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How I believe Trials could be fixed without inherently changing what Trials is.

destiny2 5 - How I believe Trials could be fixed without inherently changing what Trials is.

I want to start of by talking about my background. Definitely not to gloat, but to give you guys an idea of where this post comes from. I have 1.4ish KD and I've gone Flawless 32 times this season (60 total times). I got Gilded flawless in the first week of the season. I love Trials. I've never complained about the state of the Crucible because no matter what happens, I adapt to it. Weapon tuning, new exotics, whole new subclasses, I've survived through it all.

Now, I think the structure of Trials is fine. Rewards for 3/5/7 wins and mega loot for Flawless. I actually think you could offer more for Flawless. As it stand rn, you get way more for way less time and effort for doing a GM. Obviously they offer different weapons, but potentially getting 2 Ascendant Shard, Prisms, 2 Exotics, Adept weapons and an adept mod is crazy good

Anyways, on to my fix. USE THE TOKENS WE ALREADY HAVE! I know, ground breaking.

More tokens on wins. More tokens on losses. Rn you don't get any on a loss. Which is crazy. Who thought that was a good idea? Even IB gives you 2 (3?) Tokens on a loss. Make it like IB. 2 (3?) on a loss, 5 on a win. Make that one card that gives you more tokens double the token gains (4-10 Tokens).


Okay, now you have a lot of tokens, now what? MAKE SAINT 14 LIKE BENEDICT. Idk if everyone here knows Benedict as he was taken out in Beyond light and irrelevant for much longer. Make Saint-14 have a rotating stock of Trials items for purchase with Tokens. It could be in line with the 3/5/7 rewards. Maybe they unlock to be purchasable if you hit that milestone? So you can more easily farm for the roll you want. Most people will still have troubles reaching the 5/7 wins, but we're trying to fix Trials without inherently changing what Trials is all about. The tippy top sweaty PvP mode. You could still do the Bounty with the 3 win reward to unlock it to be purchasable and then keep losing for Tokens to keep farming that loot piece.

Also, while we're at it, make the Flawless chest like the DSC Chest. Able to purchase anything and everything previously obtained. Adept weapons would cost more Tokens, obvs.

Now, last change, remove the 3 loss thing. Keep going until you win 7 times for the rewards. Flawless would still require you to never lose, but casuals who want that 7 win reward won't be discouraged after losing 3 times.

So yeah, easy fixes utilizing things already in the game without inherently changing what Trials is all about, a sweaty sweat-fest as it should be. Flawless would be just as difficult AND casuals have actual reason and motivation to keep playing every weekend.

In my mind this is an easy win on all fronts, but I'm obviously biased. Let me know what you guys think :)!

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