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How To Go Flawless – The ONE Thing You Should Always Be Doing

destiny2 3 - How To Go Flawless - The ONE Thing You Should Always Be Doing

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Posted this on the pvp subreddit, ppl seemed to like it so I thought some guardians here might find this useful as well. Video Format is in the TLDR if you prefer.


What's the one thing you can do to greatly improve your chances of going flawless? In my opinion, it's the ability to…


Playing the res is the most impactful thing you can do in trials and elimination. It allows you to hold and push your advantage, and it can also negate a disadvantage. So knowing how to play the res is a must. But obviously, you also want a good foundation, so I'm going to assume you have a good base to work with. But in my opinion, our ability or inability to play the res will often decide the outcome of the round, the match, and ultimately it will be the difference between you going flawless or resetting your card. So let's get to learning what play the res means.


Stop the Res refers to, as you've probably guessed, stopping the enemy team from resurrecting their ally. And why is this important? Well I mean, the main objective is to wipe the entire team, so obviously that's going to be impossible to do if they keep resurrecting their allies… In essence, stopping the res is just literally how you win rounds.

Another reason it's important is that it helps you maintain an advantage. If a 3v3 becomes a 3v2, then your team now has 50% more health and firepower. If it's 2v1, then now you have double the health and firepower. That's a really big advantage. And since you work hard to get these advantages you should want to keep them. Losing numbers advantage makes it easy for the enemies to make a comeback, and potentially swing the round in their flavor. So we need to prevent this, and we do so by Stopping the res.

So how do we Stop The Res?


It's obviously going to be much harder for them to get the res, if your team is already in that area and you're in a position to shoot anyone nearby. If you're on the other side of the map, or not pushing towards the res, it basically means they're likely to get a freebie and negate the advantage you just got. And since we know the res timer is very short on the first kill, we need to make sure you push the res as fast as possible. However, that doesn't mean we should throw our life away just to push the res. If you're away from your team, you have to be careful when pushing so as to not give the enemies an easy 1v1. An easy way to avoid this, is simply pushing with your team.

If you see two pings on the radar, one on the left and one on the right, then you should push whichever is closest to the res. The other person is simply a distraction.

Pushing the res also implies you know where to go. And ideally, you will. But the only way that's going to happen consistently and with confidence is GOOD COMMUNICATION. Communication is its own beast, but for now, in trials, just work on making res call-outs. And fast! If you get a kill, call it out. Ideally, you'll also say where. But just saying I gotta a kill, should ping everyone that they need to mobilize and capitalize on that. Now onto the second way to stop the res.


Zoning nades like solar, vortex, void wall, etc are all great when you place them DIRECTLY on to the ghost. Ideally, you will wait until they are actually GETTING the res. Otherwise, they can just ignore it and wait until it runs out. And yes, that does buy you some time, which is useful. But, if you do it properly, you could get some free damage in as well. So, make sure you wait until that res is available before using your abilities, since you aren't stopping the res if it isn't even up yet.

Other abilities can also be used. Barricades can be SUPER useful here to block doorways that lead to the res, or just shut down a lane. Rifts near the res can allow you to stay there longer, which is really helpful. Supers can also be used to stop the res, but generally, I would only use my super that way if things were looking really dicey. So in general, use your abilities to stop the res.

And I kind of joked about it at first, but yes, killing the remaining enemies is a great option when it comes to stopping the res, though this mostly only applies if you have the numbers advantage.


If you have the numbers, you can definitely push them to close the round. Just make sure the direction you're pushing doesn't allow them simply walk up to the res. ALSO when your team is pushing from multiple angles, make sure your 'strong side' is the direction of the res.

If you have 3 ppl up, send two in the same direction of the res, and the solo side can flank. Though the flanker should still play safe since they are alone. Ideally, the solo player will wait until the other two starts the engagement. If they try to push the solo flanker, the solo can just retreat until the other 2 catch up and pinch them. It's really important to avoid giving the enemy team a 1v1.

So if you only send one person in the direction of the res, you risk them getting and winning an easy 1v1 and then getting the res, not only negating your advantage, but also putting you at a disadvantage. So make sure you push the numbers. Sometimes you won't be able to fully stop the res. In that situation, you should…

Get Some Damage In

If the enemy getting the res is visible, you need to prioritize that guardian as you can still stop them from finishing the res. And while they can shoot you, the person getting ressed can't. So the person resing is the initial threat. But if you can only see the person being ressed, make sure you put in as much damage as you can. You can kill them during the res animation, before they can do anything, which also makes their next res timer that much longer. In essence, you're kind of stopping the res if the guardian gets killed immediately, so don't waste that time, and get some damage in.

How To Stop The Res:

  • Push The Res
  • Use Your Abilities
  • Push Your Numbers
  • Get Some Damage In


So just as stopping the res is the way in which you win the round, GETTING the res (as in picking up your teammate) is your way of preventing your team from losing a round. The enemy can't win the round, if you keep resing each other.

And just as stopping the res helps you maintain an advantage, getting the res can negate a disadvantage. If you're the last guardian standing against two enemies, that is a pretty rough scenario. But if you get a res, that suddenly could easily go either way. Not only that, in 2v2 situations, getting a res means you now have the advantage. So getting the res can negate a disadvantage and also help you gain an advantage. Needless to say, getting the res is extremely important in trials and is a valuable skill.

So how do we do that?

Well, these should all feel very familiar. We will again…


We obviously can't get a res if we're across the map doing our own thing, and the res timers are very short. But because they're so short, if we're able to push the res quickly, we can often get a free res. Thereby negating that disadvantage. So when someone goes down, get there quickly. You don't have to stand on the ghost if the timer isn't up yet. But you want to be nearby for when it is available.

Again, when pushing to the res, you don't want to throw your life away just to get there. If your route is not looking good, it's fine to take a different angle. Playing with your team is still a great option here.

Just like before, this also implies you know where to go. This one is a little bit more obvious, but it still helps out to call out when you die, and ideally where. The more pings someone gets, the more likely they are to react to it. So call out your death, or any ally's death as quick as possible.


Abilities are a type of advantage, and the best way to use them is to leverage them to get MORE advantages or negate a disadvantage. So if we can use our abilities to zone enemies off the res location, and ensure that we get the res, that is a good use of your abilities. Landing some good damage with your nades can ensure they either back off or fight while weak, which means you now have a good opening.

Again things like Barricade are EXTREMELY useful here. Putting them right on the ghost is SO STRONG. JUST USE IT. All the time. Abuse the hell out of that shit. Rift can again be useful, though I wouldn't put it ON the res as you can't interact with the res during the rift animation and it leaves you open. So I'd still just use it nearby. Again, supers are very good for getting the res since you will likely have damage resistance and it'll be harder for the enemies to stop you.



Another mirror is also just using the numbers in your favor. If you can get an easy kill, I would go for it. If it's 2v3 and they send one flanker alone, it can be a good strategy to push that lone target, making it 2v2. That's one less piece on the board which can make it easier to get the res. So try to look for easy kills. And if you happen to be the Last Guardian Standing, you should definitely try to look for a 1v1, as every other option is basically playing at a substantial disadvantage.

Also, if presented with a choice between two directions or two enemies, you almost always want to push towards your res. If you push the enemy that is towards your res, that can potentially turn into more numbers for you later on, which again, is a good advantage. However, if you push away from your res, it's just going to be harder to recoup your numbers. So I can't stress this enough, Push the Numbers, even if they're on the floor…


If we DO get the res… PLEASE! Make sure you aren't letting your teammate get farmed. i.e don't go in for a quick unsafe res just because you can. If you don't look for snipers, or you just run away after getting the res, you're basically leaving your teammate totally exposed for the duration of that animation. Your ally can EASILY get killed but NOW they have an even longer res timer and on top of that, the enemies now have more super energy. So if you're getting a res, you want to make sure it's safe.

If it's risky you'll at least want to Get Some Damage in as the animation happens. One tactic is to hide behind cover while you get the res, and then peek out once the animation starts to happen. This can often catch ppl by surprise since they thought they'd have an easy shot but now you're shooting them. Another tactic could be to slide into your ally, which causes their character model to move around which can make the enemy's shots harder. Either way, you need to protect the res.

So those are some ways we can Get The Res, they are a mirror of the first so they should look familiar.

How To Get The Res:

  • Push The Res
  • Use Your Abilities
  • Push Your Numbers
  • Protect The Res

Now that we have some info on how to play the res, I think it'd be helpful to go over some likely scenarios that deal with playing the res, and how you should properly deal with them. So first up

Should I super to play the res?

It really depends on how easy the res's are to cover, and if you can secure a kill while also playing the res. See, your super is a REALLY big advantage. Popping a super near the beginning of a round can often lead to an easy win for that round, so it would be really bad to waste it on just getting one person up or just getting one kill. So my general rule of thumb is if you can move the round 2 numbers in your favor, it's probably worth it. Two numbers in your favor would mean something like getting two res's, or getting one res and one kill, or getting two kills, etc So if you think you can do that, I say go for it (However, this is assuming your team didn't already use other supers in that same round, as that would kind of be a waste). Also if it's the last round, obviously use your super. Nothing worse than going to orbit with your super…

If it's 2v1, should we push or should we get our res?

Unless your team's res is SUPER easy, I say push. And this is mostly a numbers thing. Like I mentioned, if it's 2v1 you have DOUBLE the health and firepower. If you try to get the res, you essentially risk the enemy getting a res and it can easily become a 3v2. And that means you'd only have 50% more health and firepower, which isn't as good. AND it's more variables on the map to worry about. If you leave your teammate to get the res, it's even worse cz now the enemy gets a free 1v1 and if he wins that 1 and you get the res, you're just back to your original 2v1 again, which we obviously don't want.

So it's generally better to push the 2v1. And when you are pushing, make sure you're both able to shoot at roughly the same time. The reason this is so crucial is that if you're not shooting together, you're just risking giving the enemy an easier 1v1. And while it can be a good idea to push the same lane together, it can also backfire, as they now have no one to stop them from running away. So it's usually better to push from two angles, but you don't want to engage until you're both ready to shoot. So, generally, push the 2v1 However, if the res is SUPER safe and you don't have to go far for it, obviously, just get it. But in my opinion, it's often better to just push the 2v1.

Given the option, is it more important to STOP the res, or GET the res?

Well, it's context-dependent. Where are the locations, how far are you etc. But again, it's just a numbers thing. If you have a numbers advantage, you should stop the rez, since you are already closer to winning the round than the enemy. If you're at a numbers disadvantage, you should probably try to GET the rez as you are closer to losing. If it's even, then usually it's just whichever is closest.

There are obviously a huge amount of scenarios that can happen, but these are ones I think you'll encounter pretty regularly. And hopefully, that gives you a better idea of what to do and what not to do in those situations.

Final Thoughts

So now you should understand Play the Res, and it's two main categories, stopping the Res and Getting the Res, as well as their four subcategories. These guidelines should give you some tools and tips that can bring you closer to that tough win, and one step closer to the lighthouse. In my opinion, Playing the Res is the biggest determining factor between a team that doesn't know how to play trials, and a team that goes flawless. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope this was helpful.


Useful Details About The Res:

For starters, we need to know some details on how res's work. Cause if you don't know how they work, you won't know how to play them properly, and you'll likely lose some engagements because of it. I know details aren't always sexy, but this just shit we need to know. Anyway, here go:

Res Timer:

After a guardian's 1st death, the res becomes available after 6 Seconds. For every death after that, you just add another 7 seconds. So…

After the 2nd, it's 13 Seconds. After the 3rd, it's 20 Seconds. After the 4th, well… You've got bigger problems at that point, but it is available after 27 Seconds. And yes, it does keep going…

Also, these timers are individual so your teammate's death doesn't affect your timer and vice versa.

When getting a res it will take about 1.5 seconds for the interaction to complete (How long you have to hold the button down) and it will take about 1.75 seconds for the res animation to complete (aka how long before the person being resed can move). So it's a total of around 3.25 seconds to have a fully successful res.

When someone does get the res, it'll give both Guardians an over shield.

Things that will reset the progress meter of the res:

Moving too far from the res
Taking Damage
Using Barricade
Using Rift
(The Following Supers)
Silence and Squall
Blade Barrage
Nova Bomb
Chaos Reach

Things that will NOT reset the res:

Shooting and Strafing (plz do this, obviously don't strafe too far)
Using your nade
Dodge (tho obviously don't go too far)
Most Supers (see excluded list above)

Alright, I know that's a lot of somewhat dry and boring information, but as I said, we just need to keep those details in mind if we plan to play the res properly.


PLAY THE RESWhen someone goes down in trials, ally or enemy, you need to know what to do.

Stop The Res (Don't let enemies res) + Get The Res (Try to res your allies)

To do this, you need to:

  • Push the res
  • Use Your Abilities
  • Push Your Numbers
  • Get Some Damage In / Protect The Res

Video if you prefer:

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