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Hot Take: People need to realize that Destiny is enough for most people.

destiny2 2 - Hot Take: People need to realize that Destiny is enough for most people.

Put simply, I want Destiny 2 to improve; there's a lot of ways it can do that, obviously.

But a lot of people on this subreddit think that what the consumer is buying is of a poor enough quality that it's going to harm Bungie in the long run. The truth is that Destiny wouldn't be preparing for 2 major expansions in the next years to come if Bungie wasn't sure of the profitability of the game.

Everytime a new expansion or season comes out, the general populace purchases it, enjoys (or doesn't) their time, and moves on. The sales are met, and general customer satisfaction is achieved.

All the cries for boycotting the game by telling people to "stop buying Silver" or "fail the events" or "stop playing" ring mute to everyone outside of the echo chamber we have in this subreddit, because those actionable concerns aren't going to be heard by 90% of the consumer base that would make a difference in Bungie's return on investment.

I'm saying this because it feels we get these same posts every week or so of the same repeated, pat-yourself-on-the-back reassurance that we're actually standing up for everyone by pushing for a better quality product when we know we're gonna pick up the new expansion and season when it drops, because subconsciously, it really is enough for us.

I know it's enough for me to keep coming back, even though I know it can be way better. But at least I recognize it. Other people should recognize that this game is enough for them, but then keep pushing for a better product.


We'll get nowhere by denying it. If we really want to make a change, we're going to have to change up our tune. Actually commit to things. Maybe if everyone on the subreddit stopped playing, they'd have to look somewhere else for community suggestions, since you'd have to be delusional to think they're not taking into account what's being said here and on YouTube and Twitch; they clearly are, and clearly have, but we have a hate-boner for everytime something isn't immediately addressed and then a love-boner when it is.

So, if you want to keep playing Destiny and make things better: be realistic. People love playing Destiny; they're fine with the state of the game. If you have suggestions for improvement, leave constructive criticism and advocate for it to more influential people.

Enough with the performative boycotting and weird obsession with fantasizing over the death of this game, or with spinning strange narratives about the higher-ups and management.

Be practical, please.

Thank you <3.

EDIT: Some people have gotten the idea that I'm talking about the quality of the game at the moment. I'm not. I'm talking about the subreddit's messaging. The quality of the game, whatever you think of it, is not the point of the post.

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