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How about, instead of levelling masterworks by paying for them, we levelled them by killing things with them?

destiny2 9 - How about, instead of levelling masterworks by paying for them, we levelled them by killing things with them?

EDIT 4: Putting this up top as lots of comments are comparing this to the D1 system of having to unlock your PERKS, which is NOT what this post is saying. This post is talking about having the option of either earning your masterwork through kills, OR buying your masterwork exactly as is possible now.

This thought comes from a post on the front page right now, that as part of it suggests bringing back the levelling system on guns. I do and don't agree with this, and posted a comment as such, but I also wonder what peoples' thoughts were on the following:

Currently masterworking guns involves a loop of bounty grinding from banshee and praying for Finest Matterweave drops for anyone who isn't a veteran sitting on a mountain of Cores, and then buying the masterwork levels. Instead, why not earn masterwork levels by killing enemies with the gun?

The kill trackers could be enabled from the start, and a gun can be masterworked by hitting milestones on that tracker.

Naturally this would be weighted for the type of gun, so a primary would need say 200 kills per masterwork level, 100 per level for special, and 50 per level for heavy.

The only thing I'm not sure on would be how to split this between crucible and PvE trackers, as it is a lot easier to get 200 kills with an auto rifle in PvE than in PvP.


This also frees up Cores to be used purely for masterworking armour, which feeds naturally into the Cores – Prisms – Shards loop, and also might help with the current lack of ability to get Ascendant Shards from anywhere but a Master Nightfall, as we'd have more Cores to buy Prisms with, and therefore more Prisms to buy Shards with.

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  • EDIT 2: A comment from SpamShadow pointed out that this changes a current process in D2 quite drastically, and he/she has suggested that rather than removing the 'Buy a Masterwork' option, that this could be implemented alongside it, so either buy your masterwork if you want, or grind it out if you don't want to pay. This would probably be the most user friendly way of implementing the above.

  • EDIT 3: Another suggestion from Ookami_No_Kage is that we could use cores to re-roll the Masterwork. Building off this, rather than creating a deliberate resource sink by having it as a random re-roll, instead have the option to change it similar to how we change armour elemental affinity, with an exponential cost increase depending on the Masterwork level.

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