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Hey New Light Players. Here are some useful websites you might enjoy using.

destiny2 1 - Hey New Light Players. Here are some useful websites you might enjoy using.

In my clan's discord server whenever we do an LFG raid there are a few websites I use to check out the LFG members (since I frequently teach, it helps a lot to understand their loadouts, what they can bring, how familiar they are, etc.) Over time I’ve been asked a bit what I use by a few different people, so I thought I’d share here too.


  • Ok most everybody uses raid report, but I'm going to link it anyway. You search yourself or any player and it'll show you a few cool stats for each raid. How many completions, Kills Deaths and Assists, the total time you've spent in the raid, your fastest, how many new people you've taken through… All that cool stuff.
  • It also shows the stats you can really boast about such as Flawless, Solo / Duo / Trio, or Day One.

  • This is honestly my favourite one out of everything I use. all you do is search a player (like yourself) on the left, and then you can flag the card it brings up as "this is me!"
  • This is an example of a player's card. It shows you whether or not they have the meta DPS weapons, their light level, how many times they've cleared the raid, how many challenges, flawless, if they have the title, their weapons and super… It's very specific.
  • The best part of Guardian Report is once you flag your own card as you, there's an option on the site to "Add me + Fireteam." Instead of looking up 5 people on raid report (which can be tough if they're cross-platform players), You can just immediately pull up anyone who's in your team. Easy to use, huh?

  • If you checked Guardian Report, this should look pretty familiar. It's got the same high-level of detail.
  • It shows weapons and supers, elo, their average K/D, % winrate, streak, and more stuff I won't ramble about.
  • It shows you kill trackers for weapons (including % precision kill, if applicable.) This is really nice for picking out hackers (a 98% sniper precision accuracy with 300 kills is either crazy, or a hacker.)

  • Destiny Item Manager (or for short, DIM) is a really great tool for managing your inventory and … well, items.
  • It shows you your character's inventory, your entire vault, and will allow you to transfer items in-between. You can do this in a destination (like in a raid,) or in orbit.
  • There's also a function to "make space" for when you're farming, to make room for your post master, and you can also save specific loadouts to transfer whole sets of gear or items at a time.

  • This website is so unbelievably versatile. You look up a player (yourself, or someone else) and it will show you tons and tons of stats for them.
  • It will also show you where Xur is (as well as his inventory.) It also shows you the Trials win rewards, and the map.
  • Braytech will show you the player's collections, detailed maps for each destination (including collectibles such as the dead exos or penguin statues on Europa). It even keeps track of which ones you have collected. Instead of simply a list stating "5/9," it will show you which 4 you are missing.
  • Personally I mostly use Braytech for collectible items and also to look up players who have literally none of the weapons on Guardian Report, to try and help them find a substitute DPS weapon.

  • Ever wonder if that wicked ornament you see for silver will come into shop for bright dust? Wonder no longer, Today in Destiny has you covered. It shows Tess's inventory for the current week, past weeks, and weeks to come for the rest of the season.
  • Today in Destiny is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, and some items later in the season are missing… But for the most part, this is a really solid tool for predicting whether or not it's time to bust out the wallet, or if it's time to hoard bright dust.

  • Ever wonder how players have those wacky symbols in their name? There are a few different websites that offer this function but in my opinion, this is the best.
  • It's super simple to use. Click a symbol, copy paste it from the top. You can even use a whole bunch at once.
  • Note, in anything but Destiny 2 it won't show as the actual symbol, but in Destiny 2 it'll be whatever you had copied.

Cheers guys.

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