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Hey Bungie, just a reminder that you really need to talk about Warlock tuning soon.

destiny2 5 - Hey Bungie, just a reminder that you really need to talk about Warlock tuning soon.

Hey Bungie, u/dmg04, u/cozmo23

I know you've had a couple of days off with the US holidays and all, and I really hoped you enjoyed them. I just thought I would post a quick reminder that while you've been gone, there has been some chatter that you may have missed.

  1. Footage of how bad the Warlock Stasis melee is now
  2. Hey Bungie, Warlock here. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed, again
  3. The Stasis nerfs primarily effecting warlocks is giving me nova warp PTSD
  4. Why did the Warlock melee have to be butchered like this if you're only frozen for a second anyway?
  5. You hit the Warlock Stasis subclass too hard for PvE

This isn't an exhaustive list, just the first couple I grabbed off the front page these past few days.

The Chatter, mainly, is to do with the Week 1 Shadebinder nerfs and the impact they've had on Warlocks both for PvP and PvE.

I'm not here to beat a dead horse, you can (and really really should) read the threads yourselves, but I am here to let you know what we would like to be heard. One of the most common asks (begs) in these threads is that we get some interaction from you guys about the issues raised therein. The silence has felt a little deafening.

It felt like you folks were very very quick to lay out a series of compounding nerfs, which cut into nearly every part of the subclass before Stasis was even fully realised, but since then you have been rather quiet on the feedback from those changes.


Credit where credit is due, you did respond to one thread about the issue

  1. If you're going to nerf the melee for Warlock Stasis, can I please be able to use it at point blank instead of the default slap?

10 days ago we did get this

  • Comment by Cozmo23:

I'll share this feedback, thanks! Let us know how the new changes feel as we are not done making changes to Stasis this season.

Ignoring the fact that the thread wasn't really about the issues raised as such, but an alternative to them, it didn't fill me with a lot of hope. "This season", This season on February 9th 2021.

This Thursday, Warlocks will have been nerfed twice as long as they were ever not-nerfed. This will only grow with each passing day. Potentially waiting until February to get a much needed rework just plain isn't fair.

Given that the team was able to put together 6 compounding changes, push them out for testing and tuning, get them included in a TWaB that went out with immediate effect, all in about a week, it seems pretty reasonable that we should be able to consider updates on these changes in twice that amount of time.

You asked us to give you feedback

Let us know how the new changes feel

Don't forget to let us know you are listening and understand that feedback.

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