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How to farm Bunker E15 Legend Lost sector in less than 2 minutes on ANY class

destiny2 5 - How to farm Bunker E15 Legend Lost sector in less than 2 minutes on ANY class

Bunker E15 is probably the longest lost sector to run on 1250, with the main difficulty coming from the boss room. The hydra boss has an annoying shield but also teleports around and has huge AOE void attacks that can hit you through walls. Most of the consideration of the builds is focused on dealing with the boss room.

For warlocks, devour is a no brainer here, not only is the super incredibly strong against the boss, the constant healing is insanely strong against the countless pools of vex bullshit you constantly have to deal with. The mods needed are energy converter, stacks on stacks, taking charge, global reach and lucent blade. You'll want at least 70 (preferably 90) intelligence but recovery isn't that relevant since you'll have devour up most of the time. Transversive steps is highly recommended but not actually that important in the overall run.

For hunters, bottom tree nightstalker was my choice. The invis helps in the middle room and the super can effectively kill the boss by itself. Make sure to have dynamo on your helm as you'll need it to make sure your super charges in time. Mods I used were lucent blade, global reach, taking charge, stacks on stacks, and protective light. I went with 70 mobility, 70 recovery and 90 int and orpheus rigs as the exotic.

For titans, bubble is the way to go. Since titans don't have a good void damage super, bubbling the boss and swording it to death inside the bubble is the next best thing. Mods I used were abyssal charge, heavy handed, taking charge, lucent blade, and global reach. I went with 100 recovery, and as much strength as possible. Int isn't that relevant here since we're using doomfangs which will give you super energy very easily, but at least 50 should give you a decent safety net.

For weapons, Black talons as always is excellent here because of void burn. Seventh seraph cqc is also a must have as it 1 shots most vex enemies and the warmind cells are very important in clearing out rooms. Finally for kinetic, any scout rifle with explosive payload is adequate, and is mainly just used in the beginning room to stun the captain.

The strategy for the first room is to stun the captain ASAP, shoot 2 black talon ranged attacks, then finish him off with the CQC to spawn a warmind cell. Shooting the cell should clear out most of not all the enemies in the room and is a HUGE time saver instead of having to hunt them all down 1 by 1. For hunters, make sure to proc dynamo at least once and for titans, make sure to get a void melee kill for super purposes.


Once the door opens, shoot the cube (sometimes the warmind cell in the first room will have already detonated it so you won't need to) and run downstairs. Kill all 3 vex goblins with the CQC (subtract 1 for every dreg you had to kill with the CQC in the first room), this ensures that the next enemy we kill with the cqc spawns a cell. Kill the void minotaue with black talons and proceed down to the next room, making sure to grab any orbs of power that spawned.

Here, (for warlocks, proc devour with what should be 2 charges of light to proc energy converter) kill the first vex you see and shoot the cell that spawns, this should clear out most of the room. Go up and shoot 4 more vex until another cell spawns and leave it for when the cyclops appears, the blow it up. For warlocks, just sword everything to death, saving 2 charged attacks for the barrier and 1 for the cyclops. For titans and hunters, be very careful about the vex pools, and try to stay alive while killing off enemies with sword/shotgun, being sure to save at least 5 shotgun shots for the boss room.

For the boss room, go right and shoot the 4 vex closest to you to spawn a warmind cell and blow it up immediately. Switch to your (hopefully charged) black talon, and take out the wyvern with 2 right clicks. Proceed around the room clearing out the remaining vex with your shotgun/sword (making sure to have enough sword ammo for the boss, hunters need at least 13 ammo, warlocks need 21 ammo and titans need at least 30-35 ammo).

As the boss is spawning, warlocks and hunters should run up near the chest and be ready to charge attack twice and then pop super, killing the boss with additional sword attacks as necessary as well as finishing off the overload that spawns next to the chest with 2 charged attacks.

For titans, pop the bubble where the boss spawns and hit him with charged attacks interweaved by light attacks while your sword energy is charging, its important that you keep hitting him so he doesn't teleport away. After he dies the overload champion will spawn and should wander into your bubble. Show him he made the worst mistake of his life by ending it quickly with 2 charged black talon attacks.

Note that the boss usually spawns 2 overloads but if you burst him down (as we are doing with all 3 strats), he will only spawn 1 and you will get platinum regardless.

I hope this guide helps you in farming for those godrolls.

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