, and more!



Our goal with exotic weapons is to give every single weapon a distinct role and niche in the game. We’ve realized our mistake in releasing weapons such as Whisper, which has the potential to completely ruin the flow of plenty of the hardest encounters this game has to offer. So instead of releasing weapons that simply put out more DPS than any other option, we want weapons that completely destroy in certain situations while remaining suboptimal in the situations not fit for that weapon.

We realize that some players may not like these changes and would prefer every single weapon be useable in every situation we could throw at you, but for us that is near-impossible to balance. We still believe that the weapon changes listed below will be well-received and will make every weapon a option in certain cases.

Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten

These two guns have run rampant in the console meta for a long time. These are legendaries that perform like exotics without any condition, unlike our other pinnacle weapons that have all done exceedingly well in carving out the niche between legendary and exotic. So we wanted to slightly tap their potential without ruining them.

  • Reduced to 150 RPM
  • Slightly increased range of Luna’s Howl

Whisper of the Worm

This weapon has been a balance problem since its inception way back when Crota was first brought to his knees. However, this gun is a staple of the franchise and one that almost every player has used at some point, so we don’t want to completely make this weapon ineffective when compared to options such as Outbreak, or D.A.R.C.I.. Instead of nerfing it, we’re simply making it much harder to use, while keeping it as one of the highest skill-cap weapons in the game.

  • PvE damage increased by 10%
  • Reserves reduced to 5 (cannot be increased through sniper reserve perks)

Sleeper Simulant

The reduction of bounced-shot damage for Sleeper Simulant is already present on several important enemies. We are now making this reduction part of the weapon. The difference in damage is too large between a single precision shot of Sleeper Simulant and an angled shot that pierces the target and then also hits the target again with the bounced projectiles. Much like Whisper, we’ve had to adjust enemies around that potential. By making these changes a permanent part of the weapon, we can get it into a more balanced position. We’re moving this weapon to the role of Major Killer for activities like Gambit, or killing the ogres during the Shuro Chi encounter in Last Wish. We want this weapon to essentially find a target — regardless of the size — and kill it. We’re keeping One Thousand Voices as a top-tier boss DPS weapon and increasing effectivity at clearing small, grouped up enemies.

  • Precision damage increased by 20%
  • Reserves changed to 8. Precision kills on majors refund one round out of thin air
  • Reduced ricochet/bounce damage on boss combatants
  • Modified precision behavior—non-precision shots are significantly less forgiving

Lord of Wolves

Quality of life changes to make it feel much more fun to play with

  • Release the Wolves perk has been reworked:
    • No longer triggers automatically on kill
    • This effect is now triggered by holding reload, similar to “The Fundamentals” on Hard Light and Borealis

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is pretty hot in the Crucible, and has been since its inclusion in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The number of perks on the weapon, combined with the semi-permanent effect of Memento Mori gives the weapon too many advantages compared to other weapons. Now that Memento Mori ends when you stow the weapon, you’ll need to make a decision on whether or not you’ll keep the weapon drawn to retain the bonus. We believe that with the radar bonuses, ease of use, and range, this weapon will still remain top tier but will allow other options to be used in its place

  • Memento Mori now ends if the weapon is stowed
  • The PvP damage bonus of Memento Mori was slightly reduced to prevent two-tapping Guardians while Vengeance (One-Eyed Mask) was active
    • Specifically, you need four resilience to survive this
  • Memento Mori is active for six shots again (up from five)

Sturm and Drang (Updated!)

A long-forgotten exotic duo, Sturm and Drang, have not seen use in any mode for a long time. As such we have slightly reworked this duo to serve as a new alternative to AoS and Last Word. Sturm and Drang should serve as an amazing choice to combat shotguns and fusions. Even Sturm alone will be much better.

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Updated Exotic Perk – Accomplice

Kills with this weapon refill the ammo of energy weapons from reserves, and the handling of all weapons is briefly increased to maximum.

Updated Exotic Perk – Storm and Stress

Kills with your energy weapon reload this weapon and overflow 1 bonus damage round into the mag, up to 20. Kills with the partner weapon, Drang, instead overflow 2 bonus damage rounds into the mag.

Catalyst – Lost Memories

  • Range
  • Reload Speed

Getting a kill with both Sturm and Drang within 10 seconds of eachother temporarily turns all of Sturm’s bullets into bonus damage rounds


Perk 1 – Rampage

Updated Exotic(Legendary?) Perk – Together Forever

Kills with Sturm will proc Rampage if you switch to Drang within 2 seconds. Rampage activated this way lasts twice as long as normal.

Addition – Updated to year 2. It always drops with a range MW that can be upgraded like any other year 2 weapon. It can also be fitted with mods, including Rampage Spec, which has great synergy.

Sweet Business (Updated!)

Sweet Business has always been one of the most fun guns in the game. But while fun, it has never actually been useful. These changes will turn it into one of the best add clear guns in the game. If there’s a bunch of enemies in front of you and none of them have shields, prepare to unleash havoc.

Updated Exotic Perk – Business Time

Holding down the trigger boosts this weapon’s range and rate of fire. Multikills while holding the trigger down will increase the damage this weapon does (to a cap of 3) and add ammo to the magazine from reserves. After 5 kills in a row ammo can start to overflow to a maximum of 199.

Catalyst – Party in the back

After achieving a large multikill number without letting go of the trigger, this weapon does 10x more damage to shields for a brief period of time.

Closing Notes

Keep in mind that these two updated weapons are not the only one that will be updated with the release of the new season! These are just our ideas as to how to buff two underperforming weapons. We’ll be looking forward to hearing your feedback on all of these changes, but especially Sturm and Drang as well as Sweet Business! We’ll be release info on other exotic changes (like Sunshot!) soon in the future so keep updated!


Every single weapon in the new season will be receiving a catalyst. For well-performing exotics such as Arbalest, these catalysts will be simple stat boosts and orb of light generation. However, for exotics that are underperforming (ex: Sweet Business) we’ll be adding high-tier, huge change-inducing catalysts. Keep an eye out when the next season drops to see the entire list of where each catalyst can be found!



Exotic weapons aren’t the only thing we’re looking at buffing in this upcoming patch. Exotic armor is without a doubt useless in far too many situations, so we want to buff them up to be useful and create amazingly fun builds around them. Hunters that don’t stop dodging; Titans that constantly throw their hammers back and forth, leaving a wake of fire; and Warlocks that control Rift chokepoints all around the encounter. Unfortunately, some casualties have to be made to allow build variety. We strongly believe that these changes to other exotics will more than make up for the nerfs, though!

Super-Regenerating Exotics

Every exotic in the game that aids in super regeneration (Orpheus Rigs, Shards of Galanor, Ursa Furiosa, etc.) has now been capped at 50% returning energy. The supers will fairly-consistently return 50% when clearing a large number of red-bars, or finishing off some Powerful Enemies. The reason for this change is that we don’t want every activity to be made trivial by Nova Bombs, Tethers, and the like. You will see below that there are many more updated exotics that should now be worth the slot and provide fun and unique styles.


Graviton Forfeit

Vanishing Shadow – Increase the duration of all invisibility effects. Your melee and grenade recharge faster when your are invisible. While invisible, throwing grenades or using melee will not break invisibility and the damage of your grenades and melee will be significantly buffed, so long as you remain invisible. Grenade and melee kills while invisible while refund a significant amount of their cooldowns.

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps

Nightmare Fuel – Dealing melee damage reloads your equipped weapon. Killing an enemy with a melee creates a damaging smoke around the victim as well as disorienting/slowing nearby enemies. Enemies who die while in the smoke create an larger and much more dangerous smoke cloud around them.

Wormhusk Crown

Burning Souls – Dodging gives a small health and shield bump. Enemies that are nearby when you dodge will take a small amount of burning damage over 3 seconds. If an enemy dies while burning, your dodge will be recharged and your next dodge will proc Inflamed Sacrifice: a hive magic burst that deals significant damage to all nearby enemies. Inflamed Sacrifice lasts for 5 seconds before reactivation is needed.


Verity’s Brow

The Fourth Magic – Your grenades will simultaneously damage the the shields and health of any enemies. If an enemy with an active shield reaches zero health, your grenade will instantly recharge and nearby allies will also have their grenade cooldown reduced. Your next grenade, after killing an enemy through their shield, will have its damage increased and a larger radius. The damage and radius increase stacks up to three times, so long as you keep killing enemies with your grenades without breaking their shields.

Vesper of Radius

Planetary Torrent – Your rifts release an arc shockwave when cast. Based on the number of nearby enemies, the size of the rift, duration and damage of the shockwave will increase. If enough enemies are nearby, your shockwave will last until the rift disappears. Additionally, your rift will gain the effects of both a healing and an empowering rift. Upon death, the shockwave ceases to pulse, but the rift will remain for its normal duration.

Sanguine Alchemy

Blood Transfusion – Standing in a Rift grants you and your allies heightened senses, allowing you to retain your radar while aiming down sights. Additionally, nearby powerful enemies are visually marked and can be tracked without line of sight. Killing a marked target while in the rift will give you and all allies in the rift at the time these perks even after stepping out of the rift for the next 15 seconds.


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Khepri’s Horn

Solar Rampart – Solar kills recharge your barricade. When placing your barricade it will release 3 blasts of solar energy from the front. When standing by your barricade you can activate your barrier again which puts you into a crouch while in third person. You can then move the barrier while it remains active and let out constant blasts of solar energy while you move. Kills with these blasts increases the remaining duration, health and damage of the barrier, while also increasing the damage and range of the solar blasts, stacking up to 5 times.

Helm of Saint-14

Starless Night – Enemies that enter Ward of Dawn are blinded, while allies that pass through gain an overshield. Guarding with Sentinel Shield blinds nearby enemies. You can now automatically drop your Ward of Dawn when you stand when your sentinel shield lands, or you can drop it like normal. Your Ward of Dawn gets increasingly more buffs based on amount of kills with sentinel shield beforehand, including stronger overshields and damage buffs when stepping in and out of the shield.

Closing Notes

We’ll be updating many underperforming exotics to give unique abilities and create entire play styles built around certain exotics. It’s our hope that exotics will be situational in most situations, but will always fulfill a specific power fantasy.


A looter shooter isn’t much fun without the loot, and we’ve heard plenty of complaints about a lack of armor in the game. So we’re happy to announce that all planetary armor sets will now be available in year 2 versions, with a larger amount of the planetary armor dropping when that planet is the weekly.

And in an effort to create more build variety to keep up with the rest of this patch, enhanced perks are now available on every single piece of armor in the game, with raid armor having a higher chance of rolling with enhanced perks. We look forward to seeing people minmax their characters and create extraordinary builds with new enhanced perks, armor sets, and exotic effects!

We have a few surprises saved up for launch day as well, but we won’t reveal any details at the current moment in time. Let’s just say to keep an eye out while grinding your strikes next season (;


We believe that Crucible Balance is actually quite good now. We have a solid mixture of fusions, shotguns, snipers, and grenade launchers in the special slot. Our primaries are well balanced across the board with at least a few archetypes of each weapon performing decently. But that’s not to say there aren’t any changes, the most important of which are noted below.

  • Bloom has been removed on console! Yes, finally, it's happened. This has been requested for so long and we’ve finally decided to bridge the gap between console and PC. We’re attempting to make hand cannons feel as good on console as they do on PC, which will make the game both easier to balance for us while making you, the playerbase, happier
  • We’re also happy to announce that comp is being tweaked to put stacks against stacks, and solos against solos. Only after a queue time of longer than 5 minutes will this be altered a bit to allows things such as 2 solos and a 2 stack against a 4 stack.
  • Heavy frequency in comp has been greatly reduced, now spawning only a couple times per game but giving more heavy than normal when it is claimed.

Sandbox Changes

The sandbox is in a mostly good state right now, but there is some changes we really want to make to make the Crucible feel as balanced as possible

  • Super mods no longer apply in Crucible. They now state that you generate additional super progress when killing minions of darkness
  • In Crucible Orbs of Light grant half as much super energy as normal
  • High impact pulses changed from 6 headshot kill to 5 headshot 1 body, regardless of resilience
  • High-impact snipers 1 shot all supers to the head

Final Thoughts

We’ll be working harder and harder over the coming month to push out more exotic changes and make each exotic unique and worth of the name exotic. If you have any comments leave them below for our community team to look at! We hope you enjoy our changes and happy hunting Guardians.

Disclaimer – I’m just one dude who wanted to release a good patch that I would personally be excited for. If you have any thoughts or wanna suggest an exotic rework idea like I did, please comment below! I’d love to see so many changes in this game to so many exotics and I just reworked the exotics that I personally really really think need changes and that I saw huge potential in. Thanks for reading all!

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