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How to Sherpa 101: A foolproof guide on teaching newfriends how to raid

destiny2 6 - How to Sherpa 101: A foolproof guide on teaching newfriends how to raid

Lotta threads complaining about people joining raids listed as KWTD that very much do not KWTD, or threads saying "don't be a dick to people who don't KWTD". I haven't seen a thread on the best ways to teach newbies how to raid, so here goes. These are things I've gathered over years of raiding in both games, especially over the 50+ LW and 88 Scourge clears I got trying to get their exotics.

  1. Be nice. This is 100% the most important thing. If someone screws up, and they will, the last thing they want is to be yelled at. Ask them what they did, politely explain why that's incorrect and how to do it properly. Teaching runs are going to take a while, you might get frustrated, you need to avoid that.
  2. Some things are going to take a few clears to figure out. Even in encounters that aren't really complicated, it can be difficult to frontload all the information. The Vault is the biggest issue with this here I've found, it's really not a complicated encounter, but there's a lot of things to explain. So even if you perfectly explain how an encounter works, expect a few clears to have all the pieces fall into place.
  3. Assume total ignorance. I've found that a lot of people who raid first time haven't read or watched guides, and that's fine! It can be hard to understand what an article is saying if it doesn't have a lot of pictures (especially since terminology soon after a raid comes out isn't set in stone), and videos can be long as hell and boring to watch. A lot of people want to go into a raid and learn by doing, and imo that's the best way. Don't assume that they know all the little things you know, that antumbra is right and penumbra is left, stuff like that.
  4. Don't try for the hyperoptimized one-phase clear unless it's objectively easier to pull off. Morgeth with shotguns is a fair bit easier than Morgeth with snipers, so that's good to go with. Riven with swords is easier now, but still relies on having good rolls to pull off, and I dunno if they've nerfed that I haven't ran LW in like six months. Insurrection Prime tends to take two phases even for groups of experienced players, don't expect your newbies that, at best, have Outbreak to be able to do it in one.
  5. Have them do the easier roles first time, and the more difficult roles later. For instance, doing the map in Scourge can be a bit difficult for someone that doesn't know where all the vandals spawn, where to look for for the servitors, or the map layout. "Go to the area near spawn" is a lot easier to understand. However, if you run with the same people, have them do the more difficult parts on their second or third clear, so they learn every role.
  6. Your goal is teaching, not speedrunning. This ties into #4 but really does need to be restated. Raids take a long time to do. Even a raid like Scourge, that I could literally run in my dreams, tends to take me an average of 25-30 minutes with pubs. It's going to take a lot longer with newbies, and you need to accept that. You also need to make it clear to a newbie that this is going to likely be a multi-hour time investment for them, especially for longer raids like Last Wish.

And these are the big tips I can think of for wannabe Sherpas, at least in the ten minutes I had to write this before work. If anyone else has other tips, feel free to post 'em.

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