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Honestly Bungie did a lot right with Trials of the Nine, it was sandbagged by year one’s systems

destiny2 3 - Honestly Bungie did a lot right with Trials of the Nine, it was sandbagged by year one's systems

IMO Trials of the Nine (ToN) already had a lot of the things people are asking for in the current Trials of Osiris (ToO). This post isn't a critique on ToO it’s an attempt to change the perception of ToN.

What year one systems am I talking about? The double primary sandbox, locked loadouts, 4v4 pvp and the biggest culprit fixed roll drops. Most of these things weren’t well received, they've all since been changed so there's no need to talk about why they were bad for the game but let’s discuss how they uniquely affected ToN.

Double primaries

Only having primaries back when the Times-to-kill(TTK) were significantly slower made team shooting feel like the optimal way to play diminishing the feeling of individual impact in a match.

This TTK also made comebacks harder once you were down a player, making those awesome hero moments rarer where you clutch the 1vX to save the round or even the game.

Locked loadouts

Prestige activities limited loadout options in year one. ToN being the Prestige pvp activity you weren't required to use anything specific but you weren't able to change your gear once you've found a game. I'm torn on this one, I like the idea of setting up a balanced game plan before you go in but it prevents you from changing strats if things aren't working out. Ultimately this feels like it contributed to the rise of team shooting and laning with scouts as a safe strat slowing the mode down somewhat in what was a slower TTK era. That's not to say that the mode couldn't play fast as you still had objectives to work around but Mida was definitely a popular weapon back then.

4v4 pvp

why was it bad for ToN? Trials is a unique pvp mode that lacks matchmaking, meaning players that don't already have a friend group need to look for group (LFG). LFGing is strenuous enough, the less people you need the faster you'll get into an activity. When you factor that people also want members with good stats/attitudes it takes even longer to get into the actual game.

4v4 is also an issue for those that do have friend groups as well as a 4 person team meant that you couldn't evenly divide your team if you had a raid group. This is admittedly a lesser issue as maybe not everyone is interested in pvp in your group but it's still worth noting.


Personally I feel it's easier to notice your impact on the game in 3's compared to 4's.

Fixed rolls.

This was worse for ToN for the same reason it was bad for the game. Once you got your drop you had no reason to continue playing the mode for yourself. This directly harmed the player pool whether the player was carried or did the carry to flawless. If you were able to get all the items the first time they were rewards you could be done with the playlist in five weeks.

Why make this post?

The community seems to hate ToN. But ToN had good things some of which the community seems to be asking for in ToO. It'd be a shame if the community dismissed any positive changes Bungie makes if it seemed too similar to ToN.

  • Rewarding your time A single win gave you vendor access to turn in your tokens. Currently it takes 3 wins to be able to spend them. Additionally I'd support people to be able to use their tokens if they spent any time in the playlist.
  • An objective game type to push players into fights. Countdown was the mode every other week. Maybe Bungie doesn't like how it plays in 3's but I'm open to trying an objective based Trials mode.
  • Alternating weekly game types. While I think an objective mode is important in driving fights, this was legitimately a good idea to help keep trials somewhat fresh and combat player fatigue. I'd support an objective mode but some players may not and this give space for that.

  • Respecting your time only remembered this after posting but both 7 wins and flawless gave you a choice between 3 items. This would be fantastic to bring back in the era of adept weapons.

This is minor I don't think the community is asking for this but I thought it was cool to unlock parts of the spire alongside your card.

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